1946 Gibson J-45


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 1946
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: J-45
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Sunburst
  • Condition: Very Good

No FON – Welcome return of an outstanding J-45 I sold more than a decade ago to Andreas Bagnasco, now a partner in Bagnasco & Casati, guitar builders extraordinaire in Savona, IT. The tone is characteristically dry, open, and woody like a good ol’ Gibson should be. The guitar plays beautifully with low action and clarity up the neck. The neck profile is a comfortable C-shape with a very mild taper and an adjustable truss rod. It also retains the classic “script logo” silkscreen which was used on its own for less than two years. Everything about the guitar seems to have improved a bit in its 10-year absence although Andy modestly takes no credit. Architecturally and structurally this guitar is the same as a banner logo wartime J-45 without the “Only a Gibson is Good Enough” decal and without the baseball bat neck. This one is in good condition. The finish is checked and, in places, scaley but stable. Bridge shows some light sanding but still full height. Bridge plate is the original skinny maple. There are three tight dryness cracks on the top that were stabilized long ago, three in the side properly cleted and a few old small fills of divots in the first position. The frets are full height, surely replaced at the time of the neck reset. It’s an original guitar save for the saddle, bridge pins, and frets. Comes with a good newer hardshell case.