1982 Tom Ribbecke Saturn Series Sound Bubble


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 1982
  • Manufacturer: Tom Ribbecke
  • Model: Saturn Series Sound Bubble
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Natural
  • Condition: Excellent

8.5 of 10 Condition (normal playing wear overall, 1 repaired top crack, 1 repaired bridge crack, bridge had been re-glued at some point with a small amount of visible glue squeeze out.)

The "Sound Bubble" is technology that is the precursor to Tom Ribbecke's ground-breaking and widely praised "Halfling" technology. The though is similar, but it is attacked from a totally different direction. The idea behind the "Sound Bubble" is to achieve an extended but more solid bass range. The Halfling idea does the same thing while also addressing the high end which is stronger and more percussive and projective. The overall idea behind the Halfling is to fuse the best qualities of both flattop and arched top guitars; it's a Halfling! The sound Bubble only addresses the bass which is quite strong and focused, as desired, while the treble end of the spectrum is a more traditional flattop sound. she does have a big old neck and might take a real he-man to control her, but overall the playability is excellent with great fretwork and action. This is a guitar that is extremely rare and collectible and should someday reside in a museum show dedicated to evolution of guitar design.

All solid carve woods
Indian Rosewood back and sides
3-piece Spruce top
3-piece back with 2 Maple inserts
Brazilian Rosewood fretboard
Ebony Kasha style bridge
Maple bindings on top and back
Dreadnaught body shape
16" lower bout
4 1/2 body depth at endpin
5-ply neck (Mahogany, Maple, Mahogany, Maple, Mahogany)
4-ply rear headstock overlay
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
25. 4" scale
1 7/8" nut width
Chrome plated Schaller tuners
Abalone soundhole ring
Abalone "dot" position markers
"Harptone" style headstock
"D" shaped neck profile