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A bunch of SG's. 61 to early 65. All have wide necks… Approximately one and 11/16 at the nut. Some of the them are pretty deep and round too.
All have the original frets. All except one (and I play that one) have originals tuners. I'm really just mentioning them here so I can host a photo from a flea Bay auction. There is not a molecule of chrome plating anywhere in the entire lot… hell yes… Even the beautiful dark cherry one on the lower left is all nickel plated. It practically looks like chrome even in person… It's just that damn clean. my gbase email is STILL outta gotta type out to inquire.

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25% non refundable deposit will hold anything for 30 days (sometimes 60 days). . . Accepted forms of payment are CASH, MC/Visa/AmEx/Discover, Money Order, Certified Check, Personal Check (4 Day Hold),Wire Transfer, and I.O.U. (yeah, right). . . Prices reflect a 3% discount for cash/check/or money order

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