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2008 Linhof Special Telecaster

This was my favorite guitar for years. No joke. I’ve owned six Linhof teles and this was always the benchmark one. (Alongside #111 which I’m keeping mainly because it is a maple fretboard) This guitar is special. It plays like a dream, has an incredibly stable, straight neck, punchy tone with tons of low end umph and beautiful/sparking highs. Over the years I swapped out pickups and put a...
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2002 Fender Masterbuilt Hendrix '68 Woodstock Stratocaster

2002 Fender Masterbuilt Hendrix '68 Woodstock Stratocaster 27% off
Year: 2002 Make: Fender Custom Shop (Mike Eldred Masterbuilt) Model: Jimi Hendrix ’68 Woodstock Stratocaster clone (1 of 4) Serial Number: 240981 Color: Aged Olympic White Condition: Factory Aged Case: Original Fender Black w/ Logo This is a 2002 Fender Custom shop Masterbuilt Mike Eldred Stratocaster based off of Jimi Hendrix’s legendary Olympic white 1968 Fender Stratocaster used...
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