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~1995 ALVAREZ Resonator Prototype

Yet another Alvarez prototype from our stash, this resonator sounds fantastic and looks just as good. It has a big, loud sound but is also very articulate. The body only has a few scuffs and scratches, but is in wonderful shape overall. Dare I say this one sounds better than the last one we had. Includes OHSC
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1962 Epiphone Dwight Coronet

A early 60s Coronet is a beautiful and rare guitar on its own, but add to this that it's one of the very few made under the Dwight name made for Sonny Shields Music in East St. Louis for their music school. Dwight Shields was a major Gibson dealer (apparently he sold more Flying Vs than any other single dealer) so they gave him a house brand for his shop. This was the guitar of choice for Steve...
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2009 Zemaitis GZ3000 Metal Front

These Generation I Zemaitis guitars from Greco are really great. This one is no exception. It has the matte finish like Tony would have applied and great attention to detail. Has a chunky neck for one of these. I really like the 1st Gen, Don't you. Original case included. Body Material : Solid Duralumin Top, Mahogany 1-piece back Neck Material : Mahogany 1-piece / Neck Joint :...
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2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic

Original case, Original parts and pickups with the 1960 style neck make this a Les Paul that fits the bill for any application. Excellent condition with minimal wear. 500 and 490 pickups. 9.5 pounds too. It sounds and plays great with recent pro setup.
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2002 Gibson Custom Futura

What a beautiful beast. This one was part of the limited run of this model and it's silver mist finish has aged to a beautiful pale gold color. The sound and playability of it aren't to be missed either because with its nice and chunky 50s neck and balanced pickups, it's as good a player as it is a looker. It's been a case queen most of its life, so it needs someone to take it out and play it!
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1991 Orville Les Paul

This is one of the deepest photo flame tops I've ever seen and it even winks at you like a real one! This Japanese built Orville is every bit as good sounding as most modern Les Pauls and has an exceptional build quality. We've set it up and it's playing beautifully. Only issues are some finish cracks to to the photo flame and some spots of play wear. Includes HSC.
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2002 Fender® Telecaster®

The most beautiful Tele! These are so cool and feel as well as sound great. This one is in beautiful almost mint condition with just a few tiny dings and it plays wonderfully. Get some flower power! Includes OHSC and paperwork.
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1985 Rickenbacker 355 Liverpool Plus

One of the rarer Rickenbacker guitars you'll see is this gorgeous Liverpool Plus in Fireglo with a stock Accent Vibrola. This example is fantastic to look at and just as wonderful to play. The three Hi-Gain pickups truly work well together and with the Ric blend control there are numerous tones at your disposal. This includes OHSC.
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2004 Fender® Custom Shop 1956 Time Machine™ NOS Stratocaster®

Welcome to 1956. The Cold War is heating up, Elvis is at the top of the charts, and Fender's Stratocaster it getting popular as well. This edition from the Custom Shop is like a, ahem, time machine to the guitar of that day. Featuring 50's spec including soft-v neck, lower output pickups, single-ply plastics, and a stunning translucent blonde finish, this is a stellar example. It's been set up...
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2013 Fender® Select Strat® HSS

I'll start off by saying that the channel bound fingerboard is one of the coolest things Fender has ever done. That's just the tip of the iceberg on this one. A beautiful flame top and a complement of HSS wiring look good and sound better, the birdseye maple neck with locking tuners provide rock solid tuning stability, the two point trem is so fluid to use. I could go on, but as soon as you put...
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1920 Gibson L-4

These old Gibson archtops are a part of history! Add on top of that the fact that they have a very unique sound perfect for all kinds of music but especially roots, Americana, and the like. This has lived a good life with only a few professional crack repairs. Includes what seems like OHSC
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1983 Taylor 615

The Lemon Grove Taylor guitars have reached a near mythical status about them and this one makes it easy to understand why. Beautiful quilted maple married to a beautiful spruce top and mahogany neck make for a spectacular tone. It's round and full, but with a good top end sizzle and bite. This has been well cared for and includes OHSC. These are hard to come by, don't let this one get away!
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1978 Orange OR-80

