1930 Gibson HG-24


  • Year: 1930 (Circa)
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: HG-24
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color:
  • Condition: Very Good

This Gibson HG-24 was made by Gibson around 1930. Although the original label is intact on the inside the serial number has faded and is not legible. The model was only made from 1929-1932 or so so its right in there. This was Gibson's first round shouldered dreadnought. The back and sides are beautiful rosewood. This model featured an interior resonating system which simply never worked. This example has had all of that removed, and sounds much better than a stock example for that reason. The top and sides of this guitar are either oversprayed or completely refinished, although the back seems to retain the original finish. The tuners are old waverly Grovers but not original and the pickguard is not original. It has had some work over the years, some around the bridge which is not so pretty, but the guitar is in fine playing condition and really does sound extremely good - after all is is a prewar rosewood dreadnought made by Gibson. It comes with the case in the pictures which we believe to be original.