Noam's Notable Instruments

Noam's Notable Instruments

Vintage Banjos & Guitars from the collection of Noam Pikelny

I've spent the last two decades seeking out great musical instruments for myself and for my close friends. I'm excited to now be able to do this for people outside of my immediate circle.

This pursuit is an obsession & labor of love for me. It brings me profound joy when I find an instrument that speaks to me, and it has been equally rewarding to find instruments for friends that have become both their working tools and sources of inspiration.

I'm offering banjos & guitars from my personal collection that I've used on stage and in the studio that are now finally ready to move on to their next caretakers.

I'm also offering vintage banjos that I've personally setup for tone, responsiveness and playability. While these instruments may not be ones you've seen me with on stage, or heard on my recordings, these are instruments that I've acquired because they excite me and simply pass the test. If I find a gem that sounds and plays beautifully- a special instrument that truly engages me, I'll buy it knowing that it will either become a fixture of my collection or that I will be able to eventually match it with the right player. I'm not going to sell any instruments here that I wouldn't be proud to keep for myself.

I look forward to helping you find an instrument that inspires your playing, practicing & creativity. If there's something specifically you're looking for that you don't see in these listings, please let me know, and I'll try to help find it for you.

If you play banjo or are looking to learn the banjo, please check out my comprehensive interactive online course:

Noam's Notable Instruments
Noam Pikelny
Nashville, TN
5:02 PM