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2000 Tobias Bassic 4

This is a neck thru USA premium bass that is in clean as a bean shape. Plays, sounds, looks and performs awesome. 10.3 lbs of premium woods and has a hard gig bag
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1997 Zon Legacy Standard USA 4

This Legacy Standard USA 4 is 8.8 pounds of absolutely wonderful bass. Super clean condition, has the OHSC and the candy. This is a good one!
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1995 Fender Jazz

This is a really nice bass showing strong color but displays NYC taxi wear which are little flaw in the paint from having a gigbag put in a NYC taxi trunk. The neck also has a mark from the stand it rested on. Now that that’s out of the way, the bass is a great looking MIJ Fender that plays really nice and sounds very good. 9.4 pounds, U0 sn and a HSC.
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1976 Fender Jazz

Kebo’s Gold Certified - This is one clean bass that is all there other than new leads on the pickups. The pups do have the original windings. 7618 harness, late 75 pickups, and ALL parts are there including the OHSC. 9.2 pounds which is way light for a natural, great playing and sounding Jazz Bass. Strong color and showing minimal players wear and patina. 76 sn on the headstock
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~1966 Ampeg AUB-1

Kebos Platimun Certified - CA 1966 AUB-1 – Ill make this description easy, it’s the cleanest and best one I ever laid my hands on – PERIOD! You want the best, we have the best. Strung with URB style strings, has a nice OHSC that is really neat with the B15 style tolex! Latches are orig but were re-screwed in. GREAT BASS!
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2001 Fender Precision 40th Anniversary!!! Custom Shop

Fender Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Pbass is stupid clean condition with a crazy low number x of 400. The bass is dope clean with a heavily figured neck. 9.1 lbs w/OHSC. No cert with this one but its logo’ed and correct – no doubter… SUPERB BASS for the person who demands the cleanest and best.
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Jay Turser Beatle Bass

Just an industry std beatle bass that’s clean but missing the guard. Plays and sounds ok for that inner Hofner fetish. GB.
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1978 Fender Precision

Kebos Gold Certified - This 78 Precision is a clean bean and an interesting piece. S8 serial, 7806 untouched harness, lacquer on poles, shallow B neck profile and other than an extra strap hole on the horn, shes clean and untouched. Here’s where its interesting- We were the 1st to take her apart. No doubt the components are correct. The body is a post 1980. In this time frame Fender had a...
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1985 Fender Stratocaster

1985 MIJ Strat, real nice chimey axe that plays, looks and sounds great at a reasonable price. The CAR finish is nice showing minor wear. The fine tuning wheels are naturally AWOL as is the nut clamp and the 4 tiny holes are pro filled – you really wont notice unless youre scoping them. Super nice axe at a nice price. GB
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1975 Fender Jazz

Kebo’s Platinum Certified - Oh this bass is special. Forget the fact it’s a 75 Black Jazz (its actually a 74 transition) but it is stupid rare 4 bolt/Bullet/white block combo on the neck. 9.5 pounds of killer bass, 7514 untouched harness, tags, key, cloth, its all there. This bass is like Miss America – Dances as good as she looks and talks in that great tonality..
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1986 Ibanez Roadstar II

This pearl white bass is an awesome player and looks great. Many of these basses seem to be chippy but not this one. She shows mild player wear and slight patina. Want a good one, here it is, MIJ, 8.7 lbs, HSC
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1977 Fender Jazz

This bass is a beast! She looks tough as this bass was played and has been around the block. 7729 harness and a laser beam neck, she’s all there, this bass was played because it is a total kick ass bass that just has ‘it’. All over wear and checking on the factory black over white finish. Oh do I like this bass! HSC
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2000 MusicMan Stingray 4

Stupid rare mint green, 8.6 pounds of killer ass kicking bass. E15 sn, shows clean but has what we call NYC taxi wear (little bumps here and there from having a gigbag thrown in a trunk but still a clean killer bass). HSC.
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1986 Spector NS2 Brooklyn

We have a players Brooklyn Spector that has been gigged! SN between 1100 and 1160, this 9.1 pound cherry NS2 does have some minor faux pas – Has an added dropped-D with no apparent reaming, 2 filled strap button holes on the back, a couple of missing cover screws and a newer (But not new) Spector case. Has worn / missing paint where the fretboard joins the neck from 16 to 19. We over describe...
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The Aria Pro II SB-1000

Her name was rio, um, I love that bass line and while its not the 2 pup model, it has THAT tone. This bass is clean, has the factory 18v pre, plays and sounds great and has a nice HSC. A winner!
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1972 Fender Jazz

