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Pay Pal, Cash, Personal Check, Money Order/Cashier's check, Wire transfers or Western Union. Pay Pal and wire transfers are offered as a convenience for far away buyers and all extra expenses are the customer's responsibilty. Unless i price my guitars up with some of the really big dealers theres not enough profit in Vintage guitars to pay out 3.9% additional. If you need to pay with a credit card there is still a way though i don't take them directly .... and that is that Pay Pal will take the card and pay me through normal services. Any time that a deposit is taken for any special arrangements or "holds" it is non refundable. To have these rules work in your favor all transactions need to be completed or deposited on w/in 5 days.

Buyer pays shipping. Shipping will be determined on a case by case basis so as to include size, weight, distance, insured amount and method requested. Shipping is paid by customer both ways on any returns.

All parties buying through the mail or offsite are allowed a 48 hour approval/inspection period on ALL guitars, unless discussed otherwise, to make sure they are keeping their purchase (but not amps to keep shipping delicate amps back and forth to a minimum and not on parts either ... too many guys doing "switcharoo's" or wrecking them trying to install them, break them and then trying to send them back ... sorry ... you have to reap the behavior of so many others). Buyer pays shipping. Payments must be received within 5 working days of anything placed on HOLD. When you receive the guitar your 48 hour return includes 2 days to receive it and approve or not and you MUST contact me. WE DO STRICTLY adhere to these rules. I don't mean to sound tough here but you would be amazed at the liberties taken in recent past! Thanks for your understanding and adherence. If an instument is put on hold and any special arraingements have been made like a deposit and hold followed up by another payment that is considerd a sold instrument since it has been taken off of the market for other possible buyers. Its not fair to us to hold it off the market and then decide against it so make sure to ask ALL questions and we will be thrilled to give you an in hands description. The same poicy holds true if you have us change the guitar (like "set it up for left handed etc ...). If that kind of work is done thats on an instrument that is a done deal also. Thanks. ALL Outside the USA sales are FINAL due to extended "visits" through customs and some countries laxed attitude about shipping on time.

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1973 Guild Manhattan X-175

The Guild Manhattan X-175 is a wonderful arch top and doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to guess it was their answer to the Gibson ES-175. This example is from 1973 and in excellent 100% original condition! Sporting 2 of Guild's hurmbucking pick ups and a single soft cutaway it is a wonderful Jazz guitar. Just set up and ready to go with a set of D'Addario flat wound .012s the action is...
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Weissenborn Style 2

I have become obsessed or so it would appear. Now along with 2 others in stock submitted for your approval a gorgeous style 2 (3") Weissenborn in lovely condition and an enormous voice. A ton of low mids and highs and just an overall incredible example of a Mid 1920s Hermann Weissenborn jewel!! See the factory stamp also accompanied by another distributor i.d. No cracks ... no repairs ... and all...
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1959 Fender Deluxe Amp

SOLD (in a record 15 minutes Both same guy!!) Well ... it is a rarity when one of these late 50s - 1960 4 input surfaces in good shape and sounding like it was new ... orig Jensen speaker tight sounding as all heck. This description will be used on this AND the 1959 that walked into my booth 1/2 hour later!! See pix of both. This one is the one on the left and both are all original. Both sound...
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1971 Guild Starfire IV

Beautiful example of a 1971 Guild Starfire IV in a gorgeous mahogany finish with the most amazing Ribbon grain mahogany i have ever seen. These guitars are a wonderful semi hollow body with nice powerful humbucking pick ups that resemble Gibson's but with a little more "jingle" in their sound. This one is 100% original and extremely clean with the exception of a very few minor dings in just...
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~1918 Weissenborn style 2 (Wurlitzer label)

Those who know me or of me and my Weissenborn addiction know that i am also pretty much a purist on them which is why when this early thin body (2+1/4") walked in to a guitar show with the sign "restored with new bracing ... even better that the originals" i laughed. THEN ... i heard it and after taking my "stuffy" stance i had to digress. I wish i KNEW who did the work because it is one of the...
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1957 Martin 000-21

The 000 size Martin with Rosewood sides and back is my favorite of all acoustic guitars with a balance that is unmatched by any other style in my opinion. Man ... i get lost in the Brazilian rosewood's grain the same way one loses their focus while watching the flames crackle from a good camp fire. I have been playing the same 1957 000-28 for 3 decades and i wouldn't trade it for the world! This...
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1967 Gibson ES-345TDSV Sp Burgundy

WHAT A STUNNER!! USUALLY THE CUSTOM ORDER COLOR SPARKLING BURGUNDY HAS FADED AND TO SOME LOVELY SHADE OF CHERRY, ORANGE"ish" OR A GOLDEN HUE. This sparkling burgundy finish on this guitar is totally unfaded and gorgeous! With 2 T-top humbucking pick ups and all orig electronics, and parts (including frets which are orig and functional but low) this ax is as good an example of that full custom...
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1955 Gibson Les Paul TV Jr.

