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Design Your Own Guitar, Starts Here!

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Design Your Own Guitar, Starts Here!
We do Custom Guitars. We do Custom Basses. We do Whatever you want to do!
If you are interested in a custom guitar/bass, we are your the best choice!
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Welcome To 10s Custom Guitars

In 2008 Spring Li’s passion for guitars reached a new level when he made his first custom guitar at the factory. This gave Mr. Li new ideas about what other styles of customs he could create.
Mr. Li (Spring) was already an accomplished guitarist and known for his talent within the rock circle in China. The day came where Mr. Li started to have problems with his wrists and could not tour and play for long periods of time.

He decided to build his own custom shop to design and customize guitars for various artists around the world. Now 10s had officially begun.
By the end of 2015, the custom shop sold more than 100,000 guitars worldwide.
At the same time, he had accumulated a rich experience in the guitar production process.

As music trends change with the times, musicians begin to experiment with different guitar tones and electronic devices to add different elements to their music. WE ARE HERE TO DO JUST THAT! As a global leading studio in customized services, 10s started to develop Smart Guitars in 2015; trying to integrate advanced technology into electric guitars.
In 2017, 10s was officially established as Its own brand and company.
10s is committed to making unique high quality easy-playing instruments
10s firmly believe that: We are born to make wonderful guitars!
Made in China (The Best in China)
Highest Quality made with the finest woods
More Customized Features Available Through our Custom Shop
Factory Technical Support
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10s, currently is the only Smart Instrument developer in China, and which offer professional high-end guitars customizing services for Professional Guitar Players around the world. We are committed to making unique, intelligent and easy-playing instruments; and offering a high-end service but at a lower price.
The current guitar production level plateaued with all Guitar Manufacturers in the 1960’s. This is why 10s has been doing extensive research, aiming to make guitars more diversified functions and effects. Music is no longer limited to the existing guitar tones and current playing modes.

It is more than a guitar, it is a new voice, a new sound experience which allows you to express your feeling through your guitar playing and into the future.

10S Guitars Custom Shop
Online Only
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Customers ordering merchandise via Phone/Internet may use your Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union. You can purchase and checkout immediately through the website. To order a guitar that is not in stock, or, a custom piece, the deposit must be at least $300 or 50% of the total, whichever is greater, and is non-refundable.

We ship the guitar by EMS to worldwide. 7-12 Days can be arrived after the guitar ship out. All of the products will be free shipping. We are a custom guitar shop in China. All of our guitars are built to order. A custom guitar may take 10-12 weeks to finish. It is a long time to wait, so please consider the manufacture time before you order. In any case, we can guarantee all of our guitars will be perfect. Our team is run by guitarists and musicians. We know Guitars! We know the quality people want. We're a small team supporting many users, so if you don't receive a response from us immediately, don't worry! We'll get back to you very soon and we really love to communicate with all our customers!

We have the best after-sales service. Thirty (30) days to return or exchange. All of the guitars sold out enjoy 1-year warranty, lifelong free technical support and maintenance service. So rock on!