2013 SCHECTER Omen, Damien C-1 Series

  • Year: 2013
  • Manufacturer: SCHECTER
  • Model: Omen, Damien C-1 Series
  • Case: None
  • Color: Variety
  • Condition: Brand New

Many still available: Call for price!

The OMEN, Damien and C-1 series offers traditional styling and cutting edge performance in every price range. Starting at under $300.

Choose from:

Bolt-on, Glue-on and Neck-thru construction.

6 string 7 string and 8 string models

Straight ahead cosmetics and colors to figures, flames and more inlay than you can handle.

Floyd tremolos, S-T-Ps and string-thru-body.

Humbuckers with & without coil taps.