Rivera KR100 TOP

  • Year: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Rivera
  • Model: KR100 TOP
  • Case: None
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Brand New

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KnuckleHead Reverb 100 Top With Midi (NEW)

Rivera excels again! With their development of a new Patent Pending 3 Channel Tri-Toneā„¢ all tube circuit architecture, a player is given a range of incredible sounds. From shimmering and rich clean tones, to screaming high gain leads; impeccable note definition along with massive bottom end crunch tones can be reached. Three Preamp Channels, powered with (5) 12AX7's, all powered with DC Filaments, work to establish each channel with distinctive voicing and levels. Hammond Spring Reverb with dual reverb controls, allows adjustment of different reverb levels for lead and rhythm. MIDI addressable Boosts on each channel (internally adjustable for boost level and pre-set at the factory) are featured, as well as an Effects Loop Bypass switch, and Reverb On/Off. 8 MIDI addressable switch functions allow unparalleled performance access.