Orange Amps definitely deserve their spot in the pantheon of cool gear. With their sweet harmonic overdrive, and articulate cleans, they are a distinct alternative to the Marshall sound. This one is no exception! With no master volume, you need to get it cooking to get the absolute best drive out of it, but when you do you are rewarded with rich full-dimension gain that in conjunction with the...
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~1920 Paramount Style 1 Tenor

Paramount banjos are well renowned for their large and projecting tone and are well respected in Irish Tenor banjo playing circles. It's got a bit of wear, but is overall in very good condition. Just set up by our tech department and includes a period Ludwig case.
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~2007 Greco Zemaitis GZ 1800

Very nice lightweight Z from Greco
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1958 Gibson Flying V

Original V.Original Flying V early example and possible prototype. The guitar was in the blues community here in St. Louis. It was originally purchased at Sonny Shields Music in East St. Louis IL.   I acquired it in 1991 and affected these repairs: Put the pick guard tip back on, redid the neck joint where the neck had been broken off by the original owner and had a sloppy repair, repaired a...
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Italia Monza

Here is Italia Monza guitar with matching amp that plugs right into the guitars output plug. Really great condition and unique. We don't see many of these but they are really cool.
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~1925 Martin Style 1K

very nice playing and holds tune great. Straight neck and good action. Rosewood binding. Harder to find K model. Lighter weight and more bark! Looks to have had a bridge reset at one time. No cracks or other issues to report on.
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Morley Slimline volume

this slimline's are a great volume pedal. They have an adjustable sweep. Gone through and working great!
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1978 Marshall 1982a

Here is a great sounding 1982 cab with original G1230H black back Celestion speakers. Has original Marshall wheels. Great for your JMP! pick-up preferred.
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1978 Marshall 1960A cabinet

Here is a regrilled 1960A cab. black back celestions. It's been regrilled with large check. We prefer pick-up on this. It has Marshall steel wheels.
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1962 Fender® Twiin Amp

Rare and awesome, the mighty blonde Fender Twin Amp. We have just serviced it. It came to us with 2 Altec's but we found a matched set of Jensen C12N speakers from 1964 and installed them. These are the same type of speakers that where original to these amps. New plate volt caps and several more and you get the big output transformer sound of the early 60's Fender Twin. The Grill was also changed...
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~1965 Bogan Challenger

Here is a another Bogan Tube PA head converted to a Guitar head. Sounds Great! We have have done all the work and there are no issues. A great way to get Vintage tone for way way less. 2 6973's power this one.
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~1956 Pathfinder PF-25

Here is a unit from those 50's self inclosed PA that do great work as a guitar head. Looks like Triad Transformers too. We have completely serviced it and it sounds great. Has 2 original old Coke bottle RCA 6L6's. We added the 2 1/4 outputs so you can plug up your favorite cab.
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Slingerland Melody King

Top of the line Slingerland Tenor. Set up with calf head and sounds loud and awesome. Original hard shell case. Frets are good and the neck is straight.  All it needs is you to play it.
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Grover 12 string strip turners

Here is a 12 string turner strip set new in the box. Comes with ferrules and screws!
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~1972 Electro Harmonix Memory Man Solid State Echo Analog Delay Line

Here is an early pre Stereo Memory Man Analog Delay. Works Perfectly with no issues. Just plug it into the wall and play away. Professionally cleaned and serviced by you know who!
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~1950 Magnatone Troubadour

serviced and working great early Magnartone amp with no issues.
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Bacon tenor open back

Here is a nice Bacon Tenor banjo we just got done setting up. She's a dandy and has a nice little ring to er. Not sure of the model and has 5 replaced retainers on the head that are not original.
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1962 Gibson Bell Ga79T

Here is a rare model Bell Ga79T. It has tremolo only with no reverb. Serviced and sounding great. This was in my personal collection for many many years.
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