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1979 Guild® Artist Award™

Guild artist award made in 1979 in the USA. Amazing condition. No repairs, no cracks. Plays like butter. The tone of the guitar is to die for. Both acoustic and electric by the way. OHSC
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1934 Gibson L-00

From my personal stash. Here is my beloved black L-00 with raised fingerboard. A very rare spec that gives it a very vibrant tone and much more voice than any L-00 I've owned over the years. It is in great condition. I believe the neck was reset at some point before I got it. It was professionally done and you can see there is a slight finish touchup in this area but no break. It has a couple...
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1962 Fender® Stratocaster®

Original Stratocaster made in 1962. Original finish and electronics, only the jack was replaced (the solders were redone on the volume pot). Original frets. Plays and sounds amazing. Period correct case that seems to be a jazzmaster case: it's a bit longer than it's supposed to be.
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1950 Martin 000-28

Fantastic instrument in very good condition. No cracks. It was only refretted. It had changed nut and bridge pins, the original ones are in the case. Neck is at the right angle, it plays really well all the way up and down. Some finish is missing on the back of the neck as it's been played but no overspray or refinish. The sound is just from another dimension. It really is an amazing...
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1978 Gibson ES-345 TD

All original parts. Great condition with some wear on the back of the neck. It's been played a lot obvisouly. Plays and sounds just great. Original wine red finish. No breaks. No repairs. The feeling of the neck is really nice with an excellent playability all the way down. Stereo model, comes with a stereo-mono jack. OHSC.
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1963 Grestch Country Gentleman

Original bass made in 1963.Sounds great with a very nice warm and fat sound.It can be played like an upright bass, as it's got an arm rest, that you just have to unscrew to take it out of the body.Little binding crumbling but it is pretty solid, not falling apart, and very common on old Gretsch instruments.The wide and chunky neck feels really good.Comes in a soft case.
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1962 Martin 000-28C

Perfect all original condition. No repairs. No cracks. Plays great with a very straight neck. Tone is fantastic. Very sweet upper register and deep bass. OHSC.
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1960 Gibson ES-175D

Great playing and sounding guitar. It is all original except for the bridge which is a tune-o-matic for better intonation. Tuners are newer ones but the original ones are in the case. The neck is fantastic, plays like butter. 2 original PAFs pickups. Little playing wear. No repairs, no cracks. Serial number A33975. The original hard case is in great condition too.
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1966 Fender® Stratocaster®

All original perfect condition. OHSC.
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1953 Fender® Esquire

Amazing blackguard Esquire. It is 100% original. 3,1kg only.
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1965 Gibson Broadway

Great jazz box with mini humbuckers. Sounds great even unplugged. The guitar appears to be all original. It has an added sticker on the back of the headstock, it looks cool so I decided to leave it there. There is no repairs. It has wear on top where the arm rests, this area may have had a small finish touchup. Plays very well with a nice straight neck. Frets have meat left. Comes in a...
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~1968 Hagstrom H8

All original model. I've been looking for one like this for quite a long time now. It sounds and plays great with a wide array of sounds. It's got a thin neck that plays effortlessly. This is pure fun. Comes with the original case that is worn.
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