Sound Pure

Sound Pure

Located in Durham, Sound Pure is a completely high end boutique for guitars, and professional recording studio products. We have been in business for close to 10 years, and recently completed construction on an 8,000 square ft. facility that houses a 3,000 square ft Class A recording studio, and a 5,000 square ft building consisting of a boutique guitar and amp showroom, offices, and small warehouse.

Unlike any other guitar shop in the USA, we not only are experts on guitars and tone, but also are experts on the entire recording signal path. We can get you the tone you are looking for both in the room, and all the way to a completely professionally polished finished recording. We represent the best modern built guitars, and all of the greatest audio equipment available today to record them.

The guitar portion of our business is directed by Chris Boerner, a local guitar master, reputed for his knowledge and honesty. Chris has toured nationally in rock bands, composed for and played in numerous jazz ensembles, and has even given the occasional classical recital. There are few guitarists in this business as versatile as Chris, and few that are of his caliber who are ready and willing to take the time needed to make sure that your guitar rig selection is as good as it possibly can be. Call Chris today! He is also an avid record producer, and has additional photographs of some of our instrument collection if you need them.

Visit to see all of the great guitars, amps, and pedals that we represent, and to learn more about the vast world of professional and boutique recording products, where we are one of the top dealers in the nation. We will soon be updating the website with recordings of our guitars and amps so that you can hear for yourself the amazing results that you can get beginning with great tone, through a top-of-the-line recording chain.

Sound Pure
Durham, NC
6:43 PM
10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday