• Year: 2007
  • Manufacturer: Taylor
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color:
  • Condition: Mint

This guitar was custom ordered and built in 2007 right when Taylor began their Build To Order program. It looks just as amazing now as the day it was made. The Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with the sap wood are simply stunning. The old growth Redwood top is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it sounds as good as it looks. Like Cedar, Redwood has a warm and open tone, but it is a stronger top wood, with a higher volume ceiling. Redwood is not only louder, but also exhibits a more complex overtone content. Pushed hard, this guitar has a balance and rich fullness of tone that retains clarity at all dynamic levels. The result is an unmatched responsiveness and complexity. This guitar was collector owned and is in excellent, near-perfect condition. The neck is straight and true. The action is low and fast. The frets are in perfect condition and show zero wear. We were told the original owner had the nut and saddle professionally replaced with an upgraded Mammoth Ivory nut and saddle (the original nut and saddle are included in the case). This guitar has obviously been well cared for. From its gorgeous aesthetics, to its unreal tone, this Taylor Custom GS produces. This is a hard guitar to put down! Brazilian Rosewood is still available on Taylor's Built To Order price list. That option alone has a retail price of $8000. The retail price for this guitar if ordered right now would be $13,245. The original hardshell case has some marks on it, but the guitar itself is in mint condition. This is a fantastic guitar.