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2016 Ruokangas Unicorn Classic

2016 Ruokangas Unicorn Classic.  Brand New from a dealer-to-dealer trade.  Just 8lb-4oz of Spanish Cedar / Arctic Birch goodness.  As you know these are hand crafted and rival the Gustavsson / Yaron / Bartlett / Stevens guitars at a fraction of the price I am able to offer this piece at the price of a USED one even though it is NEW.   Please see the pictures for a Spec/Condition sheet with all...
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Thomas Rein Tele® - Custom Built

Another guitar that NEVER comes up for sale! A master acoustic builder makes a rare one-off electric.  Why would you purchase a stamped out piece when you can invest in something lovingly hand crafted by someone who builds $10k+ Acoustics and is backordered forever?  1 piece Mahogany Neck. 24.75" Scale w/ 1-11/16 width. 12 Radius & Medium Frets. Think LP in Tele clothes. Bartolini Pickups....
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2009 Fender® Custom Shop Custom Deluxe Strat®

2009 Fender Custom Shop "Custom Deluxe Strat" in Excellent Condition.  Rosewood board lovers snag this beauty with modern 9.5 radius and a nice C neck profile.  Of course it has the Original Hard Case & Certificate of Authenticity.  A few very tiny wear spots outlined in the Spec sheet (see it in red?....look for it and click).
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1959 Fender® VINTAGE (not reissue) 59 Bassman® BUGS HENDERSON OWNED

Owned By BLUES LEGEND BUGS HENDERSON! Documented inside amp. Retweed and looks like speakers were replaced. Original transformers and original cab. This amp sounds SO perfect. Best balance of kids and that little percussive chimey high-end...mmmm. Runs like a Champ® and sounds strong. I have all the pics for you picture know who you are...ask for pics and never...
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Klon Centaur #1043

I have pedals in inventory...LOTS and LOTS (sometimes people trade me a zillion pedals for a guitar....sure)...I keep only a handful.  In my personal collection is a Cornish Delay, a Gurus Delay, a TS808 and an early Klon.  NOw, with each I WISH I could find cheaper alternatives.  I have cheaper alternatives. I have sold cheaper alternatives.  BUT I just can't look myself in the eye and settle...
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Klon Centaur #454

Klon Centaur....THE standard for overdrive/boost.  Nothing comes close.  I've had hundreds and hundreds of pedals.  I've tried clones and 'improvements' and wannabes.  At the end of the day you end up with 12 variations of pedals that do 'kind of' what this does (in your mind but nobody else's). NOW the early Klons have a certain mid-range presence that later ones just do not.  If you seek that...
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~2017 Eterna Mr Black

Eterna Mr Black pedal.  Works as it should.  Nonsmoking use.  Comes only with what you see here.  Sorry but no trades on this piece
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~2017 Dunlop DC-Brick

Dunlop DC-Brick.  Works as it should.  Comes only with what you see here.  Nonsmoking.  Sorry no trades on this item.
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~2017 Cmatmods Butah

Great clean nonsmoking pedal.  Comes only with what you see here.  Works as it should.  Sorry, no trades on pedals
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~2017 Pete Cornish TES Delay

Pete Cornish pedals have been backordered since the beginning of the boutique guitar revolution.  There is a multi-year wait and lousy communication if you get on the list.  The only realistic way to acquire one is through the secondary market. Fortunately, I try to stock these when I can find them. The characteristic of the Cornish Delay is that they are extremely clean sounding.  They are not...
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2016 Wild Customs The Skorpion

If you are a fan of unique designs then this Wild Custom is tailor made for you.  This guitar is the Wild Customs top of the line build.  Featuring a mahogany/maple body & flame maple neck.  Jumbo frets.  1-11/16" Nut & 25" Scale.  Very impressive V neck profile with 22 frets and a 12" Radius. Hardware includes 510 tuners which are accurate and very precise. Tone Pros bridge.  Custom...
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2015 Scala Underdog Vented Top

You have to respect a builder to steps out of the box and REALLY ads a new take on a universal classic.  This Scala Underdog has attitude on top of function.  Start with a tradional LP shape...yeah...add the Long Tenon for great tone and resonance...okay....THEN add a vented top that leaves sound chamber openings between the body and top. The result is a smooth open tone without feedback in gain...
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2016 Ronin Badmoon

2016 Ronin Badmoon in immaculate condition!  Nonsmoking 1-owner instrument originally sold new by PrimeGuitars.Com a few months ago.   Ronin doesn't have any more Badmoons in the pipeline currently so your only opportunity to acquire one is used.  Luckily I support the brands I sell and have this one at a discount vs. its original selling price of $7500. If you were to get lucky and order one...
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2010 PRS DC3

Boy PRS Guitars really found a way to use modern production techniques to create an affordable instrument that looks, plays and sounds incredible. Why buy some off-brand nonsense when you can get something that will remain valid into the future. You're probably already familiar with the DC3 but I've prepared the attached Spec Sheet in case you want to quickly see some features.  The only things...
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2015 Palir Titan

2015 Palir Titan in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with its original hardshell case.  This heavy relic guitar oozes coolness. I just love when builders use the Ash body T-styler with humbuckers.  I mean that is freaking rock baby.  These humbuckers are Lollar Imperials too.  Tells you a LOT when a builder spends the money for top quality components. Specs listed in the sheet but I'll retype...
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2016 McKay 59 335

