NO repairs (and/or no need for work)! -- hand written number inside is 2132-47, implying 1947 completion. Specs are "all over the place" during this time. This guitar features a spruce top with maple back/sides. PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOS. - Action is great (war time guitars have truss rods, but not adjustable) and frets are quite clean, especially for its age! There are numerous dings, scratching, and checking...but NO cracks, breaks, etc.......... - The neck is on the "comfortable" chunky side, but not huge. It sounds GREAT (warm, even in all registers, and punchy/lively, (like many lightweight guitars do,,,about 4 lbs, I'll weigh it again soon)! Through the years I've had dozens of these, from early versions into the '60's, THIS one is not the "cleanest" as far as condition is concerned, but is one of few that sounds REALLY good , not just "average". Included is a period correct light duty case, which could be original, but that fact is unknown.  The pickguard that was on it is not original (also there was an old, thin, fake tortoise "overlay" when I received it (see photos), AND the original bracket. ALL of that is included, but now removed. There's a photo with those parts on the guitar here as well. Otherwise....TOTALLY original WITHOUT changes/repairs/modifications. LOOK at the PHOTOS.... --  THIS ONE IS SPECIAL!!!!

Very Good
19 Years
Bob (Robert also works)
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