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1962 Gibson Byrdland

All original and in great condition. No repairs or modifications except for a pro refret. Original untouched PAFs. Plays and sound amazing. Comes in OHSC.
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1969 Fender® Telecaster® Bigsby

A cool player grade Telecaster. Pretty lightweight, only 3,8kg. Factory original bigsby model with original blond finish. The neck pickup is a 1979 Gibson mini humbucker, the bridge pickup was replaced too but wears nothing that could help to determine what it is. The jack plate was replaced. The rest of the electronic is original ( pots, capas..) Changed tuners. Plays very well all the way...
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1969 Fender® Telecaster® Bass

All original 1969 model. Plays and sound great. No repairs, no modifications. This is actually the first reissue of the original 1953 Precision bass design, with a different name. A rare bird and a great sounding instrument. Comes in the original case.
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1972 Fender® Telecaster® Bass

All original and in great condition. Original case too. Plays and sound just great. This one has seen very little use. It still even got the original manual in the case.
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1930 National Triolian

Very cool resonator model. Made in 1930 in the USA of course. The steel body and the original aluminium cone are in great condition, without dings. It sounds very loud and bluesy, just like it should. The action is setup for both finger playing and bottleneck. The neck is straight and rounded, it doesn't have a V neck like most of the guitars of that era. One side of the tuners was...
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1967 Fender® Jaguar®

All original. Very little play wear. This one is a very good player, with a straight neck, very easy to play. Strong output. Original hard case.
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1966 Guild® Starfire™ 3

Little play wear, mostly on the back. Straight neck. Frets are fine. Sounds great, when I got it, it was strung with flat wound strings and was most likely used for jazz. It is now strung with DR pure nickel strings. Original Bigsby model. Melita bridge. OHSC.
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1965 Gibson Broadway

Great jazz box with mini humbuckers. Sounds great even unplugged. The guitar appears to be all original. It has an added sticker on the back of the headstock, it looks cool so I decided to leave it there. There is no repairs. It has wear on top where the arm rests, this area may have had a small finish touchup. Plays very well with a nice straight neck. Frets have meat left. Comes in a...
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~1968 Hagstrom H8

All original model. I've been looking for one like this for quite a long time now. It sounds and plays great with a wide array of sounds. It's got a thin neck that plays effortlessly. This is pure fun. Comes with the original case that is worn.
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1937 Martin STYLE A

Rare sunburst prewar model. Very good original condition with play wear on top but no cracks or repairs. Very light weight. Sounds very good, well balanced and with a great tone. Action and intonation are excellent. Original case.
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~1950 Martin Style 1

All original and in great condition. This uke was made between the end of WW2 and the beginning of the 60s. All original parts, frets included. Very nice sound and quite an impressive projection for such a small instrument. Comes in the original case.
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