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Fredenstein Professional Audio F601A

Fredenstein F601A 500-Series Mic Preamp Demo/Open BoxDescription:A truly dynamic preamp with input/output transformer switching and impedance switching!Manufacturer Description:The F601A is a high performance professional microphone preamplifier. Its innovative Zero-Negative-Feedback design improves low frequency and transient reproduction dramatically. In addition, the F601A delivers detailed...
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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Amp Head - Black & Ivory Demo/Open BoxDescription:Multiple tolex options available! Please call us for details.What we think:Jackson Ampworks has landed here at SoundPure, and we are more than thrilled about the results! The Britain 4.0 was one of the first ones we plugged up - and we were hooked from the first note we dug into. The amp is so versatile - between the...
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Audix Microphones DP7

Audix DP7 Microphone Set Demo/Open BoxDescription:Mic your entire kit with this full-featured, top-quality mic set! Includes one D6 kick drum mic, one i5 snare mic, two D2 rack tom mics, one D4 floor tom mic, two ADX51 overhead mics, mounting clips, and a heavy-duty aluminum case.Manufacturer Description: 7-piece Drum Mic Package The DP7 represents an outstanding combination of seven...
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Audix Microphones DP4

Audix DP4 Microphone Set Demo/Open BoxDescription:Featuring three i5 snare/tom mics, one D6 kick drum mic, 2 styles of clips/mounts, and a heavy duty metal case - this durable, great sounding drum mic kit is road ready!Manufacturer Description:The DP4 is a perfect complement of dynamic microphones for close miking of a variety of sources on-stage or in the studio. Included in the DP4 mic...
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Keisman Pedals KP-KK

Keisman Klone Overdrive Effect Pedal Demo/Open BoxDescription:Clean boost to light overdrive! Hand-built in small batches by a local builder in the great state of North Carolina!What we think:We have been anxiously awaiting Keisman's take on the legendary overdrive and the wait has been worth it! Brian took the warmth and character of the Gold and mixed in the amp-like saturation and clipping...
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Pete's Place Audio BAC-500

Pete's Place Audio BAC-500 FET Compressor Demo/Open BoxDescription:The BAC (Brad Avenson Compressor) 500 is a FET (Field-Effect Transistor) compressor built around two discrete op amps and a custom-wound output transformer.Manufacturer Description:Designed by Brad Avenson of Austin, Texas-based Avenson Audio, the BAC—short for Brad Avenson Compressor—is a feedback-style FET compressor...
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Nolatone Ampworks Rotten Johnny

Nolatone Rotten Johnny 1x12 Combo Amp w/ Effects Loop Demo/Open BoxDescription:Rotten Johnny - Same compact package with the huge,organic tone, now with an effects loop!What we think:The Rotten Johnny has Pre, Post, and Master controls along with a 6 position Bottom (Bass) Control that along with Mids and Highs lets you sculpt a boat load of different tones. We also have a Mid Lift switch for...
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Audient ASP880

Audient ASP880 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC Demo/Open BoxDescription:8-channels of incredibly clean and clear Class A mic preamps PLUS A/D conversion! The ASP880 is the perfect 8-channel preamp expansion unit for the highest quality drum and live band recording! Manufacturer Description:ASP880 provides eight of Audient's renowned console mic pres, pristine converter technology and a...
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DW Drums DWCP9002XF

DW 9002 Double Pedal eXtended Footboard - DWCP9002XF Demo/Open BoxDescription:9000 Series pedals with Floating Rotor and Infinitely Adjustable Cam technology have given players the flexibility and versatility to take their footwork to the next level.What we think:DW's taken input from the world's top drummers and drum techs and incorporated it into their elite 9000 Series of hardware. In the...
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IGS Audio S-TYPE 500

IGS Audio S-Type 500-Series VCA Compressor Demo/Open BoxDescription:SSL style stereo compression PLUS wet/dry mix control for parallel compression, all at a fantastic price.Manufacturer Description:The S-Type is a typical VCA compressor well known as the core of British sound. The heart of the compressor is the THAT chip instead of the now unavailable DBX. The analogue path is balanced with...
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Zildjian KR19C

