BootLegger Guitar

BootLegger Guitar

Play it Loud - Race it Fast - Ride back Home

I am a Blues guitar lover and performer - Music producer and writer - Rally Race car driver and Harley rider. BootLegger Guitar was born inside our recording studio, "Studio 637," in Hermosa Beach, CA (Los Angeles). As a musician, I love the styles and sounds made by vintage guitars and tube amps.

There are plenty of shredding guitars and digital amps, but few affordable retro styles. Why did I do this? With the contacts I have made as a NAMM member (National Association of Music Merchants), I decided to open BootLegger Guitar. We are a small company with one simple concept; to design and build vintage style guitars and tube amps for today's player.

We use quality craftsmanship and materials, and build cool gear at an affordable price for you. Our guitars, amps, and pedals are built by the same companies that build for the largest brands we all know, without the high price. You can build your unique tone from our BootLegger line. Our guitars are built with the finest woods available and quality hardware. From pickups to amps, all BootLegger branded gear is fully tested for reliability and tone.

Our amps and pedals are built by a company that is an expert in tube amps and circuit board pedal design and construction

Our products are inspected and guitars set up in our studio in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Play it Loud - Race it Fast - Ride back Home.

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