Beat Street Music Co

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    • 219 E Seneca St
      Manlius  NY, 13104
      United States
    • Our address is 219 East Seneca St in Manlius, NY 13104. We are right across from the bank at the intersection of routes 173 and 92 with an ample parking lot.

      Monday thru Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm EST Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm EST
  • Bio: Beat Street Music is located in Manlius NY, upstate New York a suburb of Syracuse. The owner is Terry Vickery, he has been on the staff of several music stores in the central New York area. With over 40 years of retail and instrument repair experience, Terry has been owner-operator of two very successful full-line music stores. We pride ourselves on having a very diverse product line, a great depth of knowledge and great customer service. We're here to share that knowledge with every customer we meet, whether they walk through the door or contact us online
  • Brands: Heritage, G&L, Schecter, ESP, Goodall, Hamer, Takamine, Walden, Hofner, Spector, Dean , Walden, Luna, Greg Bennett, Vintage, Kentucky Mandolins, Morgan Monroe, Gold Tone, Bogner, Rivera, Genz Benz, TC Electronics, Aguilar, Ashdown and many many more.
  • Comments: In a recent Music & Sound Retailer magazine MI Spy article said this about Beat Street Music . . In a suburb closer to the country than the city lies Beat Street Music. For the more discerning acoustic player, this store has a reputation for quality goods, albeit with a slightly higher price range due to its prominent location. CC and I walked in and were immediately assisted by not one but two junior sales clerks. Wow, that is a really good start. I can’t remember the last time two people helped me. And it may have been years since two people helped me immediately. Therefore, it was safe to say my expectations reached their zenith at that moment. I began to peruse the selection that populated the entire wall of the back end of the store. I was shown a nice quality Walden acoustic electric that had an extremely playable neck for an old war horse like me who is more accustomed to playing an electric as opposed to an acoustic. Details of the Walden brand were given extensively and the particular model I was trying out was also available without the Fishman pick-up configuration for an even more affordable price. Free guitar set-ups and semi-regular instrument check-ups were enthusiastically promoted. A few more Ibanez, Fender and Gibson acoustics were browsed at, and even a Schecter hung on the wall. My eloquent partner and I departed the store feeling satisfied that the service had been top notch, informative and, pricewise, it was very competitive. Importantly, both salespeople didn’t hound me, but were there to help the whole time I was there. And the winner is: Beat Street Music. The service was the best and the quality and selection of acoustic guitars was tremendous. Two sales clerks helping me. And oh, by the way, they did know what they were talking about when I asked a couple of questions. The sales clerks were pleasant without being pushy on the potential sale.
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