Laurence Wexer Ltd.

A lovely , crack free , Loar period snakehead. The A-2Z has been considered one of the coolest A models. Excellent tone, volume and response. Currently fitted with a slightly earlier aluminum top bridge. The original owner’s initials are imprinted at the lower end of the back of the headstock. The label says A-2Z, the serial number is too faded to read. Otherwise, no repairs or modifications. A fine instrument

Original Hard
23 Years
Laurence Wexer Ltd.
Laurence Wexer
New York, NY
8:20 PM
By appointment. Also available at (917) 848-2399

Payment is by check, bank check or wire transfer.

I try to represent all the instruments as accurately as I can. Some things, like sound,are quite subjective. All instruments are shipped on two day approval and are to be prepaid in full. The customer pays all shipping costs,including return shipping if the instrument is rejected. If there is damage when I ship the instrument to you please call me immediately.I will deal with my insurance company.If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition I shipped them in.Liability is up to the extent of my insurance coverage, which is usually repair plus depreciation,unless totalled.

All instruments are shipped on 48 hour approval, unless otherwise specified.