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Sorry to sound rigid but I’ve sent out way too many instruments for a free “weekend rental”. All instruments offer a 24 hour approval. We may extend this if you ask. All instruments if returned will be charged up to an 8% restocking fee. Please ask if there are any questions. Shipping costs in both directions are the responsibility of the purchaser. Occasionally setups get knocked out in transit and can be easily rectified. If there is an issue, call us. This happens typically in the cold and hot weather. A return is a transaction that has been paid for whether it was shipped or not. If we have your credit card approval and you have buyer’s remorse, that is a deal and the restocking fees apply. This cost me hundreds of dollars a year.

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1957 Fender® Precision

Boy this bass is special. The ash body refin was done back in the 60s and underneath the gold guard it shows strong, the exposed areas have faded to a sonic-blueish tone. The bass has a ton of history. The V-neck (yes it has a V!!) plays and sounds fantastic! The body, is set up for a P/J set up. The neck pickup is original and is being rewound or potted as it was microphonic. The tail...
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MTD Kingston Heir 5

Nice industry standard bass that can be used as a primary 5er or as a back up. This is a great semi-professional level instrument at a terrific price point. Has some player wear and patina but nothing bad at all. 8.9 lbs, plays and sounds great and has a GB.
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1972 Fender® Jazz - Real Deal Geddy

Black / Black block, yep here it is! 71 pickups, 7116 pots, 72 stamped neck (the 72 is clear, the rest is not). The covers I believe are reliced repros but everything else is stock. The bass plays, sounds and looks great. When we received the bass it had 70s Dimarzio pickups installed. The originals with the original windings were in the case and are since reinstalled. When the Dimarzios...
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Sadowsky 50s Style Precision NYC

This bass is AWESOME! Active electronics, nice tapered neck, stupid clean, presents nearly as new. Boy oh boy this bass is special!!!! 8.3 lbs One of my favorite in the shop! Has the Sadowsky hard gig bag!
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unknown Doubleneck Fretless 5 & Fretted 4

This is so not Kebo’s but we fell in love with this when we saw it! This is a quality bass that has a fretless 5 and fretted 4 headless necks. The bass plays really well and sound pretty darn good! Has a decal as you can see and other than 1 slight edge bump, shes clean. Just cool on a budget! Ships without a case or bag.
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Tobias Killer B 6

This is an awesome 6 banger. Tone for days, USA premium construction, nice shape, plays great. Whats there left to say? This is a good one!!! Has a nice GB.
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1967 Gibson EB-3

The TRUTH – Less then 1% of all of our basses get this honor! These basses are typically played to death and feel great while having that oh so special magic about them. AND they must have the sound and tone of the heavens. Very rarely do we get a Gibson in that fits this mold. Boy, this bass is special! 13766 pots, 004xxx sn, 7.2 pounds of just tone! This bass thru my Portoflex is INSANE! ...
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1966 Teisco EB-200

Funky funky but chic.. This bass is way cool. SHES ALL THERE! SHES SUPER CLEAN! Plays and sounds GREAT! What terrific cool bass for short money! We’ll even but her in a nice GB!
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Danelectro Longhorn

Typical used industry standard work horse. This bass plays, looks and sounds great! Even has a nice new GB.
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1979 Fender® Precision - A Neck

Whats better than a Sunburst / Rosewood board Pbass? One with an A-neck! She’s not heavy at all at 9.6 lbs, plays, sounds and looks AWESOME! All the parts are there except for a set of Fender Custom Shop pickups. She shows sympathetic player wear and patina but the colors are vibrant and shiny. This bass was played but loved.
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Sadowsky Jazz

Oh boy this bass is special. It’s a Sadowsky USA that is super early (serial under 999). The bass is IMMACULATE! She plays and sounds INSANE and looks just about perfect! 8.1 lbs, has the orig hard gigbag.
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2006 Lakland Duck Dunn USA

This bass was owned by Tony Garnier who is the person with the longest history of playing with Bob Dylan. This was a tour used bass and there are Youtube videos of Tony with this bass. We have the documentation from LAKLAND. This is a super early Dunn that shows some player wear and light patina. She plays and sounds insane and looks AWESOME! Most important is this was a very special tour...
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2013 Gibson Les Paul

Super nice and clean bass, literally it was never used. 10.2 lbs, super clean and ready to go. All tags are in the OHSC.
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Musician Stingray SLO Special

This was dealer overstock we purchased, you will be the 1st retail owner but cannot be sold as new as we are not authorized dealers. In the wrapper, in the OHSC, in the box. It doesn’t get better! 9.8 lbs.
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G&L Tribute L2000

De*unsafe*ion on this is easy – STUPID CLEAN, Looks nearly as new! 8.7 lbs and has the orig gigbag. Want a great, 1 owner bass? Here it is!
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1983 BC Rich Mockingbird - Platinum Certified

Platinum Certified – About 1 percent of vintage basses get this certification. It must be in 100% factory condition, no excuses! This bass is GORGEOUS! Maybe the prettiest BCRich I’ve seen. Plays and performs flawlessly! In exquisite condition! Shows only the most mild player wear and very little patina. On wear we see is a mild scuff (and we mean mild) in the clear coat on the top horn and...
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2015 Rickenbacker 4003

