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Schenk Custom killer Koa collection

wow this is the nicest acoustic guitar I have ever played. it is top of the line and with all options was over 15k. I love playing this guitar .warm ,full ,rich, articulate. can you tell I like it.
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2016 Fabrizio Sapienza romantica spruce

Type / luthier : Romantic Style Fabrizio Sapienza Guitar Year of construction: 2016 Scale Length Bridge to nut: roughly 650mm Nut Width: Approx. 49 mm Top: Solid Italian Spruce from Trentino Alto Adige Italy with a tight grain in the middle... French Polished Bracing: Ladder H Back / Sides: Solid Flamed Maple from Trentino Alto Adige Italy … decorations in Olive Wood from Aquila Abruzzo...
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Jesse Hopkins ring of fire

this is a very nice top shelf guitar.AAAAA maple top,flamed mahogany back,chambered,lacewood fingerboard and roasted flame maple hardware tops it off.tones are as beautiful as the looks.this would be a $6k guitar except for a checking crack that happened because of the cold weather and thin nitro.very hard to see unless you get it just right in the light.this one is a great deal
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Suhr vintage customshop one off

this is a very rare suhr .was one of the 55 built before he stopped and went to work for fender.yes this is pre fender.all handmade by John himself.I was lucky enough to get the last one made before his agreement with fender began.special lipsticks with suck control and hum bucker mode.Trem with sperzals.holographic sparkle finish that changes color to whatever light hits it.stunning on...
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2013 Van Zandt all

we are a full line Van Zandt dealer
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1997 Bruno super JP reverb

this was one of Toneys earlier custom builds.He built it to my specs in is a blackface revel circuit(done only as Tony could do) with reverb and a killer cherrywood cabinet with 3x10 speakers.this amp is it.killer killer killer
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