Zildjian 19" Kerope Cymbal Demo/Open BoxDescription:The new Kerope from Zildjian draws upon all of Zildjian's rich history and cymbal-making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date. Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted using a 14-step process that encompasses the best of everything we have learned in 390 years of cymbal making. 1606 gramsManufacturer...
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Black Lion Audio B173

Black Lion Audio B173 Preamp Demo/Open BoxDescription:The B173 captures the essence of the original Neve 1073 at a price anyone can afford.Manufacturer Description:The B173 is Black Lion Audio’s homage to the highly revered Neve 1073 mic pre. The B173 is a single channel mic pre-amp with input and output transformers, stepped gain, output level control, phantom power, and phase. It features...
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Gretsch® Drums S1-0814SD-MAH

Gretsch 8x14 Full Range Swamp Dawg Mahogany Snare Drum Demo/Open BoxDescription:Get the warmth of mahogany!What we think:The Gretsch Swamp Dawg is a beautiful, 8-tube snare that offers a versatile and different sound to the world-renowned Gretsch drum line. The deep 8?x14? mahogany shell creates a dark, "low fi", swampy sound at lower tunings, which offers some amazingly unique and classic rock...
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Sabian Cymbals 12178

Sabian 21" HH Vintage Ride Cymbal Demo/Open BoxDescription:Big on volume, fat with tone, wide-open and crash ride sound is today's hippest from the past. Warm, imaginative, and emotionalManufacturer Description:Hand Hammered speaks with a musical darkness steeped in nearly 400 years of cymbal making history. SABIAN artisans craft our secret process bronze into soulful cymbals, rich with dark,...
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Zildjian A20523

Zildjian 20" A Custom Medium Ride Cymbal Demo/Open BoxDescription:Great versitlie ride from Zildjian!What we think:The Zildjian A Custom 20" ride cymbal is the perfect choice when you need a ride that with good stick definition and a good deal of colorful, warmer tones. The A Custom 20" Ride cymbal is a medium ride cymbal finished in a brilliant finish. Zildjian is a premium cymbal brand with a...
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Black Lion Audio pm8 mk2

Black Lion Audio Sparrow DAC RED version Demo/Open BoxDescription:Don't know what you're hearing? A good D/A will help prevent listening fatigue and make your decision making process much easier.Manufacturer Description:When it comes to tracking and mixing, it’s difficult to make up for the sonic influences of poor A/D/A conversion. There’s a debate in our industry: which is more...
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Sonor Drums PL 12 Stage 2 NM NB

Sonor 4pc Prolite Stage 2 Drum Set-Nussbaum Demo/Open BoxDescription:The heritage of over 135 years of Drum making experience meets the passion, knowledge and creativity of SONOR’s international team of design engineers, professional players, distributors and retailers.Manufacturer Description:Using only the finest hand-picked wood selections from eco-friendly resources, precision metal...
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Gibraltar 7716

Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand w/ Adjustable Clip Mount Demo/Open BoxDescription:Affordable and lightweight.Manufacturer Description:Stand has an adjustable clip mount that makes it easy to hold your bongo securely in place. The legs on the stand are elliptical shaped to for a solid, stable base. .soundpure_social a {text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold;color: rgb(51, 51, 51);font-size:...
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Meinl Cymbals B18TRC

Meinl 18" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash Demo/Open BoxDescription:Another Great Cymbal from Meinl's ever-expanding Byzance range.What we think:Byzance Vintage is one of the newer sub-series (currently six in total) which make up the Byzance range. The Vintage crashes have flatter profiles and smaller bells. With eight cut-outs in this effects cymbal, trashiness and visible decay are abound....
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Meinl Percussion CAJ3MB-M+BAG

Meinl Makah-Burl String Cajon with Bag CAJ3MB-M Demo/Open BoxDescription:Slamming sounds and beautiful to behold.Manufacturer Description:The MEINL CAJ3MB-M+BAG Cajon features an adjustable sizzle effect. Strings inside the cajon rattle against the faceplate resulting in a snare or rattle type sound. The tension is fully adjustable so you can dial in just the right amount of sizzle. The...
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Meinl Percussion PROADJ2-L

