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~2019 Gil Yaron Gilyaron LP Singlecut

Oh you like boutique have a lot of them....different flavors of this and that....but deep down you know it's time to consolidate...maybe...just MAYBE if you had a COUPLE of WORLD CLASS instruments then you could just concentrate on playing rather than A/B/C/D/E/F'ing all same flavors of vanilla that you currently own.  Yup...common issue and we see it ALL the time. Welcome to...
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2019 Lentz HSL

YES! I am NOW AN AUTHORIZED LENTZ DEALER!  This guitar comes with FULL FACTORY WARRANTY and it is a BRAND NEW!   Typical retail on this piece is $4100 but Scott is made it available to me at a sharp discount because he said it was 'scratch & dent' new.  All I can find on it is some extremely light contact hairline swirls so you are getting quite a steal on this one! For years I have said...
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2015 Wysocki Strat

Larry Wysocki is THE "Go To" supplier of exotic woods to the top luthiers on this planet.  You order a $20+k acoustic....chances are Larry gets the call for the woods.   He has been at it for over 50 years.  He travels the globe searching for the finest examples of tone woods for guitars. Yep....I have another!   The most popular new brand I had during the past 12 months.  Larry makes maybe 6...
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2019 Mark Kane "Dumbleator" Buffered Effects Loop

BRAND NEW!  I am the world's only Authorized Mark Kane dealer.  I got this in and it is BRAND NEW 2019 with full factory warranty.  Hand wired.  Point to point construction.  If you have a D-style amp you NEED one of these in order to capture part of the essesnce of the D tone.  It serves as both a secondary gain stage and as a source of buffering.  You need one ever if you don't run outboard...
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2016 Don Grosh Set Neck

Here is a chance to snag a great deal on a very recent Don Grosh Setneck.  These guitars take over a year to create...I know, I was an Authorized Dealer for many years.  These are the top of the food chain because Don himself makes them.  Most you see are early 2000s.  VERY few have been produced in recent years as the demands on Don's time have become larger. This guitar weights in at just...
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~2019 JET Earlewood

Jeffrey Earle Terwilliger creates "JET" Guitars one at a time.  An exclusive and small builder whose works are hoarded by collectors and players alike.  These rarely come to market and are typically scooped up within days. This instrument weighs just 7lb-7oz. It is in Mint "-" Condition from a smoke-free, collector environment.  The piece comes with its original hardshell JET logo brown case....
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2013 Gustavsson Bluesmaster S

You like WOW instruments? need to consider this 2013 Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster S (Semi-hollow).  Hand Carved Mahogany Back & Hand Carved Flame Maple Top.  Honduran Mahogany Neck.  Johan makes each instrument the old fashioned way.  1-at-a-time.  THIN NITRO FINISH.  Attention to detail.  Bound body & neck.   But the key is how they SOUND.  3D is a word used most often.  Note...
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2017 Frank Hartung Embrace Custom

2017 Frank Hartung "Embrace Custom".  Hand crafted by a master luthier.  If this were new it would be thousands more.  Condition on this is super clean "mint -" with Original Hard Case & Certificate of Authenticity.  It  is a one-owner piece from a nonsmoking environment.   This is just LOADED with custom hand crafted features such as a Matching Flame MAPLE Headstock overlay, Maple pickup...
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2013 Gilyaron Gilyaron LP Singlecut

Ahh the joys of owning a covet LUST for that FAT tone that recreates the tones of the guitar gods.  You go through scores of a bad scroll through hundreds then thousands of LPs looking for JUST that pull the trigger and BANGO picked off...'airbrushed' photo...thick finishes....thin harsh tone...of course you talk yourself...
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2018 Gibson Custom Shop '59 RI Les Paul - MURPHY

OH this one has a HUGE was selected for a great customer of a major music store.  The customer had a standing order for anything Murphy LP that was exceptional...well THIS IS exceptional.  First off just look at the top on this.  Second, consider it's just a few home use nonsmoking months old.  Weight..just 8lb-8oz.  YES it comes with the CERT and TAGS and Unsigned Warranty Card. YES...
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~2019 Seuf Stratocaster

