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2016 Bartlett Guitars Retrospec

5 month old Bartlett Retrospec w/OX4 pickups in pristine condition...very limited playing time. Gorgeous! -------------- The Retrospec's design is the brainchild of the esteemed and talented Swedish industrial designer Magnus Malkersson, Kim Lafleur of Historic Makeovers and Tom Bartlett. The guitar features all of the same qualities you would find in the most collectable and coveted of...
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2016 Gil Yaron Bone 59

The Bone '59 is the much ballyhooed '59 LP replica in an original Bone design body...complete with Bone design headstock. This guitar originated from Gil's Arizona workshop in January 2016 and is in Mint condition. It is extremely well balanced and fitted with the articulate PAF pickups Yaron '59s are famous for.
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1959 Bartlett Guitars LP

Beautiful Bartlett '59 LP w/OTPG Pickups and a KILLER top! -Old Growth Mahogany -Brazilian Fingerboard -Nitrocellulose Lacquer -Vintage Correct Glues .....If you read this title and couldn't wait to take a look at the pictures then you already know the quality of Tom's work.
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1959 Mission Customs Joe Perry Les Paul Replica

- 8 lbs 14 oz & well balanced - Made the old fashioned way: Old Growth Mahogany, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, Nitrocellulose Lacquer - Sheptone Jimmy Page PAFs - Excellent condition
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