My L5 Collection

My L5 Collection

My Personal Collection of Vintage L5's and Other Fine and Rare Archtops

This is my personal collection of vintage L-5s and other fine and rare archtop guitars. I was initially attracted to these guitars by something special that I heard, saw or felt. I'm a player first and I only buy an instrument if it plays very well. Next, even an electric archtop should resonate well acoustically and have tone. Any condition or cosmetic issues are either addressed to the extent possible through restoration or I decide to live with them because of the instrument's overall quality and appeal.

Right now, I mostly play the Crest and the 1961 sharp cut. I'm otherwise hoping to "thin the herd." I'm happy to consider package deals and can be flexible on prices to a certain extent.

My L5 Collection
Bill P.
Online Only
5:00 PM
9:30am to 6:30pm NY time

Wire transfer of immediately available funds to my account per my wire transfer instructions. Or certified bank check from a major US bank.

I would prefer that you personally inspect and take delivery from me at my location in Manhattan or from Mirabella Guitars in St. James, Long Island, New York. Otherwise, unless we agree on another method, I will ask Mirabella to ship to your location, at your expense by UPS or FedEx for 2d day delivery, insured in excess of the purchase price.

Each of my guitars has been inspected and to the extent required restored to vintage specification (with vintage parts if necessary) by Cris Mirabella. All condition and restoration issues are fully disclosed. I strongly urge you to inspect the guitar in person at my location or Mirabella's before shipping. Unless we clearly agree to a right of approval for a specific number of days, all sales are final, "as-is, where-is" with no right of return. If you feel that I have materially misrepresented a particular condition or restoration issue, I will, at your request, consider an appropriate price reduction to be granted or denied in my reasonable discretion. This is not a policy of "caveat emptor." Instead I am asking you to commit to a purchase on the basis of my full disclosure and your right of prior inspection. I'm a private collector with a day job, not a retail store. I simply don't have the time or resources for you to shop casually, and I've gone to the prior effort and expense of having each guitar inspected and restored, to the extent necessary, by Cris Mirabella, the leading repair and restoration specialist of vintage archtops. I'm not just flipping boxes.