Meinl 12" Professional African Djembe Large African Village Demo/Open BoxDescription:Hand-carved authentic djembe with pro features.Manufacturer Description:The Meinl Professional African Djembe is expertly hewn from a solid piece of mahogany wood, and fitted with a hand-selected goatskin head. Meinl uses the traditional Mali Weave tuning system with high quality HTP rope. Thirty vertical runners...
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MaaG Audio EQ4-500

Maag Audio EQ2-500 2 Band EQ w/ AIR Band for 500-Series Demo/Open BoxDescription:Pick up two of these Maag EQ2's for your mix bus, and be done with it!Manufacturer Description:The Maag Audio EQ2™ (500 Series) is a no compromise one channel 2 band equalizer with AIR BAND®, Low Mid Frequency (LMF) bell boost from SUB to 1.4 kHz, and an INPUT ATTN to control down to –12.5 dB of...
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MaaG Audio PreQ4

Maag PreQ4-500 Mic Pre w/ Air Band for 500-Series Demo/Open BoxDescription:A clean and full bodied single channel mic preamp featuring Maag's famous AIR BAND®. Hear it in action in our HD video review!What we think:When we first decided to be a dealer for Maag, I was particularly interested in their preamp. They’re most well known for their EQ’s (the EQ2 and EQ4), which are both...
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John Suhr Amplifiers Corso

Suhr Corso 5-Watt Portable Recording Amplifier Demo/Open BoxDescription:The Suhr Corso is a superb low gain recording amp !!! What we think:This is a supurb low gain recording amp that is the perfect pedal platform for capturing your sonic ideas without disturbing anyone in the home. When you bring the master Volume down on the Corso it lowers the signal going to the cab but not to the direct...
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Elysia Audio Xpressor

Elysia Xpressor - Stereo Compressor Demo/Open BoxDescription:The same industry-leading feature set and audio quality as the Xpressor 500 PLUS External Side Chaining! One of our favorite dynamics processors just got even better in 19" format.What we think:I’ve never been one to lightly throw out the “L” word, so you can trust that when I say this I truly, sincerely mean it with...
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Meinl Percussion AE-CAJ3

Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon Sole? Line Frontplate: Cedar Demo/Open BoxDescription:The Soleá Line has a solid Cedar frontplate finished in stately Espresso Burst brown. It has 10 horizontal pre-tuned strings. This model also features special internal baffle filters to compresses the bass tone. Manufacturer Description:The strike plate and body are gently curved and mitred for comfort and...
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Meinl Percussion AE-CAJ5

Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon Buler?a Line Frontplate: Lava- Demo/Open BoxDescription:Lava-Burl frontplate and has 10 tuneable strings in a wedge shaped arrayManufacturer Description:The Bulería Line sports a beautiful Lava-Burl frontplate and has 10 tuneable strings in a wedge shaped array. A special internal baffle filters and compresses the bass tone. The sound port is covered with a fine...
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Meinl Percussion CAJ100BU-M

Meinl 30th Anniversary Edition Pedal Cajon-Bubinga Demo/Open BoxDescription:Box Cajon with Adjustable Strings, Padded Seat, Snare-control Foot Pedal, and Bubinga Sound Board - NaturalWhat we think:Make the brilliant design and refined tone of Meinl Percussion's CAJ100BU-M Ergo-Shape Pedal Cajon the heartbeat of your music. The CAJ100BU-M balances the ruggedness of rubberwood construction with the...
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Meinl Cymbals B20VC

Meinl 20" Byzance Vintage Crash Cymbal Demo/Open BoxDescription:Byzance Jazz. The touch and tone of these cymbals, with their soft, buttery, sink-yourstick feel and low, dark tonalities, add up to a very personalized sound. A closer look at the hammering on some models reveals large and deep dimpling that boosts dryness and darkness.What we think:Another Great Cymbal from MeinlManufacturer...
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Meinl Cymbals CC18MC-B

Meinl 18" Classics Custom Medium Crash Cymbal Demo/Open BoxDescription:Another Great Cymbal from MeinlManufacturer Description:Full frequency range with a wide, full spread. Fairly smooth attack with a warm and shimmering fade. Universal crash for multipurpose application. .soundpure_social a {text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold;color: rgb(51, 51, 51);font-size: 11px;font-family:...
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