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~1980 Tom Scholz Power Soak Attenuator

This is a vintage Tom Scholz power soak attenuator . It’s in very good condition and works great. It is also switchable for, 4,8, or 16ohm outlet to speakers
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~1980 DOD Overdrive Preamp/250

This is a very cool sounding overdrive pedal. It is in very good condition with most the wear on the bottom. This pedal can go from a clean boost signal to a nasty overdrive.
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1984 BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive

This Original 1984 Boss Super Overdrive is in near mint condition and sounds amazing. Very cool overdrive, simple and responds nicely to your guitar volume and picking.
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1981 BOSS Rocker Volume PV-1

his is a nice and original Boss Rocker Volume PV-1 pedal. The Rocker volume as a knob to go up to +20 dB in signal boost. This one is in excellent condition and comes with the original Boss soft case.
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1985 BOSS Power Supply & Master Switch PSM-5

This 1986 Boss Power Supply & Master Switch is in near mint condition. It is built like a tank and works perfectly.
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1980 BOSS OD-1 Overdrive

This is a very cool Boss Over Drive OD-1 manufactured in 1980. The pedal is in good condition with normal wear for its age and two small holes on the unit. these early 80’s OD-1 pedal sound amazing and are getting more collectable.
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1983 BOSS Graphic Equalizer GE-10

This is a rare Boss Graphic Equalizer GE-10 made in 1983. The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and it works perfectly.
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1980 BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Silver Screw

This is a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal from 1980. The unit is in excellent condition and all original. This pedal is rare and was used in the 80’s by Steve Vai and also Joe Satriani.
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1980 BOSS Compression Sustainer CS-1 Pedal

This Boss Compression Sustainer CS-1 pedal was made in January 1980. There is a small hole on the back of the pedal and somebody wrote a number on the side, but for the rest, It is in excellent condition. The unit sounds exactly as it should with no issues.
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1981 BOSS Chorus Pedal CE-2

Here’s a Very cool Boss CE-2 chorus pedal. This one is from 1981, all original and in excellent condition. These vintages CE-2 chorus pedals sound way better than the newer ones.
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~1970 Leslie 147

Here is a nice Leslie speaker 147 in very good condition. It does have some scratches and usual wear, but, it is all original and fully functional. It comes with the back panels.
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~1980 GBX GD-2

Here is a vintage GBX GD-2 solid state power amplifier. It is in very good condition and works perfectly.
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1969 Fender® Super Reverb®

This is a very cool 1969 Fender Super Reverb Amplifier. It features; 4 amazing sounding Alnico speakers, all original electronics, trim edges, Silver face cosmetic with AB763 circuit, same than the blackface. It comes with the original footswitch…
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1985 BOSS Noise Gate NF-

Here’s a 1985 Boss Noise Gate NF-1 pedal in near mint condition. This one is all original and works perfectly.
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1971 Gibson EB-3L

Here is a a rare Gibson EB-3L bass in excellent condition with very light playing wear. It features: Walnut finish, slotted headstock, no volute, very comfortable c shape neck, long scale, 2 great sounding humbucking pickups, 4-position rotary tone switch, rosewood fretboard with nice grain. This bass is 100% original and in great playing condition with a recent pro set up. Original case included…
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~2000 Ibanez BTB 5 strings

Here’s very cool Ibanez BTB 5-strings bass made in Korea. This one is all original and features: a wine red finish with a superb quilted maple body. These are great quality basses for the price. There is also a very good hard case included.
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1974 Fender® Precision

Here’s a extremely clean 1974 Fender Precision bass. This bass is all original, plays and sounds very well. It comes with the original case
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1993 Gretsch® White Falcon 7593

Here’s a near mint 1993 Gretsch White Falcon model 7593. It’s 100% original and has been barely played. It features; two Gretsch Filtertrons pickups, Bigsby, Gold hardware and a superb white finish. It comes with the original Gretsch hardcase case and…
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1964 Gretsch® Tennessean Model 6119

Here’s SUPER ClEAN Gretsch Tennessean 1964. It features; strong burgundy finish, two Hilotron pickups, neoclassical inlays, painted F holes and Bigsby tremolo. It come’s with complete papers, tags and original Gretsch case. You won’t find a cleaner 6119 Tennessean George Harrison period in this condition..
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1972 Gretsch® Chet Atkins Coutry Gentlemen

Here’s a near mint 1972 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. The guitar sounds great and was really taken good care of. It features: Walnut finish, double cutaway, 2 super sounding Filter Tron pickups, gold plated hardware and Bigsby vibrato, 24 1/2 scale with bound ebony fingerboard and thumbprint inlays. This guitar is very versatile and also she’s a pure joy to play. The original case is...
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1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom

Here’s a beautiful and all original Les Paul SG Custom in a nice White finish. This guitar is truly a collectable piece. It features; three untouched PAF pickups, Ebony fretboard, block inlay, gold hardware and side tremolo. It comes with the original Gibson hard case. Don’t miss this beauty…
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1979 Gibson Les Paul Artisan

Here’s a Superb Les Paul Artisan from 1979. All original with untouched electronics. It features; two humbuckers’s pickups, gold harware, flowers inlay on the neck, unique Gibson design on the headstock and script logo. It comes with the original Gibson case…
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1970 Gibson ES-345 Stereo

Here’s a very nice Gibson Es-345 Stereo with a Walnut finish. The guitar is in very good condition, all original and sounds great. It comes with the original case.
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Here’s a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow. It’s the perfect player’s guitar due to his very light weight of 6.14 pounds, great intonation, nice refret job , low action with no dead spots, fat 1959 profile neck and two unreal sounding P-90’s pickups. The guitar as suffer from a crack at the heel that was pro repaired long ago. It’s rock solid and not moving. Other than that, she’s a true...
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1964 Gibson ES-335 TDC

Here’s a superb 335 from 1964. This guitar is all original and in excellent condition. It features; two amazing early PAT pickups, Bigsby and a strong cherry color. It plays wonderful and has a sweet action. It comes with the original Gibson hard case..
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1969 Fender® Telecaster® Thinline

Here’s a cool early Telecaster Thinline from 1969. This Tele is in great condition and sounds incredible. It features; maple neck, tortoise pickguard, lightweight body and two sounding single coil pickups. Except for a small pro luthier repair under the pickguard, the guitar is all original and also a great player. It comes with the original Fender case…
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1973 Fender® Telecaster® Custom

Here’s a very cool and all original early 70’s Fender Telecaster Custom in Sunburst. It features: a superb 3-tone sunburst, rosewood fretboard, one Humbucker and on single coil pickup. It comes with the original Fender case..
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1954 Gretsch® Model 6192 Electro II Cutaway Synchromatic

Here's a rare Gretsch Model 6192 Electro II Cutaway Synchromatic from 1954. Only produced between 1951 and 1954. 1954 was the last year of production of this model because it was renamed Country Club the same year. It comes with the original and beautiful Gretsch Tweed hard case...
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1959 Gibson ES-225 TD

This is an all original and near mint 1959 Gibson ES-225 TD. The combination of P-90's and lightweight hollow body makes this guitar a pure blast to play in every position. the 1959 profile neck feels great in the palm of the hand and the frets are in very good condition. She comes with the original case.
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1963 Fender® Stratocaster®

This is a one owner and, ALL original 1963 Fender Stratocaster. The 3 tone sunburst finish is in very good condition and looks great for it's age.. All pickups sound's unbelievable. She also as a very cool neck, on the bigger medium shape that feels full in the hand. 1963 is a great year for Stratocaster's and this one rings like a bell. She comes with her original tremolo arm, cover and export...
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