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1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan

One of the many variations of the Les Paul design, the Gibson Les Paul Artisan was produced from 1976 to 1982, in two and three pickup versions. Notably, it features a hearts and flowers mother of inlay pattern and script Gibson logo recalling pre-WW2 Gibson banjos. Here we're looking at a Les Paul Artisan in its three-pickup form, dating to September 6 1977, and featuring a Walnut stained...
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The Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee HH is a very straight ahead guitar - just like Albert Lee is a straight ahead guitar player. They both do exactly what is required in new creative ways, and do it exceptionally well. This Albert Lee HH dates to January 12, 2012, and combines the striking, angular yet comfortable mahogany Albert Lee body with a solid rosewood neck and fingerboard. Locking...
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~1974 Fender Bronco

The Fender Bronco was built between 1967 and 1980 as a single pickup, 24 inch scale student guitar. It featured a slab alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and a simple trem bridge. This example dates to around 1974 - it's possibly a bit earlier - and is in largely original, and good, condition. The pickup has been changed, but other parts seem original. The finish, likely...
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1990 Guild Songbird

Designed by George Gruhn with the staff at Guild, the Guild Songbird is designed to meet the needs of a performing acoustic player and deal with the bane of that existence - feedback. Built from 1984 to 1991, this thin-bodied acoustic electric guitar has an under-saddle pickup with controls on the side. These are common features now, but at the time they were groundbreaking. The Guild...
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1976 Willam Laskin 12 String

William Laskin 12-String Guitar, 1976 Brand: Laskin Instrument Categories: 12 String, Acoustic Steel String, Guitars William Laskin 12 String Guitar, 1976 Full Front View William Laskin 12 String Guitar, 1976 Full Rear View [Show slideshow] William Laskin 12 String Guitar, 1976 Full Front View William Laskin 12 String Guitar, 1976 Full Rear View William Laskin 12 String Guitar, 1976...
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1978 Fender Telecaster Thinline

The Fender Telecaster Thinline appeared in 1968 as a new design by Roger Rossmeisl, who had moved to Fender from Rickenbacker. His influence at Rickenbacker was profound and still seen in the iconic 300 series guitars and 4000 series 'cresting wave' basses. At Rickenbacker, one of his apprentices was Semie Mosley, who went on to found Mosrite Guitars. At Fender, he hired a young John Suhr...
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1960 Gretsch Country Club 6195

The Gretsch Country Club appeared in 1951 as the Electro II, and became the Club in 1954 as a full size, 17 inch wide electified archtop guitar intended for jazz players. It underwent a number of other changes as time went on - gaining the new Filter 'Tron pickups, Space Control bridge and Trestle bracing in 1958, a zero fret and back pad in 1961. Notably, however, for 1960, the body slimmed...
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2011 Suhr Modern

We haven't seen a lot of Suhr guitars like this Surh Modern come through our shop, but John Suhr has been building guitars since the 1980s in New York and California. He's built guitars and amplifiers for many major artists, and for a time was Senior Master Luthier at the Fender Custom Shop. Here's a lovely Suhr Modern Pro, dating to 2011, built in Lake Elsinore, California and wearing a...
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1977 Guild Starfire IV

The Guild Starfire IV first appeared in 1963 as a semi-solid version of the Starfire I, II and III think hollow models dating to 1960. The Starfire V and V I models were further upgrades, with extra binding and inlay. Obviously taking cues from the ES-335, the Starfire IV featured a body of Maple or Mahogany laminate and matching center block and neck with rosewood fingerboard. In the...
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1983 Lado Falcon Zebrawood

The Lado Falcon is a quintessential 1980's guitar, pairing sustain and clarity with visual effects and playability. These guitars, like those from BC Rich and other builders, provided serious alternatives to Fender and Gibson models. The Lado Guitar Company was founded by Joseph Kovacic and for many years was based at 920 Kingston Road in Toronto. The next tenant was the brand-new...
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2017 Wildwood Troubador

