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1981 Ibanez AS-50

The 1981 Ibanez AS-50 is a well made semi-acoustic guitar. Per the Ibanez catalogue from that time the guitar body was about 15% smaller than the other big name semi-acoustics of the era. The guitar was to appeal to solid body guitar players who didn't like the full size semi-acoustics but wanted to expand there sound. The body is laminated maple with a 24 3/4" scale three ply birch neck....
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WATERSTONE HONYOK (Dble neck-bass/guitar) (MIK)

One of the wilder instruments to come from Waterstone (Nashville, TN), the HONYOK is a double neck semi-hollow body bass (34" scale) and guitar (24 3/4" scale). The controls are set up as follows: The mini switch toggles between bass and guitar, There are two volume controls that work with the bridge and neck pickups depending on the position of the mini switch, There are two tone controls,...
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1983 Hamer Blitz Bass

As Hamer started to ramp up production they expanded their available models. Here is a clean example of the Hamer Blitz 4 string Bass. Split coil style pickup in the neck position and single coil style pickup in bridge position with two volume controls and one tone control. The neck is straight, the frets are in great shape and the truss rod works. Very little play wear. To the best of my...
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1977 Ibanez 2387B

Another great guitar from Ibanez. The 2387B, also referred to as a Rocket Roll Bass, with its V shaped body and headstock is a stand out. The bass has a three ply maple neck (331/2" scale) and ash body. The pickups are Ibanez Super Bass, split coil style in the neck position and single coil style in the bridge position. The neck is in good shape, truss rod works and frets are good. There is some...
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1979 KRAMER DMZ 4000

Kramer DMZ bass with aluminum neck/ebonol fretboard. Original Neck and Body with pick guard at Split P pickup and control cavity and neck bolt-on covers. Body and neck have nicks, scrapes, dings and play wear. Frets are worn. Here is a list of items: New pick ups are Lace Sensor, new bridge, new pots and mini-toggle (wired series/parallel) and control knobs are replacements (original knobs...
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1984 Hamer Prototype

1984 Hamer Prototype Black with factory installed Kahler tremolo and additional neck position single coil pickup. Mahogany with 3 piece neck. The majority of these Prototypes with the factory Kahler and additional pickup were only made in 1984 as the following year would see the introduction of the SS model. There is some play wear along with the usual nicks and scratches. The guitar is solid...
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1980 Ibanez AR50BK

AR50 Black. Maple top, Mahogany body and Laminated Maple Neck. Has the original Super 70 pickup in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position. Schaller Tuners. Nicks, belt buckle worming on the back, some fret wear and play wear but solid, no repairs. Please see photos and more are available if requested.
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2006 Tacoma Thunderchief CB10C

Very little play wear on this Tacoma Bass. Bought it new and then found a fretless Thunderchief that got the play time. Has the Tacoma Miratone by LR Baggs setup. Rosewood fretboard Mahogany neck and sides, Spruce top. No breaks or repairs.
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1979 Ibanez Musician MC800NT

1979 Ibanez Musician MC800NT Bass. Another great example of Ibanez moving into its own. Ash/Mahogany body, 3 piece Maple neck, Rosewood fret board, thru body design (9 pounds 10 ounces) and Super 4 pickup. Solid player with some play wear, dings and scratches. Jack has been replaced with a non-original stereo jack wired for mono. Area around jack shows some impact fractures in clear coat, nothing...
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1978 Ibanez Musician MC200NT

1978 Ibanez Musician MC200NT. Ash/Mahogany body, laminated neck thru body design, 24 fret, Special Design Super 88 pickups and Gibraltar Bridge and Sustain Block. Appears to be all original. Solid with some play wear and scratches. No breaks or repairs.
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1986 Ibanez AR300AV, Super Edition

Ibanez AR300AV, Super Edition in Antique Violin. Ibanez was making some great guitars during the 1980's and this one is a good example. A bit heavy at 10 pounds 6 ounces but tone and sustain come with that. Ebony fretboard, Super 58 pickups, Tri-sound mini toggle for each pickup. Has minor play wear, chips, nicks, scratches and the gold hardware is faded in places. Appears to be all original...
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1983 Hamer Phantom

Hamer Phantom with Kahler Tremelo, appears to be all original. 3 on a side tuners, has some play wear, minor chips and nicks, a little weather checking in finish. Not sure what Hamer called this color, Pearl White? The guitar is solid and has no breaks or repairs. Original case.
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1982 Ibanez AR105AV

Mahogany body with Mahogany cap and Maple 3 ply neck. Has the smooth heel at neck/body joint for easier access and Super 58 pickups. The Gibraltar Bridge and Tailpiece add to the sustain of this guitar. Ibanez was leading the way at this time. Solid player with minor scratches, nicks, dings and play wear. Tuners have been changed to Schallers, old tuner screw holes visible. Pickup selector...
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