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2013 Terraplane Resonator

The Terraplane Resonator guitar was originally built for slide great Arlen Roth. His direction was to "Build me a guitar with a coverplate which resembles the hubcap of my 1930's Hudson Terraplane Motor Car. Call it the TERRAPLANE." Built by Mark Simon in Bridgewater, New Jersey, this 2013 Terraplane Resonator guitar is in excellent condition with the original Terraplane case. Finished in...
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1968 Ampeg BB-4 Baby Bass

Though the Fender Bass swept through the music industry from its introduction, jazz bassists still wanted uprights and the Ampeg BB-4 Baby Bass was one of the few to directly address their needs. Introduced in 1962 and built until 1971, the original BB-4 featured a body of Uvex with a a tilt-adjustable maple neck and ebony fingerboard, and a pickup system built into the bridge. The scale length...
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1965 Epiphone FT85 Sereneder

The Epiphone FT85 Serenader 12-string guitar was built at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan from 1963 to 1969, alongside the Gibson B-45-12. It features the same body style as the B-45-12, with a spruce top and mahogany for the back, sides and neck and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. These guitars were very popular during the folk boom of the mid 1960's. This example dates to 1965,...
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2012 Gibson SG 1961 Reissue

The Gibson SG appeared in 1961, but as the Les Paul model, which wasn't selling in its original design. By 1963, the name changed too. Made from mahogany with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, the Gibson SG 61 reissue model looks and feels much like the original, though the fingerboard is a bit wider and the frets a bit larger to accomodate modern tastes. These guitars are very much rock and...
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2008 Martin D-45

The Martin D-45 is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, yet it is fairly rare to see one - many players aspire to them, but never get one. Based on the classic Martin Dreadnought platform, the Martin D-45 is the top of the line for Martin's regular production model dreadnoughts. There are some higher end, custom order models, like the Martin D-100, but those are very rarely seen....
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2008 Jerry Jones SingleCut

A few years ago, Jerry Jones retired and sold off his shop and fixtures, so his guitars are hard to find now. Drawing heavily from the very popular Danelectro designs of the 1950's and 1960's, Jerry Jones guitars were better built yet carried the feel and tone of the originals. This Jerry Jones singlecut guitar carries a Sea Foam green finish and two 'lipstick tube' pickups, with a selector...
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1974 Fender® Stratocaster®

The Fender Stratocaster has been an extremely succesful design, perhaps second only to the Fender Telecaster. This very nice example was built in 1974 at the Fender plant in Fullerton, California during the CBS period. Carrying a nicely yellowed white finish and maple neck, this guitar is in very good condition with what appears to be entirely original parts, including pots dating to 1974 and...
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2008 Rickenbacker 330-12

The Rickenbacker 330-12 has one of the most recognisable sounds on recordings, with an unmistakable chime and shimmer. This example in traditional Fireglo finish dates to 2008 and is in very good condition with minimal wear. It's in all original condition and the Rickenbacker case is included. This is a consignment piece. Prices shown here are in US dollars and are based on a recent...
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2012 Gretsch® G6196TSP-2G Country Club

Now here's something you don't see every day - a Gretsch Country Club in the G6196TSP-2G version, with two-tone smoke grey and metallic violet finish. The Gretsch Country Club is a full size, 17 inch wide and fully hollow archtop guitar, with spruce top and laminated maple back and sides, maple neck, and ebony for the fingerboard and bridge base. The G6196TSP-2G version has a pair of DynaSonic...
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1999 Larrivee OMV-03

Here's a lovely, well rounded guitar - a Larrivee OMV-03 cutaway steel string built dating from February 10 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Larrivee OMV-03 features a Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany for the back, sides, and neck, and ebony for the fingerboard, bridge and headplate. The body size is compact, just 15.25 inches across at the widest point, so it's very comfortable to sit and...
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1999 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue

Here's a lovely Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, built during 1999 at the Gibson Nashville plant. Sometimes referred to as an R9, this was built before the VOS program started. Reproducing the specs of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul flametop, this guitar is in great condition and plays well. It's in all original condition and looks great! This is a consignment piece. Prices shown here are in US...
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2013 Sergei de Jonge 7 String Cutaway Classical LEFT HANDED

We see many custom instruments but this Left Handed Serge De Jonge 7-string cutaway classical guitar in Brazilian Rosewood is fairly unusual! Built at the De Jonge shop in Chelsea, Quebec during 2013, this fine instrument is in exceptional condition with very little wear. It features a cutaway body with spruce top and Indian Rosewood for the back, sides, bridge and headplate, and an ebony...
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2003 Ramirez 1a Tradicional Left Handed

The Twelfth Fret carres the full line of Ramirez guitars, but it's still rare to see a Ramirez 1a available used - or in left handed form! This Ramirez 1a example was built during 2003 at the Ramirez shop in Madrid, Spain. Made in the traditional manner, it carries a cedar top and Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, headplate and bridge; CITIES documents are included in the case. The neck is...
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1959 Epiphone Century

The Epiphone Century thinline archtop electric guitar was a simple beast - a thin body with no cutaway and one pickup. Built from 1939 to 1970, the Century bears some resemblance to the Gibson ES-100 and ES-125 models but the Epiphone Century has a spruce top, with laminated maple back and sides. This example was built in late 1958 or earlier 1959; later in 1959 the Epiphone New York style...
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2008 PRS CE-24

The PRS CE24, built at the PRS shop in Stevensville, Maryland, and aims to provide the snap and sparkle of the is a bolt-on design in a PRS package. This hard-tail example dates to 2008 and is in good condition with minor wear and moderate fretwear. The finish is well preserverd and the emerald green tint on flame maple works surprisingly well. All parts and pickups are original. The original...
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2008 PRS Custom 22

