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Youngstown, OH
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Real charges only - no added materials or handling charges. All guitars insured for full value. I will use the least expensive shipping available, although this may be slow in some circumstances (e.g. parcel post). Please let me know if you desire a faster, albeit more, expensive service. Please allow 2 - 4 days of time to prepare and pack your guitar IN ADDITION to the actual shipping transit.

NO buyer's remorse PLEASE! Damage or loss in shipping = insurance claim (with which I will be glad to assist you). At my discretion, a disatistfied buyer may return a guitar (with a thorough explanation) for a full refund of purchase price but not of shipping. I'd rather begrudgingly take back a guitar than truly disappoint a customer. If, however, I have ever made a serious error in identification/originality/damage etc. that negatively affects a guitar's value, then a full refund including shipping will be given. PLEASE file any return claims ASAP - seven days at most.

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1981 Ibanez 627

Nice 1981 "lawsuit" era Ibanez 627 spruce/mahogany dreadnought, kind of a D-18 copy (although front binding is too fancy). Made in Japan. The laminate-top version, so priced at the lower end of retail. Excellent condition throughout, although the back shows some of the finish cloudiness that I've seen onother Japanese guitars of this era (seems to result from environmental conditions during...
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1959 Guild T 100 Slim Jim

Really nice 1959 Guild T 100 Slim Jim. The very desirable model with two of the larger cream-cover pups and the Hoboken "ghost" label. All original parts, but new binding all around. Had deteriorated 100%. Just a little roughness here and there along the bass side where a previous owner was careless with removal, but nothing serious. Finish is really strong, even on back. Because there is no back...
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~1965 Kay Swingmaster

Mid-60s Kay Swingmaster hollowbody with original Barney Kessel Kleenex box pups. Restored from some pretty heavy neglect, but nothing fatal. Body (and finish), neck, tailpiece, harness, and pickups are original. Neck and frets are good, and truss rod works. Outer binding replaced on body, although fortunately the inner checker-board strip on front was intact. All clean, professional, and well...
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1972 Epiphone FT 330

C. 1972 Epiphone FT 330 spruce/m******y grand concert acoustic guitar. All laminates of course, as was common for all but the professional models of Japanese guitars intended for export. Bridge was missing, but fortunately off clean. Replaced with Stew-Mac oversized. Excellent neck, frets, and joint, and plays great with action just under 3/32". Excellent condition throughout, but has shallow top...
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~1965 Silvertone Chris Isaak

Solid candidate for coolest Harmony product ever! Jet black single cut thinline (with small block) with Seth Lover designed offset-pole mini hummers and a Bigsby. Plays great and absolutely scorches. You can't dial in a bad tone from this thing. Great neck and frets, although perty darn narrow. Finish is in very good shape. Dings and scratches here and there, mostly on the back, but still nice...
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~1937 Gibson (unbranded) unknown

Extremely cool "mystery" unlabeled Gibson/Regal Depression brand archtop. Squared-off tapered headstock is unmistakably a Gibson Depression-era feature. Solid spruce/mahogany 16" dreadnought-shaped and ladder braced archtop body looks to be built by Regal. No idea what brand was intended here. Recording King? Mastertone? Probably NOT a Kalamazoo, however, because I've never seen this model. One...
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~1965 Supro Oahu Dual Tone resoglass

~1965 Supro Oahu Dual Tone resoglass $100 off
Tres cool mid-60s Supro Dual Tone resoglass, branded "Oahu." All original except for new blade-type pickup selector switch (good quality replacement from Stew-Mac). Sorry, the original was hopeless, but I'll toss it in the case anyway. Resoglass surfaces still nice and glossy. Just a very little scuffing/swirling here and there. Neck and frets in great shape. The only cosmetic flaw is that some...
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~1965 Norma not known

Totally cool pair of Japanese Normas, solid body electric and short-scale bass. Guitar has two Teisco gold-foil (Cooder) pups. Instruments can be sold separately, each for slightly more than half the price of the pair.
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