JazzKat Tom Kat


  • Year: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: JazzKat
  • Model: Tom Kat
  • Case: None
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Near Mint

The Tom Kat by Jazzkat amps give you a far lighter alternative to fully tubed amps but with the addition of a single tube to the circuit which really warms up the sound for you an introduces just the slightest hint of tube distortion which provides the player with all the convenience of a solid state amp with the tone of tubes. With enough power for most gigs (150 watts) the Tom Kat can give even more coverage and volume with the addition of an extension speaker. The basic sound is extremely clean and articulate and with the flip of a switch you're in tube mode with the addition of the aforementioned hint of tube distortion. The cool thing is that you can dial in the level of the tubes effect on tone so you can find that perfect sweet spot that's clean and warm with the desired level of tube tone. The tube circuit is engineered so that it runs cooler, thereby extending the life of the tube. Did I mention that it weighs a mere 20 lbs?

Advanced Sound Engineering Ported Tuned Cabinet
Full Range Two Way Speaker System
1 12AX7 Tube on Channel 1 – Switchable on/off with an ON LED
1 – 10″ Eminence Speaker 1 – 1″ Dome Tweeter
2 Channels
Channel 1 – Gain, 10dB pad, 5 Band Eq 80MHz, 250Mhz, 800Mhz, 2.5HKz, 8KHz, 1/4″ Phone Plug
Channel 2 – Gain, 5 Band Eq 80MHz, 250Mhz, 800Mhz, 2.5HKz, 8KHz, Combo Plug (1/4″ Phone or XLR)
Tweeter Control – Tweeter Switch Hi/Off/Low
Phase Control Switch
150 Watts/RMS (8 Ohms)
16 Digital Effects with separate Level Control
Effects assignment switch – Channel 1 / Channel 2 / Both
Extension Speaker Jack (8 – 16 Ohms)
Headphone Jack
Line Out – XLR and ¼” Phone
Line Send / Return
Switchable power supply 120/240V
Top Handle
H 15″ X W 15″ X D 9″
ROHS Certified