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We can use any of the major carriers you choose but will generally use UPS Ground. Shipping rates do not include insurance, but we encourage its use. Under no circumstances will we lower the cost of an instrument for international shipping purposes. Seriously. Don’t Ask. In sales of bolt-on neck guitars that do not ship with a hard shell case we will be happy to remove the neck and save you a little on the shipping cost. We ship to U.S. addresses only. No P.O. Boxes. We will always pack your item to the highest standards, if you have any preferences, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the unlikely event that you should want to return a guitar, please contact us. We want you to be happy, but we don’t want to eat a bowl of return shipping because ‘somebody’ made you send her back. If you get my meaning. Ahem. If, from the sale date, less than 14 days has gone by and you can rationally argue that the pictures were unclear or that we were inaccurate in our description than we will do our best to make it right. This usually means that lukewarm bowl of return shipping we mentioned earlier. Always remember we are talking about guitars here, and you being happy about one at that, so just contact us, we’ll sort it out. All sales of Electronics, Parts, and Accessories are Final All sales of products listed on the “Gear” page are Final

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Merillon Guitars Item #MG01056 Make: Gibson Model: Les Paul Deluxe (Lefty) Style: 6 String Electric Solid-body Year: 1975 Scale: 24 3/4 Frets: 22 Condition: Excellent Case: HSC (New) Description: Larry Meiners labor of love and gift to the vintage guitar community in book form “Gibson Shipment Totals 1937-1979” (Blue Book publications Inc.) tells us that in 1975 The Kalamazoo factory...
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Hailing from Frederick, Maryland the Micro-Frets Stage II was one of that under-appreciated brands most popular models. Like most of her 4000 or so cousins she has a heavily routed two piece maple body and all of the eccentric hardware these eminently playable guitars are famous for. This particular example has a rosewood fingerboard, two white plexi Micro-Frets pickups, and a two-tiered pick...
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1964 Silvertone 1448L (Amp in Case)

Ah, such a classic. Manufactured in Neptune New Jersey by the fine folks at Danelectro, this Silvertone branded instrument was marketed, and sold by the boat load, by Sears. Was one of these under a Christmas tree when you were a kid? You’re not alone. These instruments were constructed from Pine and Masonite with pick-ups housed in lipstick tubes, an aluminum nut and a sort of adjustable bridge....
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~1960 Eko Modello 300

From Italy’s largest guitar manufacturer, this 300 series instrument was more than likely built in Recanti, rather than Eko’s original facility in Castelfidardo. She is a small bodied arched top semi acoustic with, in this case, no sound holes at all. She has one pick-up and simple volume and tone controls that are not on a plate as so many of these are. The adjustable truss rod has kept the neck...
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1966 Silvertone 1477 BobKat

Built in Chicago by Harmony and marketed in catalogs by Sears, this instrument is really a re-branded Harmony Bobkat. She is clean, all original; with the trem arm and two DeArmond diamond top pick-ups. This instrument is, shall we say, petite. With an overall length of just under 37” and a scale length of a full 24”, she’s about the lightest and smallest bodied full scale instrument out there....
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1970 MICROFRETS Signiture

Made in Maryland, USA, this 1970 Micro-frets signature has many of the technical innovations that make these instruments so interesting. No FM transmitter for this model line, but just about everything else is present and correct. The adjustable ‘Micro Nut’ and ‘Micro-Sonic Bridge’ allow for perfect intonation from both ends of the fret-board. Pretty unusual, but it does keep all of the strings...
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~1962 Framus 5/115 52-T

It says 5/115 52t on the paper label in the body. It also says ‘Built in the Heart of Bavaria’. The details of this example differ from other 5/115s we have seen. In fact, if it weren't for the label, we would argue that this is 5/113 Atlantic because, well, that’s what she is. Plainly. We don’t know why she is labeled otherwise. If you do, email us. This particular instrument has a lovely ‘Black...
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1969 Wurlitzer 7741

Built by Welson in Italy and marketed by Wurlitzer in North America these thin-line Semi-acoustic guitars were the organ and jukebox giant’s second attempt at getting in on the 60’s guitar boom. The first group of mostly solid body instruments they marketed were built by The Holman Co. in Neodesha Kansas who also made Instruments for LaBaye, among others. But not this one. She came from...
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1959 Airline (Valco) Town & Country

Very clean example with “gold” hardware and rare-ish black button Kluson Deluxe 3-on-a-strip slot top tuners. Neck is beefy and straight, all electronics in working order. Original bridge and tailpiece, which shows some surface pitting as does the bridge position pick-up cover. A few dings and a bit of play wear but, oddly, no real belt rash. Someone sure played her, but that person was more...
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1936 Recording King AB-104 Roy Smeck

Gibson supplied instruments to many mail order companies over the years, branding them to the customers’ wishes. In this case, the Recording King brand was marketed by Montgomery-Ward, but manufactured by Gibson in Kalamazoo. The AB-104 is much like a Gibson EH-150, that is, it is built like a guitar, with bent sides and a back that is a separate piece, not built from a single slab like the...
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~1960 Nagoya Harp Taishogoto

Here we have a nice, 5- string Taishogoto / Nagoya Harp. She is clean and simple and was more than likely towards the bottom of the manufacturers line as many of these are elaborately decorated, but this one is as plain as could be. This style of Taishogoto has one drone string and four strings that you fret with type-writer like keys. This particular example has a sticker on her from Al’s Music...
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1966 Kay K-5922

Built in the Kay Elk Grove Village plant this mid 60’s Bass from the Chicago giant was offered in the Kay catalogue after the sale to Seeburg but before the merger with Valco. She has a laminated Maple neck and chambered Double bound body finished in Burnt Orange with a wood pick-guard and selector switch surround, quite rare as these were quickly changed to plastic, and a Rosewood fret board...
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~1998 Danelectro Guitarlin

Super clean, not played much by anybody 90’s re-issue Guitarlin. 33 frets put you up into mando land. She sports dual concentric stack knobs, two lipstick tube pick-ups to go with them and a metal nut just like Mr. Daniel would have it. Her neck is straight, all electronics functioning, she plays great and sounds like nothing else. The lining has pulled away from the body for about an inch in the...
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Fishman Model G Acoustic Preamp

Older style Fishman Acoustic preamp, housed in aluminum case with a belt clip and rubber feet. It is powered by a 9V Battery. This example is in excellent condition, retaining its original box and papers.
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~1988 Roland D-110 Multi-Timbral Sound Module

From 1988 comes this bucket of useful sounds utilizing second generation LA (Linear Arithmetic) Synthesis. Essentially an upgraded single rack space D-10 with 6 individual outputs plus a stereo pair “mix’ out. It sports MIDI in, out and thru and a front panel LCD. This example is in perfect working order with the shell showing some dings and scuffing as well as some tape residue.
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