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~1980 CORT HH Double Cutaway

Vintage Cort Electric Double Cutaway circa 1980’s. Style is similar to a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Manufactured in South Korea, Cort is one of the few name brands that owns its own overseas manufacturing facility. They also have built guitars for other trademarks such as Epiphone, Ibanez, G&L, Parkwood, and Schecter before some of them moving to China and Indonesia. This is a excellent...
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1969 Framus Caravelle

Up for sale is a Vintage 1969 Framus Caravelle 5/117 thin line electric guitar. This is one of the hardest to find Framus models and extremely rare. Made in Bavaria, West Germany. The guitar is in excellent condition and sounds fantastic. Any type of modern music can be dialed in due the changed out humbucker pickup at the bridge, and a coil tap switch that converts the humbucker to a single...
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1968 Gibson EB-2D

Gibson 1968 EB-2D bass with original case. Introduced in 1958, the EB-2 was the bass guitar equivalent of the popular Gibson ES-335. The EB-2D, the two pickup model was introduced in 1966, and ceased production in 1972. A total of 2102 of the EB-2D were made making this a rare instrument. It features: - 335-style semi hollow body with wood center block and two hollow cavities - Maple...
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