Seuf Stratocaster that BLOWS MY MIND.  I can't get over how a guitar at this price point competes with the Nachos, Detemples, Yarons, Echoparks that we've had (and we have had HUNDREDS of those).  You can spend can hunt the green earth for complex woods and specs and snake oil...or you can get a guitar from folks that just somehow capture that magical 'mojo' of a great strat. If you...
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~1973 Musitronics Mutron Phasor

Vintage Circa 1973 Musitronics Mu-Tron PHASOR in VG Condition.  This is a WOW pedal and a must have for anyone who digs organic huggable tone.  This is LUSH and not thin like modern pedals.  Think about spend thousands on guitars & amps....why skimp out on pedals.  Grab a classic that stands the test of time.  These are like money in the bank because people will always want one.Mu0
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~2019 Pete Cornish P-2

Pete Cornish P-2 Battery Free pedal.  The WOW of this flavor.....I've tried dozens upon dozens and this ended up being the winner by far.  Super transparent.  Doesn't deaden or color your sound in unwanted ways.   From nonsmoking environment.  Unbroken seals.  COMES ONLY WITH WHAT YOU SEE HERE. About us:  PrimeGuitars is a dotcom online dealer of the finest boutique guitars, amps and pedals.  We...
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Lentz RESERVE Hyde Park Tele

Lentz Reserve Tele "Hyde Park" that is JUST BACK from a FACTORY RECONDITIONING!   Read on folks!  Let me say that this instrument is THE single best playing Tele I've had in the store.  Is it the instrument itself or Scott's magnificant setup/re-necking (read on)?....I don't know but I DO know that it plays like nothing I've owned.  Got your interest?.... So this instrument was traded to me back...
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2016 Ronin Mirari

2016 Ronin Mirari in hauntingly beautiful RUBY RED SLIPPER finish!  I was Ronin's only stocking dealer and sold scores of their instruments.  This was ordered by my store and purchased by a local customer who hand selected it vs. all the others I had in stock at that time.  The color is both unique and exquisite. Every Ronin sounds different...even within the same model.  This particular Mirari...
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2010 Hahn 229 Strat

Custom 1-off Hahn 229 Strat that was made for ME back in 2010.  Just an amazing instrument that rings and sustains like few I've had in the store.  This one was a great story.  I waited a long time for arrived on a day when I had a customer in....the customer was trying strats.  Well one look at this and the customer said 'hey can I check that out"....well the rest was history.  He HAD...
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1972 HiWATT SA212

My Personal AMP!  Came here all the way from the USSR at the cost of $1100 is HEAVY.  Original Partridge Transformers.  Looks mostly original inside but plenty of pics so that you can scour them.  The cab is solid!   The handle might be a replacement.  The speakers confuse me....both 1972 date codes....but the frames are a little different.  One has a more textured frame vs. the...
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1994 PRS McCarty

Beautiful PRS McCarty from 1994.  This rare piece features the highly desired SMALL LOGO.  The guitar weights just 7lb-08oz and comes with the original hardshell case.  This piece lived in nonsmoking environments and is in EXCELLENT condition (SEE the 3rd PICTURE FOR A COMPLETE RUNDOWN). Those early McCarty Guitars were classics & that is why people scoop them up and hoard them.  Tonally...
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2017 PRS DGT w Artist Package

2017 PRS DGT with the Artist Package.  WOW clean condition from a nonsmoking environment.  Of course it comes with the custom form fit original hard case.  YES of course it has the trem bar (I know you NEED to know that).  Warranty card and some other stuff included.   It is super clean and barely played. You can see all the specs & a detailed runthrough of condition if you look at the 3rd...
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2012 New Orleans Voodoo Custom

2012 New Orleans Voodoo Custom in EXCELLENT Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case (Form Fit). These guitars are handmade one-at-a-time by a luthier who personally selects each and every piece of wood.  No two are alike; each is a personal expression of art meets functionality. SEE ALL THE SPECS & DETAILED CONDITION IN THE 3RD PICTURE.  NOTE: SPEC SHEET INCORRECT - SCALE IS 25"...
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1996 Kiso-Klein DK-1

I am a HUGE fan of Klein Guitars.  As a dealer in boutique instruments we always seek them out.  THIS is a wonderful acoustic that was created by Steve Klein in collaboration with top Japanese luthiers.  This was created by hand and not some stamped out wannabe.  The guitar is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear.   The low E string retains clarity and fits with the rest of the instrument...
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2011 Fender Deluxe American V-Neck Strat