The Wildwood Troubador Openback 5-String Banjo is the flagship model for the Wildwood Frailing and Clawhammer traditional banjo line. Clawhammer and Frailing are traditional banjo styles making a significant comeback. Not only are players exploring older traditional and historic repertoire, but new modern music is being created regularly outside of the old-time and bluegrass contexts. ...
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2007 KANILE'A Custom T Koa Tenor

Here is a lovely tenor ukulele built by Kanile'a in Hawaii during 2007. The label identifies it as a Custom T, so the original purchaser specified the woods and materials. The Kanile’a company in Kane’ohe, Hawaii produces some of the nicest ukuleles we see. This Kanile’a Custom Tenor ukulele is an excellent example of their work. Built by master luthier Joseph Souza these are very well...
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The Eastman AR805CE is a high quality archtop guitar sporting a cutaway and tradtional neck-mount pickup, with controls on the pickguard so the solid spruce top is not restricted by extra hardware. Hearkening back to the days of archtop supremacy, the AR805CE uses a 16 inch wide, 3.25 inch deep body built with solid woods - carved solid spruce for the top, carved solid maple for the back, and...
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2011 Martin Grand J12 40E Special

Today we're looking at a Martin Grand J-12 40e Special, a close cousin of the fantastic 2005 Martin J-40 posted recently. The Grand J-12 40e is a 12-string guitar, using a slightly larger version of the J body, with '40' level Abalone decorations and a DTAR multi-source pickup system. The Grand J body is somewhat bigger than a the standard J, and has a remarkably full bottom end and...
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2017 Taylor 556

The Taylor 556 12-string Grand Symphony is now discontinued and replaced by models like the 552ce and 562ce Grand Concert. Still, it shows why Taylor took over the spot for 'King of the 12-String Jumbo'. The Grand Symphony body shape is a full size jumbo, roughly equivalent to the Gibson J-200 or Guild F55. It provides a lot of output power and when built using a Spruce top paired with...
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2008 Rickenbacker 4004Cii Cheyenne

The Rickenbacker 4004Cii is a bass we don't see very often. Built using largely American farm-grown sustainable woods, this bass uses a body of Maple with Walnut core, and an Eastern Maple neck with a Bubinga fingerboard, running the length of the instrument. The 4004Cii Cheyenne uses the classic Cresting Wave body shape originally designed by Roger Rossmeisl in the late 1950's, and still...
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2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio

The Gibson Les Paul Studio is one of the better deals in quality electric guitars. Built on the same plan and same machines as other Les Paul Models, the Studio lacks binding and often has less elaborate, and less expensive, finishes. This one, dating to August 15 2013 at Nashville, sports a gloss vintage sunburst. This Les Paul Studio is in great, original condition, with very little...
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2002 David Nichols 00 Body 41 Style

Here's a rare treat - from 2002, an 00 body guitar from David Nichols at Custom Pearl Inlay in Whippleville, New York. Nichols has been the mainstay of the C F Martin inlay department since the late 1960's and builds guitars and mandolins under his own name. This fine instrument is in very good condition. Built using the classic Martin 00 design, this guitar uses Bearclaw-figured Sitka Spruce...
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2001 Willam Laskin Concert Classical

It is always inspiring to see an exceptionally fine instrument like this William Laskin classical guitar. The entire instrument demonstrates the highest skill, from the wood selection, construction details, finishing, and of course tone and playability. As Laskin instruments go, this classical guitar is fairly plain in terms of added decoration. William Laskin is very highly skilled at...
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2002 Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12

The Mesa Boogie Road King, here in a 2x12 combo version, is an extremely capable and versatile amp, with four channels, two effects loops and 120 watts of power. This is not a bedroom amp! The Road King is designed to give the working guitarist a wide array of tones that can be readily tailored to the needs of the tune and venue. The four preamp sections can be mated with any of five (!)...
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1974 Hiwatt DR-103

