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2019 AG FS29 teak

2019 AG FS29 teak 20 % off
another great guitar designed by Ruben Diaz, It's less money, great tone, plays super easy.Watch Ruben play this wonderful guitar! I paid $3250.00 for this guitar.
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2020 AG FS29S

2020 AG FS29S $155 off
AG (Andalusian Guitar) flamenco guitar FS29 model. Ruben Diaz is the designer and promoter of these wonderful guitars. I enjoy playing them and then bought too many of them, now I have several I can share with other players that would like to enjoy playing them also. I paid $4590.00, this is the December price for this special AG guitar designed by Ruben Diaz and the AG guitar makers.
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2020 AG FS29A

2020 AG FS29A 12 % off
Fantastic guitar designed by Rueben Diaz, great action, nice projecting flamenco tone, if you are looking for an AG guitar look no further, I have many. I'm a guitar player that buys too many guitars. I have a great collection of these guitars. I bought them to play, but I'm in my mid sixties now and my left hand is telling me that I need to stop playing as much so no need to keep these guitars...
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