2011 Fender American "Deluxe V-Neck Stratocaster" with Original Hardshell Case, Warranty Card & Tags.  YES IT HAS THE TREM BAR.  From a nonsmoking environment.   USA Made and very quality instrument.  This sounds every bit as good as the high end Custom Shops that I get into the store.  I just LOVE the Noiseless N3 Pickups.  WONDERFUL especially when I tested this through my vintage amps and...
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2010 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1960 RI (Ltd Edition) GOLD BOOK

2010 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1960 RI (Ltd Edition) GOLD BOOK 11 % off
Super Rare GOLD BOOK Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1960 RI Les Paul.  This is in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition (check the feedback for my store and buy with confidence).  It comes complete with the coveted GOLD BOOK Certificate of Authenticity, Tags and Unsigned Warranty Card.  Of course, it comes with the Black Gibson Form Fit Case (original of course). This was part of an extremely...
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2010 James Tyler USA Classic

2010 James Tyler USA Classic 18 % off
2010 James Tyler USA Classic in FUNKY Carmel Cappuccino Shmear!  Extremely resonant instrument that gets both the Strat and LP tones with ease.  If you want ONE guitar then this is it.  I've had 50 Tylers and they are all special.  This one has a certain fatness i've not encountered often.  It is freaking BIG sounding. SEE 3rd PICTURE FOR COMPLETE SPECS & CONDITION SHEET Of course like all...
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~2019 Scala Backbone

Scala Backbone in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Case.  This instrument features the coveted CF "Compression Free System".  If you want the top of the line Super Strat then this is it.  Don't settle for a stamped out guitar when you can have a one-off hand crafted masterpiece. SEE 3rd PICTURE FOR COMPLETE SPECS & CONDITION OVERVIEW SHEET I've had a LOT of Scala Guitars and...
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Fibenare Basic Jazz

Fibenare Guitars are the best value new in the marketplace.  Hand created one-at-a-time by 3 brothers using old world craftsmanship.  The tops are bookmatched Flame Maple and hand Carved.  Ghe backs is 1-piece Mahogany.  The neck is a 1-Piece Rosewood with a Satin Finish.  The Binding on the Neck is WOOD and the pickups are surrounded by WOOD rings.  The nut is BRASS for increased sustain....
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2018 Hysteria Dharium

Offset guitar lovers UNITE!  Here we have a Brand New (with Warranty) HYSTERIA Dharium in distressed white finish.  These hand crafted instruments are affordable luxury.  They are LOADED with top quality woods and construction.  Hysteria is a brand trying to carve out its niche...intro pricing is barely above costs in an effort to build awareness and gain a foothold.  Consider these specs: ...
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2018 Mark Kane Dumble Type Robben Ford 100w w Buffered Effects Loop

IN STOCK!  Authorized Dealer!  Brand New w Warranty & Includes TWO free Revoicings (buyer pays shipping both ways) as part of Warranty.  I am North America's ONLY Authorized MARK KANE DEALER. 100w 6L6 Mark Kane D-Style Head INCLUDING "Dumbleator" (buffered effects loop).  AVOID THE WAIT.   This was just completed for me by Mark and it is wired to the most popular RF Robben Ford circuit. If...
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2018 Gibson Custom Shop '59RI VOS

2018 Gibson Custom Shop '59RI VOS in Near Mint Condition with Cert & Original Hard Case/Tags/Unsigned Warranty Card.  From a nonsmoking home environment.  Barely played and then traded to me because I'm a store and that's what we do here. The weight is a perfect 8lb-06oz.  This LP has the VOS finish.  No fretware.  NO repairs or issues that stand out.  I try to detail the wear on all my...
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2016 Echopark El Cabillo Case Study

I've had about a dozen Echoparks and THIS is the best so far.  What I love is the how light this one is and how it just sounds slightly more alive and more zingy than the others I've had.  It just plays SO well.  I find myself able to do things cleanly that I always mess up.   New this was over $7500.   It is in Near Mint condition and comes with it's original hard case & Cert. The neck on...
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