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1967 Gretsch® 6122 Country Gentleman

This is a vintage 1967 Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. First introduced in '57, the Country Gentleman quickly became a classic. This double-cutaway hollow body is all original and armed with a pair of Filter Tron pickups and the always great Grestch Bigsby vibrato system. It no longer has its mute system, but recently had an excellent refret and is playing great. With the exception of...
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1968 Gibson LG-0

This is a vintage 1968 Gibson LG-0 acoustic in great shape. The LG-0 was produced and marketed as a student model guitar like its older siblings, the LG-1 and LG-2. With its lateral braced, small Mahogany body, these guitars sound balanced and never boomy. Beautifully checked, it is all original and has had no breaks, cracks, or repairs. It has been professionally set up and comes with its...
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1975 Fender® Precision Bass®

This is a vintage 1975 Fender Precision Bass in an original Black finish. This bass plays and sounds as amazing as a 70's P should. It is in awesome cosmetic condition but has some scratches and dings on its body and some lacquer wear on the high-end of the fretboard. Its pickguard is also original but is missing a piece at its end near the jack, and has also been modified for easier access to...
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior previously owned by Melissa Etheridge. It has a Mahogany body and neck, and is armed with a killer P-90 pickup. 1958 marked the first year that Gibson made the Junior with a double cutaway body and a Cherry finish. This guitar is an excellent example from its era with its ever-rich finish and phenomenal playability. It is all original with the...
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2013 Rickenbacker 330

This is a 2013 Rickenbacker 330 semi-hollow electric in amazing condition. Often considered Rickenbacker's most recognizable guitar, the 330 is highly regarded for its articulate, chimey sound. This one, with its killer Fireglo finish, is in near mint condition with only a small scuff on the curve of its upper horn. It is all original and plays like a dream! Comes with its original hard shell...
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1973 Fender® Telecaster®

This is a vintage 1973 Fender Telecaster in a rare blonde finish. This guitar is super clean and plays like an absolute dream. A couple dings here and there on the body, with slight but beautiful lateral laquer checking. One small mark in the middle of the neck behind the 2nd and 3rd fret and a small "scratch" on the 12th fret under the 3rd string - doesn't get in the way of playing. All Original...
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1966 Epiphone Casino ES-230 TDV

This is a vintage 1966 Epiphone ES-230TD Casino in a Royal Tan finish. This thinline, semi-hollow has a Maple body with a 1-piece Mahogany set neck. It is armed with a pair of P-90 dogear pickups, 3-way selector, and a volume and tone control for each pickup. It has a Tremotone Vibrola tailpiece system, but no longer has the "E" logo block. This Casino is in great shape, cosmetically and...
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~2009 DiPinto Belvedere Jr. 2

This is a DiPinto Belvedere Jr. 2 solid body electric in a killer TV Yellow finish. It has a Mahogany body and neck with a comfortable soft "C" and a 24.75" scale with 22 Jumbo frets. It is loaded with two switchable P-100 style stacked humbuckers, with a master volume and tone. This guitar is a phenomenal player - it sounds and plays excellent. Apparently, this finish is no longer available from...
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~1995 Ampeg SVT Classic

This is an Ampeg SVT Classic from the mid 1990s. This all tube amp is the go-to for most bassists - and for good reason: it's loud and sounds awesome. With 6x 6550's for power, 2x 12AX7 and 2x 12AU7 for preamp and drive, the SVT Classic puts out 300W at 2 or 4 Ohms. Tonally versatile with Ultra Hi and Lo boosts, 3 band EQ with a 5-way Mid selector. It also has an Auto-Fault / tube protection...
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~1970 Carlsbro Parametric

This is a vintage Carlsbro Parametric EQ pedal from the 1970s. Made in the U.K. with ties to Colorsound, this pedal is built like a tank and sounds excellent. Equally as powerful as a utility as it a creative effect, this pedal offers two fully parametric bands which allows you to choose a frequency and either cut or boost it. It's Q function toggles between a wide bandwidth, medium bandwidth,...
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~1970 Carlsbro Chorus