This beautiful PRS Custom 22 Limited dates to 2008, and has a spectacularly quilted cherry wood 10 top. Built in the familar PRS method, drawing from the Gibson Les Paul concept of a carved hardwood top on a mahogany body, the PRS Custom 22 does nearly everything a guitar should. This example is in overall good condition with minor wear. Fretwear is light and there are a few minor dings in the...
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1952 Martin D-28

This is a classic. Built during 1952, this is a C. F. Martin D-28 dreadnought steel string acoustic guitar. As with all D-28s of the era, it uses Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides, though the figuring on this set is fairly plain and straight. Martin stopped using Brazilian on any regular production guitars in 1969, along with other builders like Gibson. The Martin D-28 is one of the...
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Recalling the Martin D-42, the Eastman E40D-SB takes the classic lines and appointments of the most successful dreadnought designs. The SB denotes a sunburst finish. The top is solid Adirondack Spruce, the back and sides are Indian Rosewood, the neck mahogany and the fingerboard and bridge are ebony. Abalone inlays are used throughout the guitar, on the headstock, fingerboard, and around the top...
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2012 Ramirez SPR

The Ramirez SPR, the Semiprofessional model, bridges the space between Ramirez Professional and Studio models. This Ramirez SPR example was built during 2012 - partially in the Ramirez workshop in Madrid, Spain (that space is rather small). It is in very nice condition, with a Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. Presently, it's set up for Flamenco, so its action is quite low...
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2002 Martin D-16RGT

Based on the classic dreadnought design, the Martin D-16RGT brings classic looks and classic tone to modern guitar specifications. The back and sides are solid rosewood with a solid spruce top, mahogany neck, and richlite fingerboard and bridge. The finish is satin. This example dates to 2002 and is in good working order. It's had a top crack repair in our shop, there are a few marks in the...
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Fender® Precision Bass®

The Fender Precision bass is hands down the most recorded bass in history. Its versatility and reliability immediately made it the go-to bass for countless players. This Precision Bass is built of parts from at least two years. The neck and body have been refinished, so exact dates are gone, but the neck was built during the 1970's, the body is from the mid 1960's, and the L-series neck plate...
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2011 Fender® Precision 62 Reissue

The Fender Precision bass has been one of the most successful and influential musical instruments in history. This 62 Reissue recreates one of its milestone versions. This instrument was also one of the first, in 1957, with a production hum-cancelling pickup system, though the concept dates to the mid 1930's. Built in Corona, California as part of the American Vintage series, this Fender...
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2013 National Dueco

The National Dueco single cone resophonic guitar is based on pre-WWII National guitars with a special 'frozen' finish. The finish technique was thought lost, but National took the time to learn how to re-create it. This National Dueco dates to December 2, 2013 and is in excellent condition with very little wear. It has been played some and has opened up - it has that unmistakable National...
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1998 G&L ASAT

The G&L ASAT was one of the first new guitars produced by G&L - designed by Leo Fender and George Fullerton, and is influenced by their earlier work. The G&L ASAT is very much like Leo Fender's first successful guitar design, the Telecaster, with updated features - wider range single coil pickups, six saddle bridge, 12:1 tuners, 9.5 inch radius fingerboard, Jescar medium-jumbo frets, and...
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2003 Frank Neat Bean Blossom

Here we have an interesting piece - built by Frank Neat in Kentucky, one of 22 5-string Bean Blossom banjos, with the neck and resonator using walnut from a tree that grew next to Bill Monroe's stage at the Bean Blossom festival grounds. This fine banjo has been played over the years and the fres are moderately worn. A case is not included in the price, and is $118 Canadian. This is a...
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1966 Silvertone 1446

The Silvertone 1446 was built for Sears by Harmony, in Chicago, Illinois. At the time, Harmony was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the USA. Built between 1961 and 1967, the Silvertone 1446 featured a black finish on a single cutaway, thin hollow body, a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and a pair of mini-humbucking pickups made by Gibson. This example dates to 1966 and is in near...
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2009 Gibson ES-335

The Gibson ES-335 has to be one of my favourite guitars. Extremely versatile and with very well balanced looks, the 335 fits in almost anywhere. First appearing in 1958, the Gibson ES-335 brought together the best parts of arched top and solidbody guitars. It's been tweaked a few times over the years, notably shifting from having a stop tailpiece to a trapeze, then back again. This 2008...
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1966 Martin Style 51 Baritone Uke

The C. F. Martin guitar company has also built ukuleles for over a century. From around 1966, this Martin Style 51 Baritone ukulele is in good condition, with a top crack repair and setup recently done in our repair shop. Of all mahogany construction, the Martin Style 51 baritone uke can be hard to date. They were produced from 1960 to around 1980. On the center back strip, MADE IN USA appears...
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2002 Pedro de Miguel Flamenco Blanca

Pedro de Miguel refers to Pedro Perez and Miguel Rodriguez, who entered apprenticeship at the Ramirez shop in Madrid, Spain, eventually becoming master craftsmen working with Jose Ramirez III. In 1991, Pedro and Miguel established their own workshop. Their hand built instruments are sought after by top flamenco artists, and they also offer a line of guitars built to their...
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1980 Ramirez 1a

The Ramirez 1a has been at the top of the concert classical guitar range since its introduction in the 1960s. This example dates to 1980, and bears a builder's stamp on the inside top. The stamp is '19', the number used by Julian Moraga Rodriques. The Ramirez 1a, now known as the 'Tradicional', is built with a German spruce or, in this case, red cedar top and Indian Rosewood back, sides,...
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