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2008 Fender® Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat®

gwie Malmsteen has been an extremely influential musician, and his Fender Signature model captures the instrument he is most known for. Here we're looking at a 2008 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Stratocaster - in the Vintage White finish, the only colour available - with scalloped Maple fingerboard. Scalloped Rosewood fingerboards were also available. This example is in great original...
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2017 Collings MT2

Just In - a brand new Collings MT2 A-Style mandolin in natural finish, with Adirondack Spruce top and Eastern Flame Maple sides, back and neck. Like everything that leaves the Collings shop, this mandolin is an illustration of just how well things can be built and how good an instrument can sound. Fit and finish are near perfect, and the tone, even brand new and unplayed, is right there....
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2017 Collings OM1-T

We've just received a new Collings OM1-T, the Traditional Series Orchestra Model guitar, featuring a Sitka Spruce top and Honduran Mahogany back, sides and neck. Wow! 'The Traditional or "T" Series guitars reflect Bill Collings' return to his guitar making roots and offer a new tonal variation on the distinctive Collings sound. Each T Series guitar is built using animal protein glue and a...
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~1974 HOFNER 4579ii

The Hofner 4579ii was a major revision of the original 1970 4579, which used a 'Club' shape body. The second version was shaped much more like a Les Paul. The 4579ii was built between 1971 and 1978 with several types of pickups and an optional vibrato tailpiece. The body of the Hofner 4579ii isn't quite solid; it has a maple laminate top and there's a bit of space under it; it's essentially...
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2012 Jackson Custom Shop SL2H Custom

Built at the Jackson Custom Shop by Mike Shannon during 2012, this Jackson SL2H features a mahogany body and is in pristine condition. The neck is mahogany with bound ebony fingerboard and dot position markers. Based on the early Jackson models, this guitar originally shipped with some brass hardware, such as the volume and tone knobs. Those parts have been replaced with black-finish pieces...
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2010 Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake

Today we have from 2010, a Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake US built guitar in pristine, all original condition, set up for use as a personal guitar by one of our repair staff. The Charvel Warren DeMartini is built on an alder body with maple neck and compound radius fingerboard. The metal hadware is finished black, including a Floyd Rose trem system and Schaller tuners. The strap...
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2008 Fender® Custom Shop NOS 1960 Telecaster® Custom with Bigsby

Fender introduced the Telecaster Custom in 1959 as part of an upwards redesign, and had the new rosewood fingerboard and in 1960 custom colours appeared! Here we have a 2008 Fender Custom Shop NOS 1960 Telecaster Custom with Bigsby Ice Blue Metallic. Not only is it an NOS version - New Old Stock, reproducing a guitar that spent all its time in a case, perhaps unsold - it HAS spent all its...
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2015 Harrison GB Custom Dual Pickup

The Douglas Harrison GB model has been very successful with jazz guitarists and here we have another custom configuration with a pair of Lindy Fralin custom PAF style humbuckers. As usual on the Harrison GB, the body back is chambered mahogany paired with a mahogany neck and bound ebony fingerboard. Here, the top is striped mahogany. The binding is maple, the tailpiece and headplate are also...
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2017 Larrivee L-03 Canada 150 Commemorative Edition

For the Canada 150 celebrations, we've received a pair of Larrivee L-03 Canadian Commemorative Edition models. Based on the proven L-03 design, these limited run guitars feature Spruce top, koa-bound Sapele back and sides, mahogany neck with koa-bound ebony fingerboard. In keeping with the theme of the instrument, the fingerboard and ebony bridge have maple leaf inlays. These instruments are...
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2014 Gretsch® 6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

It's no secret around here that I'm a fan of Gretsch guitars, and the 6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman is a great illustration of why that is. Using a 17 inch wide double cutaway hollow body with no F-holes and an access plate on the back, the 6122-1962 model plays well, sounds great, and is extremely versatile. It is based on the 1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman used on the Ed...
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2003 Michael Collins Grande Bouche Gypsy Jazz