Yes, the pickup cover is in the original hard shell case along with the tags. This bass is a monster with a very focused mid, more so then I expected. Shes super clean only showing the most minor wear. If the bass was not black this wouldn’t be mentioned.. Shes still super clean and nice. Please like a monster and is the usual 9.2 lbs. Yes, we have another good one!
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1957 Fender® Precision Refin

Boy oh boy this bass KILLS! 6/57 original neck date, 8/57 original body date! Original metal (tuners, bridge, plates, knobs). Original pickup but a super ancient rewind done right! Old non-dated changed pots BUT still has the original wax cap! Repro guard that has a 60s 2 screw thumb rest. The body finish is an older Bluesman Vintage reliced refin. The neck finish – well the jury is out. ...
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2017 Gibson EB 4 - As New

Holy Crap! Gibson actually got a bass design right AND is aesthetically pleasing! I have always been skeptical regarding Gibson basses. They never seemed to get a model exactly right. I need to change my tune as I REALLY like this bass. She SOUNDS GREAT, PLAYS GREAT, LOOKS GREAT. Shes in perfect as-new condition. Has the goodies and the original gigbag. This is an American bass priced...
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2016 Bluesman Vintage Pure Custom

This is a custom of a custom! And yes we are dealers so this is covered by the warranty. This was a custom demo. You will not find this in the product line. BMV makes custom instruments as you know and this was a custom build. The body is a 60s style Pbass body. The controls are 50s style Pbass. Add a slab board Jazz neck and a Thunderbucker in the sweet spot. Hipshot light vintage tuners...
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2000 Fender® Jazz Bass® 5

There are so many reasons why I like this bass. As a Fender player, having a 5er with a familiar feel is paramount. This bass has been gigged for 17 years so she shows minor player wear and patina but also shows what we call NYC Taxi wear – That is where the bottom edge has wear from a gig bag zipper from going in and out of a taxi trunk. The bass is in GREAT shape, plays awesome and sounds...
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1968 Gretsch® 6070

Kebos is pleased to announce our retail alliance with our good friends at The Bass Shop Seattle – (206) 932 - 4362. This bass is available for sale exclusively with them! This is a no issue bass with a proper neckset and no binding issues other than 1 minor reglue at the butt. This is not deterioration. The neck is work smooth and the frets and everything else are in great shape! OHSC too!
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1967 Vox Wyman Bass

Kebos is pleased to announce our retail alliance with our good friends at The Bass Shop Seattle – (206) 932 - 4362. This bass is available for sale exclusively with them! Here it comes, here it comes – Man 19th nervous breakdown is NAILED by this bass! Electronics work fine, great neck, nothing broken – this is the 1st issue free Wyman I’ve seen in FOREVER! Has checking and general wear....
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1972 Gibson EB-3

Kebos is pleased to announce our retail alliance with our good friends at The Bass Shop Seattle – (206) 932 - 4362. This bass is available for sale exclusively with them! Another really nice EB3 graces Kebo's. All there but the chrome thingy and sports the vert cool "Gibson" Embossed pickups. Really nice bass that plays soulds and looks good! Bass shows typical minor player wear and mojo...
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2003 BOSSA Jerry Barnes Custom IV

Bossa Bass IV – From the Jerry Barnes Collection – This bass was custom ordered by my friend Jerry. If you don’t know Jerry, Google him – If this bass is good enough for him, imagine what you could do with it! Nice slim tapered J-style neck, trad SB finish and ebony board. The bass reminds me of a kindasorta F-Bass at ½ the price. So near mint but is missing a knob cap. Comes with a nice GB.
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Just about in spotless and unused condition! Has some tags but maybe not all. Dope clean, plays and sounds nuts! Presents as new, matching head stock. This bass is a sweetie and save 40% over new. Yeah, shes a lefty. The bass comes with a cert BUT the serial does not match. We are working to rectify this but we’re not making any guarantees.
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1976 Gibson Thunderbird BiCentenial

Heres the first answer – Never had a headstock issue. Now that’s out of the way… I love this bass! Its been around and shows all over wear and patina. Appears to have had 3 small screw holes professionally filled on the bottom ledge near the raised edge by the controls. You can barely see em. The neck is played smooth but has wear. At the top of the neck, there IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT a break...
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1979 Rickenbacker 4001

No shes not 2400 or 2500, shes priced right. I love this bass. Like every bad girl that hangs in a smokey bar, shes a great dancer and had just a teeny bit of work. This bass maybe the best playing 70s Rick I’ve had in stock in years. She plays flawless, she has great rods and a perfect neck relief with insane action. June 79 build date, all components are there other than having strap locks...
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Fender® Jazz AVR64

Just about in spotless and unused condition! Has most goodies and docs but maybe not all (We think they’re all there). Dope clean, plays and sounds nuts! Not much else to say but this is a good one!
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Fender® Precision AVR63

Plain and simple – IN THE WRAPPER! See that was easy! All goodies and docs. Dope clean, plays and sounds nuts! Not much else to say but this is a good one!
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