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2016 Charvel Custom Shop Nitro Aged San Dimas

Just few months old. Sounds and plays great. This Charvel is an especially great example; great action, well intonated up and down the neck, stays in tune, very resonant, and fantastic sounding pickups.  Mint as a Relic can be. Original hardshell case and paperwork included. Here are the specs: 7 lbs. 8 oz. NOS Black Pearl Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish Ash Body ...
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1990 Trainwreck Express

We have owned 10 original Trainwreck amps and this Express named “Marisa” has to be at the top of the list for its rich, singing sustain that is aggressive and smooth at the same time. The crunch tones are tight and complex-this is a very special example. This head comes with the rare, original Trainwreck owner’s manual with a handwritten note written to the original owner on the back cover from...
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2014 Blades Firebolt 50 NAMM Head

This amplifier is a 2014 NAMM model and is etched NAMM 2014 and signed Billy Blades on the chassis. This is an especially great sounding example with the cool custom covering. 50 watts with EL 34 power tubes. This has been collector owned and only used in the original owner’s smoke-free home.
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This is one of the cleanest vintage Les Paul Customs you will ever find. This Les Paul Custom has all of the great features that made this model the "top of the line" for Les Pauls in 1959. The gold hardware is extremely clean and the 3 PAF pickups are "double-whites" with the covers never off. The original hang tag, manila envelope with the humbucking pickup adjustment paper and case key. In...
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2016 Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess

Nice top with “AL serial number”. This guitar is in mint condition with less than 1 hour of use in the original owner’s smoke-free home. The guitar works perfectly and is all original with no mods or repairs. Weight is 8 lbs 10 oz. Original case, paperwork and accessories included. Here are the specs: • Body Material: Mahogany Back/Figured Maple Top • Neck Material: Mahogany • Neck...
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2016 Paul Reed Smith McCarty

Beautiful 10 top with custom Copper finish. We only unboxed this one for photos and played it for 5 minutes without a pick so this PRS is just like new. The guitar sounds fantastic. Stop tailpiece bridge with the optional adjustable saddles, pattern neck profile. The weight is 7 lbs 11oz. Here is the description from PRS: The PRS McCarty model features a slightly thicker back for...
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2016 Suhr Jim Kelly Limited Edition 1-12 Combo

# 16 of 25, beautiful limited edition combo for 2016. Perota Wood cabinet with Jute grill-cloth. The Jim Kelley Single-Channel amplifier is designed to retain your guitars natural tonal characteristics in a 60-watt all tube package while still delivering a broad range of punchy, high powered clean and smooth dynamic overdrive. Featuring a versatile pre-amp / power-amp, active shelving tone...
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2012 WCR L-Series

The original owner purchased this guitar new from Jim Wagner just a few months ago and the guitar is in mint condition. The owner asked Jim to install a WCR Fillmore pickup in the neck position and a WCR Godwood pickup in the bridge position and both pickups sound amazing. Jim also set this one up to have the “Peter Green” tone when the pickup selector is in the middle position. These guitars...
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard RO GO 60 Aged

Guitar Center R0 G0; an in-house Gibson Custom Shop AGED 1960 Burst in Ice Tea finish. The weight is 8 lbs 6 oz. This one is # 14 of 25 made in 2011. This is a GC exclusive model built to exact specs after a real 60 sunburst Les Paul Standard at GC Hollywood. The neck profile is a very comfortable 1960 profile; slim/medium round. We have owned many Gibson Historic Reissue models and this Les...
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2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard

This Murphy-Aged guitar in Faded Tobacco finish with original PAFs professionally installed is as close as you can get to that elusive, original vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul tone. The set of original 1960 PAF pickups are well-matched and sound fantastic. The neck pickup reads 7.75 ohms and the bridge pickup reads 7.38 ohms. The original owner misplaced the Murphy COA, however, we contacted...
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2016 Suhr Classic Antique

You can’t get much better than this one for tone and versatility. Custom order with some cool and very usable extra electronic options. Here are the specs: Alder body (guitar weighs in at 7 lbs. 10 oz.), extra heavy aging, Gotoh 510, bridge, chrome hardware, tortoise shell pickguard & trem cover, Maple neck with tint lacquer finish and medium aging on neck. African Rosewood fretboard,...
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2015 Lipe Virtouso

This guitar just has a few hours of use in the original owner’s smoke-free home. No repairs or alterations. Stunning Spalted Maple top in burnt orange finish, Alder body, Roasted Curly Maple neck, Roasted Pau Ferro fingerboard, 25.5" scale, 22 frets, glow in the dark fretboard dot markers & side dots. “C” neck shape, large Jascar frets, 1 11/16 nut width, Graph-Tech nut, Hipshot Tremolo bridge,...
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2016 Metropoulos Metroplex 100 Head

The current and latest version with improved switching circuit, less "whoomph" sound when changing modes, less "pop" when activating BOOST, added TRS and TS jacks for integrating the MP into programmable rigs (Bradshaw style). The TRS and TS jacks are added on the rear, next to the existing 5-pin footswitch socket. Players should use either, but not both at once. TRS is used to activate BOOST...
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2016 Suhr Dual Boost