One of the key elements in the sound of the 1960's 'British Invasion' was the sound of Hiwatt amplifiers designed by David Reeves, with the 100 watt DR-103 head the cornerstone of the line. Known for clarity, reliability, durability and VOLUME, Hiwatt amps were seen on the stages of major touring artists like The Who, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Here, we are looking at a...
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1996 Gibson RB-18

The Gibson RB-18 Mastertone 'Top Tension' banjo was originally built between 1937 and 1943, but only in small numbers. Low demand for high end instruments at the end of the Depression kept the numbers low, and a high demand for war materiels brough a hard stop. Only a few reissues were made between 1995 and the devastating Nashville flooding in 2006, which ended Gibson banjo production. ...
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1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite

Here's a rare bird - from 1983, a Fender Stratcaster Elite in sunburst. This model was built only in 1983 and 1984, and introduced a number of new features and hardware pieces. Most visible of these are the short-lived FreeFlyte knife-edge trem, and the pushbutton pickup selectors. New pickups were installed, and the output jack went on the side - in this case, a Neutrix locking jack. With the...
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2018 Alastair Miller Barncaster Rosewood

The Miller Barncaster is a take on the classic Tele design appearing in a number of variations. This 2018 model was created in Alastair Miller's shop using a barnboard core capped with Indian Rosewood and a Cocobolo neck, and custom wound Miller Pig Farmer pickups. The bridge pickup measures 7.4K ohms, the bridge 8.5K ohms. The other components are also top quality CTS pots with vintage era...
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2010 VHT Special 6 Ultra

The VHT Special 6 Ultra is a six-watt, 6V6 powered hand-wired tube amplfier, intended to deliver quality tube tones at an affordable price. As a combo amp, it carries a 12-inch VHT Chromeback speaker. Unusual for amps in this range, it also has an effects loop. These VHT amps are hand wired on an eyelet board to deliberately provide a platform for modification. This example dates to...
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2007 VHT Deliverance 60H and 2x12 Cabinet

The VHT Deliverance 60H is a hand built professional grade tube amp made in the USA, designed by Steven Fryette. This example dates to 2007, before the VHT name was sold to AXL, and was built by Fryette in his Burbank, California shop. It includes an 212FB-P50E 2x12, stereo closed-back speaker cabinet with a pair of custom Eminence P50E speakers. The Deliverance 60 is a single channel amp...
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2006 Martin 000-15S

The C F Martin 000-15S is part of the '15' series, using mahogany for the top, back, sides and neck and a 000-size body. The 'S' in the name indicates a slotted peghead on a 12-fret neck. The slotted peghead allows greater downbearing at the nut, and a bit more clarity, definition and sustain to open string notes. The Martin 000 body size looks back to Martin's early history, first...
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1962 Gibson J-45

The Gibson J-45 has been a workhorse guitar since its introduction in 1942 as a replacement for the J-35. It has always featured a sunburst spruce top, mahogany body and neck, and rosewood fingerboard. Today we're looking at a very nice Gibson J-45 'Adjustable Bridge' model built around 1962 at the Kalamazoo, Michigan plant. On this example, the bridge is Rosewood and uses the ceramic...
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1986 Ibanez GB10 George Benson

In the 1980s, the great Jazz guitarist George Benson entered into a collaboration with Ibanez to produce a series of signature archtop electric guitars, including the GB10 and its fancier sisters. These guitars were immediately popular with other jazz players, because the design addresses real needs. The body is comfortably compact, and while its hollow, F-hole body design provides real...
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1983 Ibanez GB10 George Benson

In the 1980s, the great Jazz guitarist George Benson entered into a collaboration with Ibanez to produce a series of signature archtop electric guitars, including the GB10 and its fancier sisters. These guitars were immediately popular with other jazz players, because the design addresses real needs. The body is comfortably compact, and while its hollow, F-hole body design provides real...
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