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2013 Ruokangas Unicorn Custom

The ULTIMATE Ruokangas Unicorn Classic. This piece is simple exceptional. It is tricked out with upgrades that take it to another level. Let's start with the cool stuff: "Exceptional Arctic Birch Top" - $3000 EURO UPGRADE Ebony Pickguard $400 UPGRADE Nitro Top / Satin Finish Back Now the regular stuff: Weight: 8lb-5oz Solid Body (Not Chambered) 12" Radius 24.75" Scale "C"...
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2016 James Tyler Burning Water 2K

Here is a great opportunity to grab a fresh, barely played, nonsmoking James Tyler Burning Water 2K and save $1400 from new.  This one is a case queen and smells new.  The owner wanted something rare that I got in and had to move this to grab that.  This piece comes with everything it should...Original Hardshell Logo G&G Case, Book, Spec Sheet and Tag (yes the trem arm too...). Specs are...
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2012 Bludotone Mordecai

Bludotone Mordecai Combo in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Amazing sounding amp that captures the touch sensitivity & dynamics of that players crave.   This combo has a 1/2 Power Switch.  It features 4-6V6s but can run 2-6L6s safely & easily.   Avoid the wait. This am features STANDARD Voicing.  According to Brandon Montgomery (the designer & builder...great guy too) this is a...
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2016 Trainwreck Express

First off, let me start by addressing the question of "Is this an ACTUAL Wreck". YES, this is a GENUINE Trainwreck Express built in 2016 by JM. For those who know, JM was Kenny's close friend and spent years working with Kenny out of love for tone (and fun). JM never intended to take this role on; however, Kenny's family entrusted JM with the honor & responsibility of carrying on Kenny's...
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~2017 Pete Cornish Super Chorus

One of the rarest pedals on the planet, the Pete Cornish SUPER CHORUS is coveted for a reason. I've had a zillion pedals. These are the most transparent, period. Listen to the chorus and hear your amp....not dark or muddy or thinned out. The modulation is very organic yet it doens't overpower the amp's original tone. Simply put, there is a reason people wait years and years for these. This Super...
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Max Singlecut

Genuine MAX Singlecut in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition. This is likely the last guitar Max himself made (not a kit). Documented and papers included. This guitar is light weight at just 8lb-4oz. The pickups are Ron Ellis. There are many 50s parts that the original owner acquired from Uncle Lou (documentation provided). I have to say this is a kick ass piece. Serious buyers can email me or text...
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2016 Scott Lentz RESERVE

I'll go out on a limb here and say that Lentz Guitars are the standard by which boutique F-style instruments are judged. I'm not saying they are the best...but many would argue that...I AM saying that they are widely regarded as Fantastic and a cut above the names you hear. That reputation is one that has lasted since the beginning of this boutique guitar revolution. Not satisfied to keep doing...
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~2017 Ron Kirn Signature Barnbuster

Ron Kirn Signature BARNBUSTER in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with original padded rectangular case & book.  Really versitile instrument that was custom ordered with a Nashville style switching & locking tuners. The neck is a "C" measuring approx .84 to .90".  Save a lot of money on a guitar that most would call mint. SEE THE PICTURES FOR MY SPEC/CONDITION SHEET WITH INFO SUCH AS...
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2007 D'Pergo Aged Vintage Classic

I just got in this luscious D'Pergo Aged Vintage Classic. This S-style is ridiculously light at just 6lb-14oz. The guitar comes complete with its original G&G Hardshell Form Fit Case, Certificate of Authenticity, Build Sheet & Hang Tag. The instrument is extremely clean with no "Stories" or "Upgrades". The AVC features a 1-piece Certified Old Growth Maple Neck with a .99 Custom Offset...
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2015 Collings I35 LC - Custom One Off

2015 Collings 1-off I35LC. This guitar was built for CR Guitars as a collaboration between CR & Bill Collings. It features several custom features intended to bring this modern masterpiece closer to its vintage roots. For example, the guitar's neck has rolled shoulders. The binding is on the board but no on the neck. The knobs and switch tip are slightly aged. My favorite feature is the SLAB...
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2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup

2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup model.  I'm so impressed by the quality that goes into these instruments ESPECIALLY at this price point.  Wolfetone Legend Pickups, Tone Pros Bridge, Kluson Deluxe Tuners.  Hand crafted and uniquely designed.  These guitars sound and play like the big boys at a fraction of the price.  This particular guitar has a wider-than-typical neck width. The string spacing is...
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2013 Tom Anderson The Classic

2013 Tom Anderson "The Classic" in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  The guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Cert.  Also included is a receipt from the Tom Anderson Factory that outlines upgrades made to the guitar by the original owner in summer of 2016.  The upgrades include a change to Pearloid Plastic, changing the bridge pickup to H2+, addition of a VA switch & a...
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2012 Nik Huber Orca 59

Why do I stock up on Excellent-to-Mint Condition Nik Hubers?   Simple answer.  Because the discount vs. a new one is substantial. People who purchase these guitars new respect them and take care of them.   A handcrafted Huber is a dream guitar.  I've personally watched scores of new Hubers hit the market....I've lusted after them...and I've snoozed and lost out on them (for my own collection)....
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2013 Echopark La Carne

2013 Echopark La Carne in Excellent Condition.  This puppy has a large fat neck that vibrates like train tracks.  What impresses me most about this particular EP is the variation I in tone I can get with just the Volume knob adjustments.  You really don't lose a ton of volume until you get below maybe 2.  Before that it seems like you dial in more and more of a Tele snap.  I could really see this...
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2015 Siggi Braun Custom Shop Fafnyr FF-7 7-String

Oooh how we (shhh just me so I should say "I") at love the unique hand-crafted guitars.  While others may stick with the safe, I'm not afraid to put my money on the line when I see a guitar that deserves attention. I'm into these Siggi Brauns.  Not for everyone...sure..but if you want a 7 that is designed by someone who BUILDS 7s then this is for you.  Lots of guys toss an extra...
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2016 Tom Anderson The Classic

2016 Tom Anderson "The Classic" in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Comes with the original build tag/sheet which also serves as the Warranty Card (you can still file it in your name).  Of course it comes with the original Form Fit Custom Case. Hard to find any wear on this guitar but I'll grade it as Excellent just to avoid getting "the post purchase shakedown". These guitars are ridiculous....
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2007 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R8 Chambered VOS

Gibson Custom Shop R8 VOS in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with Certificate, Original Harshell Case and Unsigned Warranty.  I believe this is a 2007 but you will have to do your own research on that because I can't promise (experts chime in).   This is the chambered VOS edition weighing in at just 8lb-1oz. Beautiful top on this on and I photograph straight on to give you a real sense of what it...
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2012 Fano SP6 - Fralins

2012 Fano SP6 in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Don't confuse this for the lower tier "Standard" version.  They may look similar but they are vastly different.  First off, the SP6 has FRALIN pickups.  The case is a Hardshell G&G case.  The tuners are Kluson. SEE ALL THE SPECS/CONDITION AND FEATURES - DETAILED SHEET IN PICTURES Other features of this piece include a Late 50s Roundback "C"...
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Ernie Ball Albert Lee Hum Hum in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with hte Original Firm Fit Hard Case & Case Candy Pack.   Talk about a great guitar packed with features at an affordable price.   Solid Rosewood Neck.  Custom Dimarzio Pickups.  light weight at just 7lb-11oz.  Schaller Locking Tuners.  These guitars play SO well with their high profile/medium width frets.  Nice comfortable satin...
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2015 Brua Phantom Pharaon - Gold Leaf

Pierrick Brua is a master luthier from France who has been building droolworthy instruments since 1993.  So skilled is Mr Brua that in 2007 he won the highly coveted "Meleur Ouvrier de France" Award bestowed upon the finest craftsman in France.   A graduate of the Roberto Venn School in Phoenix, Mr Brua makes fine Archtops, Acoustics and electrics.   These instruments are typically 1-off works of...
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~2017 Pete Cornish TES Delay