This is a Carlsbro Chorus / Vibrato pedal from the 1970s. Made in the U.K., this pedal is super rare and truly unique. With controls for speed and depth, this pedal can be called on for subtle movement or utterly sea-sick drunken robotic detuning. This is a pedal you need to hear! Be sure to check out our Soundcloud demo below. It has been converted from 220V to 110V for use in the States and...
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~1970 Carlsbro Phase 2

This is a vintage and super rare Carlsbro Phase 2 pedal / stompbox from 1970s. Made in the U.K., this pedal is built like an unsinkable battleship, is powered by a single 9V, and employs a unique, lilting style phase effect. Unlike its little brother, the Phase 1, the Phase 2 has a Depth control in addition to its standard Speed control. It also features a Colour toggle for a bright (up) or dark...
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~1970 Carlsbro Phase 1

This is a vintage, super rare Carlsbro Phase 1 phaser pedal / stompbox from the 1970s. Made in the U.K., this pedal is built like a battleship, is powered by a single 9V, and boasts a unique, lilting style phase effect. Easy to use with a single Speed knob. Green foil graphics make this box really stand out visually. This was part of a really cool series of pedals from Carlsbro. In great shape...
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~1970 Carlsbro Suzz Phase

This is a vintage and super rare Suzz Phase pedal / stompbox from 1970s. Made in the U.K., this Distortion and Phaser pedal is built like a tank, is powered by a single 9V. Its two effects can be independently engaged or used simultaneously. The "Suzz" side of the pedal is reminiscent of an old Distortion +, while the "Phase" side is unique with its lilting style phase effect. Violet foil...
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1957 Gretsch® 6120 Chet Atkins

This is a vintage 1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins hollow body electric. Although it was originally intended for country players, it didn't take long before the 6120 became a mainstay in the rock world. The combination of its gentle acoustic tone and the bite of its pair of DeArmond pickups make this an incredibly balanced, killer sounding electric guitar. It's Bigsby Vibrato works great, as well....
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1976 Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter

This is a vintage 1976 / 1977 Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter pedal. Unlike the subsequent and more familiar Bad Stones, this one has more features - most notably the foot treadle. It can operate in two modes via the left/top switch: automatic and manual. In auto mode, we get the classic sound of the Bad Stone, with a speed control on the side of the pedal. Additionally, the Bend...
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~1965 Schaller Doppel Pedal

This is a vintage Schaller Double Pedal or "Doppelter Fußpedal" made in the late 60's / early 70's. This extremely rare pedal is one of the first Multi-FX pedals. It features a killer Germanium fuzz (thanks to several AC151V's), a treble boost, and Schaller's perhaps best known effect: tremolo. Two foot pedals allow you to control your overall volume (schwell) and intensity of your selected...
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~1980 Silversound SE-120 Super Phasing

This is a vintage Silversound SE-120 Super Phasing pedal / stompbox from either the late 1970s or early 1980s. It is hyper rare, and sounds remarkably good. Likely thanks to its 220V operation, the Super Phasing is impressively noiseless with tons of headroom. It is also very flexible, with a wide palette of phaser flavors: go from gentle, swirly movement all the way to seasick, carnival-music...
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1965 Airline Pocket Bass

This is a vintage 1965 Airline Pocket Bass made by Valco / National. This 3/4 size bass was sometimes made under the Supro name and similarly featured and sold through Montgomery Ward. This is the ultra-cool white headstock version. Surprise! It has two pickups - one in the neck, and one in the wooden bridge. It is all original but one gear and screw on the first string's tuning machine. Under...
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~1970 Schaller Fuzz

This is a rare and vintage Schaller Fuzz pedal / stompbox, from the early 70s. This version features a Silicon fuzz circuit, with a fast and tight response. It is highly responsive to touch and sounds killer at any level. Put a little hair on your signal, or set to destroy. Awesome pedal in great condition inside and out.
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~1995 Visual Sound Visual Blues Distortion

