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1972 Gibson L-5 CES blonde

This 1972 blonde Gibson L-5CES remains in fine condition except for some light play wear and moderate corrosion of the gold plating on the tuner buttons and pickup covers. Set up with Thomastik George Benson jazz light gauge nickel strings. The wide original frets are in good condition with play wear. With 1990s era Gibson TKL case. The price has been heavily discounted due to the corrosion...
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1940 Martin D-18

This consignment 1940 Martin D-18 (74186) comes from the earliest part of that year. Only 377 D-18s were made in 1940 and this guitar is one of the nicer looking examples that I have seen from this year. The gorgeous wide grain Adirondack spruce top has the narrower grain at the edges. The neck profile feels like the shape from fall of 1939, very comfortable and a little more full than the rest...
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1940 Martin D-28

This consignment one-family late 1940 D-28 comes to the shop in extremely clean condition, having been stored unplayed in the midwestern family home for the last 30 or so years. The finished surfaces are clean and bright, as are the covered Grover G-111 tuners. There are small pick wear hits near the pickguard. The two modifications are: 1) Bridge shaved a little on the saddle area 2)...
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1993 Martin MC-68

This mint condition consignment 1993 Martin MC-68 was hardly used by its jazz playing owner. A recent neck reset and refret have put it back in top notch playing order. The voice is very even and mellow all the way into the cutaway region of the fingerboard. The original hardshell case looks brand new. For photo set, please see the website link below.
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1965 FenderĀ® Jazz BassĀ®

This consignment 1965 Fender Jazz Bass (F 1139xx) in the exceptionally rare Daphne Blue custom color on body and headstock is in very clean and original condition, showing little signs of use. The body color has faded in areas of skin contact. There are a few abrasions from use and treble side case wear on the edges. All parts, including kidney button tuners, are certified original by the...
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1945 Martin OOO-28

This consignment early 1945 OOO-28 (90987) has the best of the variable features of this year with a radically tapered top brace voicing, Adirondack spruce top, and steel T-bar neck reinforcement. It has just gotten a neck reset, refret, and new bone bridge saddle. Aside from the outside pickguard crack near the waist, there are no other cracks on the guitar. Light pick wear and some dings. Funny...
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1955 Martin D-18

This late 1955 Martin D-18 (146852) has a much richer tone and greater response in the bass than I thought possible from a D-18 of this vintage. Dark reddish-brown Sitka spruce top with two repaired cracks near widest part of bass side lower bout edge, repaired 6" treble side crack near heel, repaired 3" treble side waist. Deep buckle rash on the back. Neck reset and refret with epoxy fill in...
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1932 Lyon & Healy Style A

This ca. 1932 (907) OO size Style A is a beautiful 12 fret instrument in nice shape. Brazilian rosewood back and sides, White spruce top with gold stenciled flower scroll decoration, Engraved pearl floral headstock inlay, Beautifully proportioned binding and top and side purflings, Replacement Waverly slothead tuners with pearl buttons, Bridge plate cap, Slightly larger replacement "smile"...
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1966 Martin OO-28C

This 1966 Martin OO-28C is one of only 200 nylon string 12 fret OO-28s made that year for raging folk music boom. Gorgeous reddish-orange Brazilian rosewood with sharp black lines and good spiderwebbing figure. This guitar sounds great with hard tension nylon strings. One smallish top injury on the bass side of the soundhole, probably from a case latch tooth. Otherwise pretty clean. With...
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1956 Martin D-28

This very clean consignment D-28 from late 1956 (151874) has a sparkling voice and an especially great looking set of vertical grain Brazilian Rosewood. Except for the bridge saddle, all original parts. Sold by a Seattle shop, this guitar got a neck reset, refret, and a light "cleanup" buffing by Mark Tossman. No wear to the neck or oxidation to the tuners. Light pickwear on the top in the usual...
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