1998 Ron Phillips Tricone


  • Year: 1998
  • Manufacturer: Ron Phillips
  • Model: Tricone
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: German silver
  • Condition: Near Mint

SN: 16. NEW PRICE. Handcrafted resonator by master builder Ronald E. Phillips of Martinez, CA. German silver, curly maple neck with binding and simple inlaid woods. Ebony fretboard. Florentine style cutaway and woven grates. Hand spun cones installed with a sculpted t-bar from a proprietary alloy. The bridge, cover-plate, and headstock reflect Ron’s love of art Deco™ style and mastery of materials. He details are immaculate down to the position markers which show a square detail inside the circle. There is one little signature flaw; the inlay on the back of the neck goes a little sideways at the headstock (see photos) but this is an early model. By the time number 16 came along, Ron had been building for five years – about three guitars a year. I suspect his output has increased since those days but he’s now making parlors, ukes, wood bodies, and acoustics so who knows when he’ll get around to his next tricone. The waiting list is a mile long anyway so it’s always an exciting moment when one comes up for sale. Comes with a grade A hard case also in fine condition. On consignment.