Wow. I can't say enough about this one except i would keep it if i could!! No Sh_t!! Another remarkably clean and very original Les Paul . Just in ... this superb example of a 1955 Les Paul TV. Unlike many ... this early model retains the limed mahogany look and much less of the later "banana" hue and if not for a smidgeon of light arm/edge wear and a couple of dings it gives off the impression...
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1967 Gibson EB-2

The Gibson EB-2 is probably the warmest sounding bass of all time. With that big swooning voice so full. This 1967 is 100% original and even comes with the o.g. case. Two pots ...volume and tone as usual but these also have a push button bass boost built in and all working like day 1. In very nice condition and a neck as straight as they come this guitar is 100% and ready to play. Comes with the...
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1968 Gibson ES-335TDC

WE HAVE ALL HEARD OR PROFESSED THE ONE ABOUT WHAT 1 GUITAR ... WE WOULD KEEP IF WE WERE ON A DESERTED ISLAND?? For myself that one would be an ES335 semi hollow. That solid block and hollow wings make for probably the most versatile guitar ever.Thank you Ted McCarty!! I have always owned one and never am w/out. Here is a completely original 1968 model that plays and sounds like a zillion. There...
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1968 Rickenbacker 1968 Catalogs all models

The whole shebang for 1968 in Rickenbacker catalogs. Includes the full amp line catalog w/ an inner 5 page pamphlet. A full 6 page color guitar catalog and an accompanying price list. Can't show all pages since i only get 6 pix here. But here is a sample of what is inside!! ** Also included .. a letter from Rick front and back explaining how their tone controls work.
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1964 Guild Jet Star S-50

****UPDATE 2/10/18 ... Guild has JUST reissued the Jet Star and IS offering this color as "Sea Foam Green" *** I remember as a kid i used to be enamored by the Guild Jet Star's looks and body shape but never owned one Here is a gorgeous example of a 1964. It is a very rare occurrence that Guild issues a guitar in a custom color. So much so that pal Steve Soest having all of the old catalogs...
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1965 Fender Stratocaster

In 1970 Eric Clapton went to Nashville where he proceeded to buy 6 Pre Cbs Strats. He gave 1 to Stevie Winwood, 1 to George Harrison and 1 to Pete Townshend. From the least 3 (1956 and 1957) he picked the best of all the necks bodies (black refin) and electronics and had them assembled by Luthier Ted Newman and thus BLACKIE was born. This Daphne Blue Refin Strat is a little like Dr. Frankenstein...
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1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

To guitar nuts around the world the name Seth Lover is iconic. His inventing the humbucking pick up in the mid 50s that showed up in the form of the Gibson Patent Applied For was really earth shattering to the sound of the modern electric guitar. Well ... when Fender decided that they wanted some humbucking guitars in the early 70s guess who they went to. It was a No Brainer. Lover being THE GUY...
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~1918 Weissenborn Style 1 (early paper label)

Early style 1 CRACK FREE Weissenborn guitar. Nice lightly flamed Koa. These hollow neck Hawaiians are such tone filled beauties. This particular one i am sure has a past. If you look closely there is a small lightly etched insignia from The U.S. Army Air Corps flight school graduates below the bridge (see last 2 pics). "Where you been boy" The Hawaiian Army News is looking into it's history as we...
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~1967 Epiphone CASINO

"John .... can you hear me?" "F off Paul and give me back me fookin' guitar!!" Just in tonight a 1967 Epiphone Casino just like Mom used to play (if she were a Beatle). Very clean and VERY original and sweet as can be. The P-90s sound great and the guitar is just an excellent example of this historically significant model. Frequensator tailpiec i find he most attractive version of ths guitar by...
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~1970 GUILD "SLIM JIM" T-100 D

CIRCA 1969-71 Guild Slim Jim T-100 D. D is for Double pick up.These guitars look like they would sound "skinny" but they are so large and rich with tone. I don't think you'll find one much cleaner and the 2 pick ups are indeed harder to find!! Great playing neck and comes with the original hard shell case.
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1962 Fender Princeton Amp