This body only refin Jazz crushes! 37 sn, 7239 harness, 71 tail pup, 72 neck pickup, BA2 tailpiece, 9.3 pounds of great playing and sounding bass!!! Only faux pas is a 75 guard is installed and the thumb rest holes are on the opposite side so…. Super nice bass w/a HSC.
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1984 G&L SB2

This old G&L is special and shes untouched. 9/83 body, 3/84 neck, 8307 untouched harness, B01 sn, 9.9 pounds AND shes in great shape showing mild wear and patina. This bass plays and sounds absolutely great and will be a welcome addition to your stash! HSC.
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1989 Fender Precision MIJ

This MIJ Precision is a way cool bass. Nice CAR finish, E9 serial, 9.1 pounds of great playing bass. She shows mild player wear, is issue free and has a nice GB
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1982 KRAMER Pioneer

This USA 1981 / 82 bass is one of the early woodies from Kramer. Rest assured this is not the cheap offshore junk. The bass has a clean mildly checked white/cream finish and gold hardware that has the typical fade. 8.1 pounds of killer undervalued bass. 8128 untouched harness and a nice HSC
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2007 Fender Jazz Custom Shop 64 NOS Relic

If I get a bass from my buddy T, you know it kicks serious ass. This Shoreline Gold ’64 NOS Relic Custom Shop Series is a MONSTER! Plays and sounds as great as it looks, 9.4 pounds of killer Jazz Bass that is super clean. 12/5/07 build, has the cert and this is just a killer killer bass! OHSC.
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Tobias Killer B

This bass is one of the industry standard basses and with great reason, the bass kills! Plays and sounds GREAT and you can get any tonal signature you need. 10.4 pounds of clean bass showing mild player wear and simple patina. This beast is a gig monster. OHSC.
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2016 Gibson Les Paul ES Memphis

Guys – Description is EASY – In the Wrapper and will never be on display. See that was easy! This short scale bass MAYBE the only practical shortie I ever played. Holy smoke is this a great bass. Great for guitar players, folks w/small hands and even us full scale players. What a terrific bass! OHSC
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Warrior Signature 6

TOP OF THE LINE – EVERY OPTION CONCEIVABLE! This is Dr. Ben’s personal bass and it KILLS! Upgraded EVERYTHING! 18mm spacing, OHSC, best woods! WOW! 9.2 lbs and the OHSC!
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1980 MusicMan Sabre

10/79 Body, 4/80 Neck, 7911 Harness, C00 serial – this is all original old school right here. She plays GREAT and sounds awesome. She shows player wear and patina. Treated to a nice refret using correct wire and the only thing to point out is the neck is held on by the more efficient allen screws into brass inserts which was pro done. Another great bass! GB
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1983 BC Rich Eagle

She aint perfect but man is she sweet! All original other than strap buttons and saddles (bridge is correct, just has fresh correct saddles). Somewhere along the line she had a minor headstock repair (Gibson style smiley) but other than that, theres nothing to tell other than shes fairly clean just showing minor wear and patina and we filled a strap button hole on the inside of the horn (you...
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1975 Fender Precision

Not for the purest but a great bass! When we bought the bass the body and headstock were painted with latex house paint. That’s the bad news. The good news is we got nearly 100% of it off and 90% of it came off easy. We buffed the confirmed (by the original neck pocket stamp) that states the bass is natural (the pockets were clean). Soooo, the body finish is buffed out natural finish. The...
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1976 Fender Precision A-Neck

Man this is a great bass! Coveted A-Neck Precision in very nice shape showing patina and typical player wear. She plays fast and sounds great. 7627 Harness, parts are there, changed guard. Just a way cool nice bass. HSC
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1975 Fender Telejazzster

Want a KILLER bass here it is. Long time prior owner who is a great friend of mine. If Henry owns it, it’s a great bass, period! Ash body refined to natural, all parts on the body are HIGHEND repro – BA2, Duncan pickups, ALL ORIGINAL neck, tuners, plate. This is a super great players bass.
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This early Pilot is a monster!7 pounds even! Pointy headstock USA model and been around the block a few times. Had an extra string tree at 1 time, all over wear and patina, no guard model. Tone that just kicks you in the nuts. Boy this bass is fun! GB
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1990 Fender Jazz Deluxe 5

Ya know, I really like this model. Modern, yet familiar.. Goes as well with meat as it does with fish.. huh, umm… Nice shape showing minor wear, 9.2 lbs and an OHSC.
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