Mirabella Guitars

Mirabella Guitars

Mirabella Guitars is widely known for it's creation of high end, handmade New York Archtops as well as other fine stringed instrument.
However, the shop and myself , Cristian Mirabella have also had a lot to do with the sale, verification and of course the restoration of vintage instruments throughout the course of my 34 years in the business so far.

From selling to noted Collectors, advising museums and auction houses, to being regarded as one of the top restorers of D'Angelicos , D'Aquistos and golden era Gibsons, Mirabella Guitars, as with it's Custom instruments, offers the player and collector a shop highly competent and well versed in each field.

With over 3 decades of experience, I have seen, played, sold and worked on, countless original vintage instruments and have been noted and sought out for my ability to tell what is "correct and original" and what is "unoriginal". All of these attributes are put to use to verify and properly represent all instrument offered.

Owning an instrument is a wonderful thing. Owning a Custom or Vintage instrument can be an amazing thing.
It's my hope to help you find or create a perfect instrument that will become your musical soulmate, the next cool piece in your collection or the instrument that will inspire you to inspire others.
Ideally it is to play and enjoy these wonderful instruments, for weather they are vintage , custom made or just cool , they are functional Art, tools of the musicians trade... so enjoy and play!

A personal Bio on Cristian Mirabella can be found at www.mirabellaguitars.com


Fine Acoustic and Archtop guitars , Hollow body, Semi and Solid Electrics.

Mirabella Guitars
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