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1953 Gibson J45 case Gibson

1953 Gibson J45 case Gibson 33 % off
I had this case a long time but it got water damage on the bottom. Selling just for parts.
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1964 Gibson Thunderbird IV

Beautiful UNBROKEN 1964 Gibson Thunderbird IV. Very nice condition with original hard case. These are very hard to find with approximately 250-300 made. Every one I’ve ever seen had a headstock break. How many are left. May trade for an unmolested 1935ish Martin 000 18, or 000 28.
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1945 Geib Flattop

1945 Geib Flattop 25 % off
Unbelievable Geib 1940's case with original tissue paper, cowboy strap and envelope from Wells Music Denver CO. It fit a 000-18 nicely. I don't know w hat was in the case originally.
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1944 Gibson J45

WANTED: Used but not abused banner headstock J45 case. Thanks for any help!
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A Fender sunburst reissue Stratocaster # V010258 was stolen from me June 4, 1994 in Denver, Co. It has sentimental value and I would really like to get it back. There is a reward for its recovery. If you have any information please give me a call. I only have a black and white shot we took for a publicity photo and it's here - notice off-center seam.Thanks.
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