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1965 D'Aquisto Excel

The Infamous fifth instrument from Jimmy D'Aquisto. Mentioned on page 93 of Paul Schmidt's book "Acquired of the Angels" This Excel is a significant and noted piece of the D'Aquisto legend and history. Equally so, the guitar is an incredible instrument and it's voice and tone gives insight to the sound and ablity D'Aquisto's instruments would later find in the 80s and 90s It's is simply an...
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1985 D'Aquisto Americus

1985 D'Aquisto Americus 23 % off
Very rare D'Aquisto Double Cut Away Americus Model. The 2nd of only 5 created Original owner guitar includes all paper work from D'Aquisto In near mint shape with only a minor headstock binding repair. Some minor dings but absolutely no heavy wear. Excellent tone and playability Sold.
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~1966 Kay Swingmaster K650

Original untouched and just taken out of the closet after over 40 years. Mint!! with original case..
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1982 D'Aquisto New Yorker

1982 D'Aquisto New Yorker. 18 inch body with 1 3/4 nut Beautiful imported woods, Blank ebony fingerboard (no split block inlays as on standard New Yorkers) No repairs. Some minor wear, scratches and a few imperfections in the binding. Incredible sounding and playing instrument. New Lowered Price!
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2005 D'Aquisto Electric

Assembled using original parts made by James L. D'Aquisto, this Hagstrum bodied electric (The body can be seen on Jimmy's wood rack in the book "Acquired by the Angels" by Paul Schmidt on page 124) was completed using a neck and fingerboard started by D'Aquisto and finished by Cris Mirabella at the request of James D'Aquisto II for Tony DeRosa. The tailpiece, headplate and part of the bridge...
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