Pete Cornish TES Delay pedal. Nonsmoking with original box. Sorry this unit does not come with the manual. It will come with a power cable. I've had almost every delay around. The TES excels at being transparent and clean. Your rig sounds like your rig. Why spend tons of money and time assembling just the right tone only to have an effect muddy the whole thing up? THe TES will let your rig remain...
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1966 Fender® Princeton® Reverb

Superp clean 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb.  This nonsmoking beauty is collector level condition.  You can see the tolex is in excellent condition.  The grillecloth is in fantastic condition and is original right down to the black staples.  The iron is all original.  Speaker ...yup original and sounds delicious!  Even the footswitch is original. Great sounding amp that retains its value.  This...
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Goodsell Super 17

Great little amp that delivers big tones for little dough.  Nonsmoking piece (the environment not the amp grammar  Works as it should.  Not sure which version it is but will be happy to look if you can tell me what to look for.
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2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom 59

2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom '59 from the "Wolfetone Era".  Weighing just 7lb-13oz this instrument has one of the nicest midranges I've heard in a JG.  Nice full bottom end.  Loves the Ubershall & the Vintage Fender/Marshalls.   Such a beautiful tasteful top that I photographed it with and without the guard. YES IT COMES WITH THE GUARD. This JG has the upgraded form fit logo G&G...
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2017 Tao NAMM "Ghery" Custom 1-off

For years I've been closely watching the work of Tao Guitars.  To my eyes their deigns are fresh, european, clean yet retro/artsy at the same time.  I really wanted to become a dealer for them...but alas....I never seem to measure I do what guys like me do....hunt and peck..   And bingo...just when you counted me out, I came across this piece fresh from 2017 NAMM. The guitar took 3 years...
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2015 FIBENARE Basic Jazz Rahan Hollow

Fibenare is a 'sleeper' brand.  I sell a LOT of them but often people come to find them once they've been down the road with other brands first.  I remember going to my first NAMM and meeting the Fibenare team.  I was told the story of how they grew up in a country at a time when they had to learn a trade.  That they loved music but had little access to the guitars we take for granted. Why does...
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2014 Echopark '59 Standard TV

2014 Echopark '59 Std in TV Yellow. I just LOVE this color but who wants to pay a $4500 premium for that in a vintage piece (that rattles and has untold warts). These guitars have big tone. Maybe it's because they have large full necks.  Maybe it's the woods that are hand selected.  Maybe it's because each is custom made 1-at-a-time.  Maybe it's the Arcane pickups that capture a stringiness and...
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2016 D-Minus : Scott Barette Surfcaster "Boomer-Anger"

Freaking ART here folks!  Sometimes you see guitar that photograph SO well....then you get them and they are rubbish.  THIS is the exact OPPOSITE.  It sounds like an old guitar but is built like a Bentley.  Double bound body.   Grover Imperial Tuners.  Custom Split Headstock.   Gold Foil Pickups.   Just 8lb-11 oz.  Custom Multi-Switching. You can get from Gretch to Ronin to Tele to Strat on this...
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~2017 Pete Cornish Super Chorus

Pete Cornish Super Chorus in Excellent Nonsmoking condition.  Home use only.  Not gigged.  UNBROKEN SEALS. No history of repairs.  Comes with the original box.  SORRY no manual. If you haven't experienced a Cornish Chorus (or delay) you really need to consider it. I'm always amazed to see people with 50 pedals...why not just get a couple of ridiculous ones.  THIS is one of those ridiculous ones....
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1999 Don Grosh Custom Carve Top

They say 'you can't go back home"...well this Grosh just called me like a Siren from Greek Mythology.  Once upon a time, this Grosh was living with my friend was a custom order as most Grosh's were in those times.  The story goes the original owner sent Don an old garden tool because it had a certain green color he wanted the guitar to be.  Well, Don NAILED it.  And so goes the story...
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