1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard-photos ONLY 'bout '83


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  • Year: 1959 (Circa)
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: Les Paul Standard-photos ONLY 'bout '83
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Sunburst.
  • Condition: Near Mint

OK....WHO sent this to me?? I recently got this in the mail; NO return address!! It was printed on a "regular" printer, the size of each pic about that of a BIG POSTAGE stamp! I wrote names of who I could recall (except Jim Colclasure (sp) is on bottom right, I believe). If YOU know who sent it, or know any more names, email me!!!!!!
MANY are from Dallas Texas show (35 to 40 exhibitors; small by today's standards) in late- '83 (or thereabouts), when there were a handful of us exhibiting, but back when there were always 'Bursts, Cst Color and Blackguard Fenders, Korinas, etc etc that were actually for sale (and a 'Burst was around 6-8K)!!!!!! NOTE - Be SURE to ENLARGE AND scroll AROUND. ENJOY!

from viewer EMAIL----------
Row 1, picture #2 holding unfinished guitar, is Mark Erlewine, Row 2 picture #4 playing Gibson LG0(?) is Clem Rowan(sp?), row 4 with Roscoe Beck bass is Roscoe Beck(duh) with designer/builder Michael Stevens. Don't know anyone else. Good luck with the mystery.
Thanks to Bill S. for above info ---

Nice photos-- thanks for sharing. Cool to see that almost all of these people are still involved with the guitar business. Jeff M

Tom W has informed me that some aren't from shows. AND Actually, that is a copy of page 142 from Yasuhiko Iwanade's History of Electric Guitars, a Japanese book from the 1980s. THANKS Mr. W!