The Suhr Dual Boost is an extremely versatile clean boost housed in a pedalboard friendly enclosure. The Dual Boost pairs high quality components with an on-board charge pump circuit that delivers the best dynamic range and purist audio path, all from a single 9-volt battery powered pedal. Two independent modes, a global Boost Range and Suhr proprietary Multi-Function Technology switching. No...
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1982 Guitar Trader Original Vintage Guitar Bulletin, Vol. 1 No. 1

I received this very cool 11-page bulletin in May of 1982. I just found it in a file of papers I was going through and thought someone might enjoy this bulletin. This is an original and not a copy. I removed the back address labels but otherwise the bulletin is in excellent shape as it has been stored in a file cabinet in our non-smoking home.
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2016 Carl Martin Pro Series Dual Channel Plexitone Pedal

A free Fender Custom Shop 6” patch cable will be included. The Carl Martin PlexiTone offers two step overdrive, the crunch channel and the high gain channel, on top of that it gives you an up to 20dB clean boost channel. The crunch channel goes from subtle overdrive to hard rock gain stage, the high gain channel goes from rock gain stages to absolutely meltdown, with loads of gain and low end,...
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2007 Talos Basic Head

This amps are pretty rare as most players who bought them keep them. The amps are extremely well made and very durable. We sold this head new in 2007. This amplifier was used only in the original owner’s smoke-free home. The cabinet has a few dings on it, but everything is original with no alterations and this one sounds great and works perfectly. The custom hardwood cabinet is Poplar with a...
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2011 Talos Basic 1-12" Combo

You seldom see these amplifiers on the market as most players who bought them keep them. The amps are extremely well made and very durable. Even thought the serial number plate says 2011, we purchased this amp new from Talos in June of 2015. This combo was only used for a couple of hours in the collector/original owner’s smoke-free home. Everything is original with no alterations and this one...
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2015 Panama Shaman 20 W Head & 1-12 Cabinet

Just a couple hours of use in the original owner’s smoke-free home. Like new condition. The 1-12 cabinet is the oversized version. The Panama Guitars Shaman has been created to capture the silky clean tones of the 50's,the hot-rodded British tones, and shoot fire of modern metal! All this is done from a 15"x8"x9" powerhouse head. This little monster features 2 foot-switchable independent...
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2015 James Trussart Rust O Matic Steelcaster

We are fortunate to have several customers who buy boutique guitars from us and always trade them back for something different. This is one of those guitars and it has less than 1 hour of use in the original owner's smoke-free home. This guitar is just like new and sounds and plays amazing. '62 Rosewood Neck profile with a Rosewood Fingerboard, Plain Back, 6 saddle bridge, Arcane Bridge and...
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2005 Fargen VOS Head & 1-12” cabinet

NOS model, new/never sold. Custom cabinets of Rock Maple w/ Walnut stripe. This amp and cabinet are hand-crafted with top of the line specs. The head is 45 watts, hand-wired w/ 2 EL 34 output tunes, class AB with a hand-built reverb circuit. The speaker cabinet is loaded with a 1-12” Celestion G-12 Vintage 30 speaker.
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2010 Goodsell Super 17 Mark Three 1-12 Combo

Here is an NOS, Mint amp! A great sounding and extremely versatile combo that features a pair of EL84s, a solid-state rectifier, and 3 very busy 12AX7s - one of which is the long-tail phase inverter while the other two take care of pre-amp, reverb send & return, and tremolo oscillator (tremolo is activated with the included footswitch). On the 17, the single gain stage (comprised only of 1/2 of a...
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1966 Fender® Stratocaster®

This guitar is just a stellar example. We purchased this beauty from the original owner who had stored this guitar away for many years. The original owner said he played the guitar for a very short time when he was young and then just gave up trying to learn. We have included some photos of the guitar right after we purchased it showing the “greening by the frets” as well as a photo of the...
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1982 Fender® Guitar, Bass, & Amplifier Catalog

In addition to the Strats, Teles, & Precisions, etc. this catalog also includes the Walnut Strat, The Strat, as well as the Lead I, II, & III. Also nice photos of many famous players that have played Fender products. 41 pages.
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1976 Fender® The Collected Works of Fender® Catalog

This is a very, very cool catalog with lots of great color photos & art. The catalog lists Fender Electric & Steel guitars, Amplifiers, Basses, Acoustics, PA systems, & Special effects, Accessories, & strings. This catalog features the rare Starcaster as well as the nifty Telecasters with humbuckers. Also included is the Iron-On application sheet for T-shirts (I don’t know if that will work or...
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1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard

One of 6 very collectible Gibson Les Paul Standards made in 1993 with Korina back & neck. Finished by Tom Murphy. This is a 1959 Reissue with the large 1959 neck profile. Stunning Quilted Maple top. Original hardshell case & paperwork. 9.99 condition.
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2011 Shadow Double Fat Boost

The "Double Fat Boost" is a multi-tasking force to be reckoned with, it produces gain and sustain without colorization of your amp. The first boost delivers clean drive, while the second boost offers a darker tone added. Think of them as a double boost pedal your amp manufacture did not include when you purchased the amp. Now you'll have two additional variations to the sound you already love....
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1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom

(Featured) This is one of the cleanest vintage Les Paul Customs you will ever find. This Les Paul Custom has all of the great features that made this model the "top of the line" for Les Pauls in 1959. The gold hardware is extremely clean and the 3 PAF pickups are "double-whites" with the covers never off. The original hang tag, manila envelope with the humbucking pickup adjustment paper and...
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