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R and B Vintage Guitars

Giving Classic Guitars New Life!

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R and B Vintage Guitars is a small business located in Buffalo, New York that buys and sells vintage instruments. We take pride in servicing the WNY and Niagara Falls Region.---

We search for vintage instruments, and restore them to original playable condition.---

Guitars and other string instruments are our passion. Each has a different personality and story, with it’s sound and appearance changing with age.---

We find it exciting to rescue instruments from attics, basements, barns and, anywhere they are left to die. We give "This Old Guitar" a "New Life" for collectors and players alike to enjoy!---

We fully understand that customer service is the key to having a successful business. We will do everything possible for you to have a pleasurable buying experience in that you buy with confidence and without risk.---

We look forward to meeting you and in doing business.---

Thank You

R and B Vintage Guitars
Richard Trznadel
(716) 445-6834
Buffalo, NY
10:33 PM

Will accept cleared checks, money orders, cash, major credit cards through PayPal.

Will ship within 3 business days of purchase. We provide all standard shipping services. Ships from Buffalo, New York. Visit our website for each item on shipping specifics. Notify us of your other shipping preferences. Customer pickup available upon request.

7 days 100% refund with prior authorization. Returns are only accepted based on seller approval of unique circumstances that have been reviewed and agreed between seller and buyer. Will not accept returns without buyer communications. Buyer is responsible for return shipments.