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1966 Fender® Duo-Sonic

This guitar is not mint, but it’s super clean. There’s a bit of yellowing, but the finish is still very white.. There are a couple of spots of wear through the Oly white into the clear fullerplast, but there’s a newness to this guitar that you just don’t see. The case is also very clean. There’s very light buckle wear. This and the wear spots keep me from calling it mint. 16AUG66B neck. This...
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~1966 Fender® Mustang®

There’s lots of checking on this one. There’s fret wear, but the fingerboard is OK. All original.
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1967 Fender® Mustang®

This one has greening, nicks, dings and a lot of belt buckle worming. All original except for pro refret.
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1967 Fender® Mustang®

This guitar is clean, but has a Finish touch up on the lower back of body The nut has been changed, all else is original. Clean frets and fingerboard.
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1966 Fender® Mustang®

This one is all original and in average condition There are black marks on the body won’t come off. Part of the headstock decal has worn off. Frets and fingerboard are in good shape.
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~1981 Guild® M-80

This is a cool and rare version of the M-80. It has the thin, un-bound body, ebony fingerboard, and Dimarzio pickups (both with 12 adjustable poles). The pots date to 1977 and the serial number on the back of the headstock starts with LL (Guild’s prototype designation) and dates to 1981. The knobs and strap buttons have likely been changed. The brass nut may be original, but I’m not sure. There’s...
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1967 Gretsch® 6071 Bass

Rare GOLD HARDWARE. This one is in pretty good shape, except for the binding. The binding is still on the bass, but it’s crumbling off as we speak. The only other issue is that the thumb rest was re-positioned at one time, so there are 2 extra screw holes. I’ve never seen a 6071 with gold parts before. The bass plays and sounds well. The finish color has faded some, like most.
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1966 Gretsch® Clipper 6186

This guitar’s not mint, but I think it’s the cleanest Clipper I’ve owned. There’s a bit of belt buckle rash, and a spot on the back of the body where something has reacted with the finish. There's a small chip in the corner of the headstock. The binding is not perfect, but it’s much better than most 60’s Gretsches. A few minor nicks and a bit of wear on the frets and board, but I don’t think this...
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~1968 Vox Wyman Bass

This is a cool, light weight (5 lb 12 oz) good sounding, and nice playing short scale bass. Very narrow neck. There is deep lacquer checking (as is typical of Vox) but no cracks in the wood. Everything’s original except for missing pickguard, bridge cover, and switch tip. I don‘t really know how to date these exactly, but it should be mid-late 60‘s. Serial number is 31XXX. Made in Italy on back...
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~1967 Epiphone FT-85 Serenader

This guitar has been played and loved. Basically, it’s the Epi version of the Gibson B-25-12 made by the same craftsmen, in the same factory, using the same solid woods. There is a LOT of checking, MANY, nicks, dings, and scratches. Pick wear, too. However, I can’t find a crack anywhere. The action is OK, for a 12-string. It’s not low, but quite playable. The truss rod works as it should. The...
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1990 Marshall JCM 900 mod. 2502 MK III 50 watt Hi Gain Master Volume 2 X 12 combo

This amp has been recently serviced and sounds great. It’s in average used condition, but is missing the upper back panel, and one of the plastic feet. There is no footswitch.
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1983 Martin D-37 K 150th Year Anniversary

This is a cool and very rare guitar. It’s the Spruce top model with Koa Back and sides. Abalone sound hole and fingerboard inlays. Abalone dots on the bridge pins, too. The guitar has the 150th Year 1833-1983 firebrand visible through the sound hole. The guitar has been HEAVILY PLAYED. There are nicks, dings, scratches, some gouges, significant fret wear, and lots of checking. Wear through the...
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1967 Epiphone FT-110 Frontier

Spruce top with maple back and sides, and mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. The body binding is crumbling off of this guitar, but the neck binding is excellent. The tuners have been changed. Existing tuners are a mismatched set, but they’re repros of the originals, so there’s no reeming or extra screw holes. Something has reacted with the finish (maybe an old guitar strap) on sections of...
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