2012 Gretsch G5135CVT-PS Stump-O-Matic


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 2012
  • Manufacturer: Gretsch
  • Model: G5135CVT-PS Stump-O-Matic
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Pewter
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Description: Not in Stock: Call for price and availability! The Gretsch G5135CVT-PS Patrick Vaughn Stump Signature CVT Corvette Electric Guitar comes from the heart & soul of the 1960s Gretsch Corvette thru the sick mind of guitarist and frontman, Patrick Stump of the award winning, multi-platinum selling band Fall Out Boy. The vision Patrick had for the STUMP-O-MATIC Electromatic CVT (you can't call it Corvette so don't call it a Corvette, thank you GM), was a versatile solidbody guitar capable of discharging not only classic biting Gretsch tones but also an array of thick, fat, colorful, bombastic sonic blasts at the flick of a switch. It took the genius mind of Tom "TV" Jones to develop the circuit design that brought Patrick's dream guitar to life. The singing rich sustain of the Gretsch STUMP-O-MATIC CVT Corvette comes from the solid Mahogany body, set-neck, string-through-body design and 3 Mega'Tron pickups. The special 2-position rotary switch allows you to keep things traditional or you may choose to dial in the middle pickup in multiple combination settings that includes having all 3 pickups on at the same time. And if that isn't enough, rapidly manipulating the STUMP-O-MATIC kill switch machinegun-style while the guitar is engaged in full throttle screaming feedback may cause some to duck for cover. A pewter paint job with strategically placed black body stripes makes the Gretsch Patrick Vaughn Stump STUMP-O-MATIC CVT Corvette a must-have in your guitar arsenal. Why? I don't care what guitar(s) you own, you don't have one that sounds or looks like this. (did I mention it's in limited production?)