Near mint Brown 1962 Princeton amp. You can eat off of this baby ... it's SO clean and orig and NO EXCUSES!! (with the exception of what is probably a reissue handle but the amp is so clean it may just be the real one.). What a little screamer. Crank it and it sounds like a Mesa Boogie. 100% original. Speaker is an oxford from the 14th week of 1962. (465 214). The Tube Chart reads LH Aug 1962....
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1964 Fender Stratocaster

Man ... this has been refin Strat season for us. This just in today. January 1964 Stratocaster body refin only with clay dots, spaghetti logo, clean green guard all 3 black bottoms dated may 1964 and pots also orig 1964s, 3 way still there ... tuners and frets appear all orig. Neck date reads 2 Jan 64 B and and what a bitchen neck feel. Nice amount of beef without being too fat and a slight hint...
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1963 Fender Stratocaster

Now In Stock!! Very Early 1963 Fender Stratocaster. An amazing player and sounds so woody and throaty it could be from Marylin Chambers family! The Candy Apple red is a refin is an old one and has seen it's share of clubs as well That buckle wear is not relic'd but truly worn. I know this guitar for going on 3 decades . All 3 black bottom pick ups are there and strong as hell pots are orig as...
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1974 Fender Stratocaster

Translucent or "see through" blond is a very hip color because after 1956 it is the only Strat you can order and get a traditional Ash body. 1974 is about the last time you see this until later reissues. Look at the ash grain show through on the pick guard off shot. Not to be mistaken by Olympic White since both are often called "blond or cream." This 1974 is 100% original down to the frets and...
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1945 Martin Style 3M Ukelele

IF ... you are wondering why this is marked less than most of the 3Ms out there you can be assured that is is MERELY because we bought this right and don't want to fight over top dollar!! Friends from High school just got in touch with me regarding this extremely clean Martiin style 3 soprano Ulke Sano condition that looks to have had it's back re-lacquered at 1 time with possible signs of a...
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1966 Martin 000-18

000 size Martins are my favorite design in an acoustic ... having owned a 50s 000-28 for over 20 years myself. This 1966 000-18 is crack free with the exception of a barely notable pickguard stress crack (cleted immediately so it never grew apart) and in REALLY clean condition with that big warm but well focused voice that makes these gems so special!! The action is currently BELOW factory specs...
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1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb

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Gibson ES175CC and more

Tailpiece for many Gibson Arch tops including many ES175s (w/Charlie Christian pick up) and several other arch top models . Make your vintage ax OG again!!!
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1966 Martin D-35 w/Tags

(TEMP HOLD) ONE OF THE ABSOLUTELY CLEANEST MARTINS I HAVE EVER SEEN OR OWNED. CRACK FREE 1966 D-35 (w/ warranty tags) WITH UNBELIEVABLY LOW ACTION AND SADDLE TO SPARE!! This gorgeous example of a 1960s Martin Dreadnaught is as good sounding as many i have played even from earlier eras. The guitar's appearance is near mint w/ og warranty tags. It has had some maintenance done It at 1 time had an...
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1956 Gretsch "ROUNDUP"

AFTER 40 YEARS IN VINTAGE GUITARS ... A 2ND FOR ME. 1956 GRETSCH ROUNDUP . This incarnation has all of the earliest features except the steer head has now become a horse shoe head stock inlay. The earliest you normally see any literature offering the Orange color is 1957 ... even in the VG Buyer's guide Orange is not listed until 1957 and most early ones were either Pine, Maple or the occasional...
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1959 Gretsch Anniversary

Man ... I love this guitar. Just arrived in it's original case and in amazing condition. If it weren't for a little area of play wear along the treble side of the neck i would have classified it as "near mint". What's so very cool about the earliest models from 58 and 9 is that unlike the later 1960 and on this not only has the double coil Filtertron but ALSO it's a very early Patent Applied For...
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1966 Gibson Vibrola Firebird Tremolo

WE JUST FOUND THIS MISSING TREM. IF YOU HAVE EMAILED ME ABOUT IT AND IT WAS LOST IT HAS BEEN FOUND. ALL ORIGINAL WITH ALL OFTHE PARTS TO MAKE THAT 60S GIBSON COLLECTABLE RIGHT AGAIN!!! (I was so bummed when it went missing ... can you tell by the all caps!) Made by Maestro ... this came from a refin'd 1966 Firebird non reverse that had been set up for a stop tail.
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~1961 Fender Duo Sonic Case

Very Early 60s Red Leather cases were issued on very few of the shorter scale Jr. model guitars such as the musicmaster and duo sonic. The Mustang had not yet been introduced. So if you have a late desert sand or early slab board (late 50s through 63 or 4 actually) model here is the rarest case that comes with that model. 100 original. All working latches and very clean condition with orig...
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