1959 Goya Diro Amplifier


  • Year: 1959
  • Manufacturer: Goya
  • Model: Diro Amplifier
  • Case: None
  • Color:
  • Condition: Good

This is a rare and unusual amp that is a bit of a mystery. It can be seen in the 1959 Goya/Hagstrom catalog alongside the sparkle hagstrom guitars made at that time. This doesn't appear to have been made in Sweden with the guitars however. It looks similar to Valco amps of the period but it's not Valco. It says "Hershman New York" on the control panel, but according to google maps there is no such place. In the catalog picture the amp can be seen with two satellite speakers and some "audio pads" on the floor. The amp functions fine as a normal tube amp, but the satellite speakers and audio pads are missing. The speaker has been changed but it is otherwise original as best as we can tell. The amp works fine, and sounds pretty good despite the fact that it is not very loud.