2016 Ken McKay 335 style guitar.  Hand crafted using old world techniques and machinery.  Not everyone can whip out a 335 style.  It takes special equipment and skill.  Ken is renowned for his builds.   If you compare this McKay to a typical Gibson you will find that the G feels like a toy in comparison.  The light nitro finish on the McKay, Brazilian Rosewood Board and choice woods translate...
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Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X version.  Great piece of equipment for a studio or bass rig.  This one had a slightly bent rack ear during shipping that was straightened.  ONe of the knobs sticks slightly but works as it should. Sold at a steep discount to reflect the cosmetic and slight functional challenges.
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Bryston 3B ST Series Power Amp THX Lucasfilm Ed

Great working/cosmetic condition. Has a few light scratches from normal usage. Comes with power cable. Bryston 3B ST Series Power Amplifier. 120w per channel or 400w bridged. This is the THX Lucasfilm version of the amplifier- very rare.
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~2017 Analysis Plus Pro Studio 20

Ok so I'm a self admitted cable freak.  It started years ago when Vintage Guitar magazine did a high end cable shootout.  Since then I've accumulated SO many high end cables.  My conclusion is that cables are the great translator between your guitar and amp.  You have 4-to-6 figures invested in gear right?  You use a $15 cable...really dude?  Go ahead talk yourself into believing it doesn't...
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Alessandro Eric Johson

Boy we have a SPECIAL amp here!  George Alessandro Eric Johnson model!  Reportedly this was Eric's personal amp (but I don't have documentation).  Story goes it was traded by Eric with a bunch of gear to a well known vintage dealer for some other piece. This combo features 2 Celestion 12" Gold Speakers and EL34 Tubes.  MAN it is SMOOOOOOTH.  Great chimey cleans. If you have struggled for years...
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Alessandro Eric Johnson

Extremely rare Alessandro Eric Johnson Model.  Reportedly this is only 1-of-3 made.   6L6 Tubes and an Eminence Screamin Eagle 12" Speaker.  Fantastic chimey cleans and smooooooth overdrive in a portable combo.
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~2017 Lipe Classic Virtuoso

Mike Lipe once again strikes gold with this Classic Virtuoso.  Roasted Maple Neck and a beautifully figured Ash body set the foundation for a guitar that just rings unplugged like almost nothing you've experienced.  The Amalfitano single coil pickups can get as bright as you want full on but soften up quickly when you roll off the volume. This guitar comes with its Certificate of Authenticity...
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~2017 Jet Earlewood

Custom 1-Off JET Earlewood.  Amazing custom color with hall-of-fame quilt top.  This guitar is loaded with custom features not often found on Jets. For example, there is a Sustainer onboard.  Just 7lb-8oz with its custom hardshell form fit case.  Ebony board & 25" Scale with a 1-11/16" Width.  12" Radius & Grover Tuners.  3-Piece neck.  Just look at that custom color!  It changes as you...
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2015 Echopark '59 Deluxe

Echopark Guitars are a wonderful addition to the boutique guitar world. I love the care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece.  Also, I love the fact that each one is different.  When you see one that appeals to you then you need to grab it because it won't resurface (new or used). This one grabbed me because it has Ron Ellis P90 pickups with the Single Coil Hum Cancel System ($400 upgrade...
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2007 DeTemple '52 Spirit Tele®

I put my money where my mouth is.  If there is a top quality guitar on the market I'll acquire it.  Detemple S&T types are amongst the best available of any style.  This particular one has a really acoustic overtone that plays so nicely with the fundamental note. Of course this Tele features a 1-piece Ash Body & 1-piece Flame Maple Neck.  Mike hand selects bodies and necks at the START...
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~2017 Tone King Imperial Mk 1

Tone King Imperial combo with footswitch & cover.  Nonsmoking & Clean.  Works as it should and sounds like the Tone King you dreamed of at a price you can sleep with!  Why buy new?
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2007 PRS 2007 Experience Limited Edition

Limited Edition 2007 PRS "Experience" in rare Champagne Fizz (Sparkle Silver) finish.  Beautiful condition suitable for a collector or player.  Weighs just 7lb-13oz.  Comes with the Original Hardshell Formfit Case (of course) & Tag/Sticker/Unsigned Warranty.  Yes, the "Paul" signed control cavity cover is included (in case). The only change of note is that the guitar currently features Bare...
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~2017 Knaggs Steve Stevens Signature SS2

Knaggs Steve Stevens Signature SS2!  Used but almost impossible to find any flaws on this one.  Nonsmoking with original case.  No mods or stories.  The only thing to note is that the Cert is missing.  Aside from that, please see the PICTURES for a detailed Spec/Condition Sheet. Why buy new when you can save $1k and get one that could pass as new.
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Jim Kelley 30/60 2-Channel Reverb

Very rare ORIGINAL SERIES Jim Kelley 2-Channel Reverb Head w Attenuator.  These unique sounding heads are highly sought after & are often referred to as 'the next Dumble".   This particular amp has wear but sounds exceptional.  No signs of mods or issues.   Comes with the attenuator.  Just serviced by Pete Cage (best in the biz) so it's ready to roll with confidence. Grab the...
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2006 DeTemple '52 Tele® & '56 Strat®

I love Detemple Guitars....I consider them to be the finest S & T style out there.  Detemples just have overtones galore not found in other guitars....I've been through this 4 dozen times with people from around the world...rarely has anyone disagreed with this assessment.   I try to have a LOT on hand...why?...well...they all sound different.... Don't get me wrong...they all have the...
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