This is a Visual Sound Visual Blues distortion pedal from the mid-90s. Tone and volume control pots and a foot pedal to control the intensity of your distortion. LED's indicators light up the more gas you give it. This thing sounds killer! Comes with its original box, plastic, and paperwork.
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~1979 Schaller Tremolo TR-68

This is a vintage Schaller TR-68 Tremolo pedal / stompbox likely made in the late 70s or early 80s. These are arguably some of the best tremolo pedals made. Built to last, and sound amazing. Employing sine-wave tremolo, the TR-68 sounds smooth and very much like the tremolo circuits found on early Fender amplifiers. Control your depth/drama with the Amplitude control and your rate/speed with the...
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~1978 Schaller Phaser

This is a vintage Schaller Phaser pedal / stompbox from the late-70s. Features two switchable rate modes: fast and slow. Further control the rate with the foot pedal (toe down = faster). Heel down switch makes the pedal�true-bypass. This is a really elegant sounding phaser, adding lush and gentle motion when used on a low setting, as well as fast, Leslie-like swirls. Overall, it's a great tone...
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~1977 Schaller Fuzz - Sustain

This is a vintage Schaller Fuzz Sustain pedal / stompbox from the late 1970s. This pedal rules! Some of the best sounding fuzz/distortion we've come across in a long time. Dial in the intensity of your fuzz, and control your overall volume with the foot pedal. This pedal is true-bypass when disengaged. It sounds so good. It is in excellent condition inside and out.
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1977 Ross Phase R2

This is a vintage 1977 Ross Phase R2 phaser pedal / stompbox. This is a rare, script lettering version, not to mention an insanely good sounding phaser. Functionally similar to the MXR Phase 90, but with a different, bolder personality. Super lush phasing. This pedal is in great shape, with minimal signs of wear. Comes with its original box and warranty card!
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~1969 Rosac Nu-Wa

This is a vintage Rosac Electronics Nu-Wa wah pedal made sometime between 1969-1972. This is an awesome sounding wah-wah with a very responsive and wide sweep. Built like a tank, too! Part of its original input/power/output sticker has come off, and the input has been labeled. Note that the "on/off" toggle is meant to preserve battery and was not meant as a bypass. Toe forward and click to bypass...
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1979 Rivera BUF III A/B/Y with Gain

This is a vintage 1979 Rivera / Professional Music Products Buf III pedal / stompbox. This is a great utility box featuring a signal�buffer, an A/B-Y selector, and a gain knob for clean boost. Perfect pedal for the end of your chain to get your tone back, split it to 2 amps and drive 'em a bit harder! Really smart design. This pedal is in excellent condition inside and out.
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1978 Morley PWF Power Wah Fuzz

This is a vintage 1978 Morley PWF Power Wah Fuzz. This Tel-Ray made pedal has a sickeningly intense fuzz in all the right ways. Turn up the intensity, and let it get squelchy, gated, and compressed. It sounds so good; some say reminiscent of the Fuzzrite. The Wah is just the cherry on top. Speaking of cherry, this pedal is RED, and it looks like it was factory, not something done after market. We...
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2001 MMFX Brain Fuzz

This is a 2001 MMFX Brain Fuzz pedal / stompbox. It is hand signed by its designer and builder, Morgan Miller and is the 4th to be made. This fuzz feels and sounds like a circuit with corrective, color-enhancing lenses, especially because you can play chords without it getting muddled up like most other fuzzes. You can also use it as a clean boost by turning up the "Level" control. This pedal is...
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~1970 Kiyo Phaser 50

This is a vintage, rare Kiyo Phaser 50 pedal / stompbox. Made in Japan by Coron in the 1970s, this pedal provides a lush, Leslie-like phase effect. Similar in build and looks to the MXR Phase 90, but a little better with low end. This pedal is in excellent function and cosmetic condition.
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