Fretware Guitars

Fretware has been a family owned business since 1978, starting off as we're sure many now-established dealers started, operating out of our house. Jay Scott is really responsible for helping us with our first mailing list, if we remember correctly it was about 125 names. Pretty humble beginnings From 1969 (I vaguely remember lugging a 53' Gold Top around at Woodstock), to 1978 we functioned pretty much as a wholesaler to Dan Armstrong who was in New York and George Gruhn who of course is still thriving in Nashville. My dealings with both those individuals provided invaluable learning experiences. 

The marketplace has changed dramatically in the 30 plus years we've been involved, and we're certainly hoping we've stayed abreast and in tune with those changes.
We have spent nearly three decades cultivating that very simple approach ,and it represents the apex of our philosophy. Our track record, and the legion of return customers who have found a level of comfort with us, are a testimony to our honesty and the understanding and trust that exists between Fretware and our clientele.
Yours truly,
David R. Hussong

Fretware Guitars
David R. Hussong
Franklin, OH
1:57 AM
Showroom: 11-5 Tues thru Sat

Cash, Money order, all credit cards. 20% down, non-refundable, lay-away. Balance in 60 days.

PLEASE CALL TO AUTHORIZE SHIPPING! WE MUST KNOW WHEN/WHERE IT IS BEING SHIPPED!! You pay shipping both ways upon receiving an instrument. Shipping amps is by a sale by sale basis.

ALL INSTRUMENT SALES ARE ON A 48HR APPROVAL! If you do not like the instrument for any reason not previously stated through phone, e-mail, or any other contact, let us know upon receiving the instrument, we can then authorize a return and we will refund your money in the manner that it was received. ALL AMP SALES ARE FINAL! In listing the individual amp, we will make every effort to list any/all modifications/restorations that the amp has received (caps, pot, etc.) We will also make every effort to make the amp/instrument "gig ready" before it leaves Fretware.