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2007 Fender® Stratocaster®

Here's a beautiful Mexican Stratocaster in burgundy (or maybe it's wine red) finish. Previous owner bought I new but never took to guitar playing. Could pass as new. Really beautiful looking and playing guitar. Rosewood fingerboard and the color is gorgeous. You won't be unhappy with this one and because it's a Fender, you know it's great quality.
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G&L Telecaster®

This G&L Tele is in great condition, and plays and sounds great.
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Jupiter JAS-667

This saxophone is in very good condition. It comes with a strap, 6 new reeds (3 2.5 and 3 2), a lyre, cleaning cloths, and hard case.
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LP Aspire Conga

The sides of this LP conga are a little scratched up, and the head shows some wear, but it still plays and sounds great!
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1962 Magnatone Jupiter Series

Brand: Magnatone - made in U.S.A. Model: 262 Jupiter Series Year: 1962-1963 Wattage: 35 watts approx. Serial number: 3167517 This amp is in very good condition for its age. This amp appears to be all original and has a canvas cover. Tubes were probably replaced at some point. This amp is part of an estate sale. Please ask all questions and for additional photos and information...
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1956 Gretsch Electromatic

Brand: Gretch - made in U.S.A. Model: Electromatic Year: 1956 Wattage: 70 watts approx. Serial number: X57979 This amp is in decent condition for its age although the yellow tolex covering is beginning to peel off in certain areas. The amp appears to be all orginal except for the newer three-pronged plug and probably the tubes. The back cover is missing from this amp. This is a tube...
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1953 Fender® Pro Amp

1953 Fender Pro Amp in good working condition. Great rich tone. Wattage: 85 watts approx. Serial number: 3068 Has a total of four inputs: two for guitar and two for microphone. Both guitar inputs work well. Only one microphone input works. Maybe the other can be fixed? Amp appears to be all original with the exception of a three-prong plug and probably the tubes. This amp is part of an...
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2015 REVEREND Sensei 290

PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $699!!!!! Reverend Sesei 290 in Alpine green. Man, this one is a looker! Beautiful fingerboard too. Strap locks installed! Also comes with really nice looking factory case (a $169.00 upcharge). There's a couple small surface marks but nothing to speak of. This one is really sweet and was barely played. Get it all for just $750! Very high quality instrument. BODY: korina...
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Ampeg AMPEG AMD 1 Dan Armstrong Reissue

Dan Armstrong AMD-1 in transparent black. Quilt maple top. Gorgeous instrument with very little play wear. These came out in the early 2000's. Made in Japan. All original. Nice player. Strong pickups. Very little fret wear. I don't think this guitar was ever played much.
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1965 Fender® Stratocaster®

1965 Fender Stratocaster in sunburst finish. Plays and sounds great! Serial number: L52365. The neck is stamped December '64. The pickups are grey bottom all marked 2-1-'65. Almost all original with the exception: The middle tone pot has been replaced. The Kluson tunes are correct but newer. The tuner post bushings are original. The Fender logo is almost completely gone from the peg face....
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1953 Gibson ES-175D

This model's name is derived from its original asking price of $175. The guitar appears to be all original except for the nut. What appears to be the original plastic nut is inside the case compartment. For its age, this guitar is in excellent condition with the only notable defect is some minor cracking by the guitar's input jack. It also appears that some glue or other adhesive was used to fill...
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1951 Gibson ES-5

Here is a fine example of a 1951 Gibson ES-5. Stunning guitar! Gibson's ES-5 was first introduced in 1949 and was the first electric guitar to feature three pick ups. This one here is in great condition for its age with only minimal wear. The guitar appears to be all original except for the case, tuners, 3 speed knobs, and it appears to have newer frets. In the case, are 5 old tuners and screws...
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