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this one's real RARE. one of a half dozen or so known original 1959 Cherry 345's. the color didn't catalog until 1960, and then it's not the same color. this one's the BMOC watermelon-cherry and thie finish is nice and thin. removed bigsby, grovers added (and subtracted...looks better with the gold repro. butterflys, it now sports), it was sold to me as perhaps having had neck-work, but there's NO funny business on the neck on this guitar other than the enlarging of the 6 holes from the when it had grovers. rare to see gold knobs on a cherry ES series, but this one is so early...i'm guessing they're original to the guitar...pretty cool. 2 factory SEALED stickered original PAF's...handy!

Very Good
watermelon cherry
Original Hard
20 Years
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Gil Southworth
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