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Bootlegger Guitar

98 Proof

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We are small American company located in Hermosa Beach, California. We design electric guitars that are influenced by our love of the blues, outlaw country, rock, southern rock, and whiskey & cool vintage vibes.

Our Promise
Build high quality instruments, unique designs at affordable prices. We test our gear at our recording studio, Studio 637. The musicians we work with take our gear on tour and use it on recordings. There is no better testing lab then a busy recording studio.

Continue to build a family of Bootlegger Guitar guys and gals throughout the world.

Work with you and provide exceptional customer service that only a small company can provide. We have shipped our gear to friends to most of the US states. We have shipped gear to many European countries and as far away as Australia.

Bootleg: A bottle or flask of whiskey in your boot.

Bootlegger: A person who makes illegal whiskey.

Bootlegger Guitar: Vintage style modern guitars, tube amps and pedals "98 Proof".

Who or Why

I produce and write music and rock the blues in my band, and i sometimes tour with Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly). I race performance rally and own with my son Rick Dirty Racing Product. We build high performance race cars. I also love building and riding hogs, messing with metal fabrication, welding, blacksmithing and jewelry design.

Building guitars and working with our amp company is a passion. Meeting new players and building the Bootlegger family is a privilege.

Our friends at Muse RD, Soul, South Korea build our design guitars. This company also builds for high priced companies you would recognize. We share the same high quality, but at much better pricing. (We sell direct)

Shenzhen Grand Musical Co, China, builds our design tube amps. They are high fidelity tube specialists.
Do not think because are prices are low are quality must be. Please visit our website and read our customer reviews.


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Bootlegger Guitar
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