J. Levine Auction & Appraisal

J. Levine Auction & Appraisal

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Our monthly auction catalog is up online!

Guitars will be on Saturday 26th (hit bid now from the top right) this month and start around lot number 2105 to 2183A. Martin, Gibson, Fender, Silvertone, Kay and a one owner Capitol by Gibson, Signed Larry Rodgers amp and more.

We are an independently owned auction house in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona. Our 3-day auction is held live online and in person at our Scottsdale location on the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted. Our catalog is up online and open to bidding roughly 2 weeks prior to the auction. We sell a wide variety of items including firearms, cars, coins, Native American items, jewelry, times pieces, art, collectible and everything in between!

Contact us to consign your instruments and treasure with us! We are always looking for great pieces and can arrange for shipping.

We are in the top 10 worldwide for firearms and we are thriving to break records with quality vintage and fine instruments. Our resident guitar specialist, Antoine Gedroyc has been building, restoring and trading guitars and Americana since he was 10 years old. He has been published in many paper and online publications, worked as a guitar tech and road manager and has been travelling the world hunting and appraising vintage guitars for private collectors and businesses. Representing entire collections or individual instruments, Antoine and his team are working hard to find quality, interesting pieces from affordable vintage and reissues to the finest and most collectible iconic classics. From an early 1848 Martin X braced, Eric Clapton's 1964 ES345, to one owner ES345 1959, Bandmaster 1955 all original to Kay and Silvertone, re-issues and early MIJ, we do love them all! Jimi Hendrix main Wha pedal, one of his early Guild amp and more coming up in December and January!

We offer an alternative to selling your instruments to a dealer, consigning it in a store or selling it by yourself, but we also work with many stores who trust us to handle some of their instruments. We thrive to provide you with a risk free and pain free experience no matter if you bring a single piece, an entire estate, collection or a full museum! We do offer free "fair market value" appraisals as well! Some instruments might be available as a "buy it now", feel free to ask or to make us an offer.

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J. Levine Auction & Appraisal
Antoine Gedroyc
480 707 2546
Scottsdale, AZ
3:03 AM

We ship worldwide. Some instruments may require disassembling of the tuners (Firebirds for example) and special attention to ship. We typically loosen the strings, protect the fretboard, bubble wrap and box every instrument ourselves, some will be double boxed if needed. All tube amps ship with the tubes removed and marked with no exceptions.