What's known as the Grande Bouche or 'Big Mouth' was the original 1932 Maccaferri design, built by Selmer, for Gypsy Jazz guitarists like Django Reinhardt. The oversize sound hole gives the model the name and distinguishes it from the 'Petite Bouche' models produced from 1936, after Maccaferri and Selmer parted ways. These guitars were built to be played fast and loud, able to cut through the...
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2017 Elrick Expat New Jazz Standard

Rob Elrick has been building high end bass guitars since the 1990s. To make his designs more accessible, Elrick Expat models are built in Europe using US components. This Elrick Expat New Jazz Standard features a swamp ash body with a tobacco sunburst lacquer finish, a 3-piece, 24 fret plus zero fret maple neck with birdseye maple fingerboard, Hipshot tuners, Elrick bridge, and a pair of...
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1935 Gibson L-00

The Gibson L-00 was built between 1932 and 1946, and was the plainest of the L-body line - until 1937 only the top was bound. Still, these are remarkably good sounding instruments with a very even representation throughout the tonal range. As with many Gibson models, the top is Spruce, the sides, back and neck are mahogany, and the fingerboard and bridge are rosewood. This Gibson L-00 was...
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2017 Pattison Whyte Laydie

Here's a treat - a locally sourced Whyte Laydie style open back banjo in Black Walnut from Pattison Stringed Instruments in Guelph, Ontario. The original Whyte Laydie banjos were made by A C Fairbanks starting around 1901 and ending in 1904 when the Fairbanks shop was destroyed in a fire, and the Vega company took over production. This lovely banjo features a Whyte Laydie tone ring by...
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2004 National Reso-Phonic Delphi Deluxe

The National Delphi Deluxe, now out of production, is a single cone, metal body resophonic instrument with upgraded appointments and a powder coat finish. Here it's in a taupe coloured, 12-fret version, with a long, grained ivoroid National pickguard and a Highlander biscuit bridge pickup added. The Deluxe appointments include grained ivoroid fingerboard binding, heel cap and engraved headplate,...
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2012 C. F. Martin D-18

The Martin D-18 is one of the most reliable guitar designs. It fits into almost any genre and produces a clear, well articulated sound. Using the proven D body shape, the mahogany back and sides add some sparkle and attack to the tone, compared to the warmer sound from rosewood models. This example dates to 2012 and is in very nice condition with very little play wear. The pickguard and top...
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2001 Gretsch® Country Club G6196GC

This is very cool and classy - sporting a Cadillac Green finish, a 2001 Gretsch Country Club G6196GC. Like the White Falcon, the Gretsch Country Club has a full size - 17 inch - fully hollow archtop body with bound F-holes. However, the Country Club is aimed towards more 'serious' players and has a spruce top, for a warmer, jazzier tone. The rest of the body is laminate maple; the neck is...
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1986 Ibanez Allan Holdsworth AH-20

The late Allan Holdsworth came seemingly out of nowhere and put the developing jazz-fusion scene on its ear from the early 1970's. Many guitarists regard him as an influence. During the mid-1980's, Allan Holdsworth partnered with Ibanez to create a pair of signature guitars, the AH-10 and AH-20. These guitars featured one or two humbuckers, offset Roadstar-styled basswood bodies, and a maple...
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1976 Fender® Stratocaster® Hardtail

Though it was available as an option from the model's 1954 introduction, the Fender Stratocaster Hardtail version is not as well known as its trem-bridge brother. Still, the non-trem or hard-tail version was always available until it was finally discontinued around 2009. Those who have them describe more solidity to the attack and more sustain, without the 'sag' coming from the natural reverb of...
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2013 Gibson ES-339

The Gibson ES-339 delivers what many guitarists had wanted - the tonal shape and responsiveness of an archtop guitar, and the feedback resistance and size of a solidbody. This example dates to 2013 and was built at the Gibson Memphis plant - during late 2012, Gibson Memphis started using ME serial numbers instead of CS (for Custom Shop) on instruments that are regular production models. ...
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2010 Gibson ES-339

Descending directly from the ES-339 line, the Gibson ES-339 was an immediate hit when it appearead in 2007, sporting a scaled-down body but full-size neck. This example dates to 2010 and was built at the Gibson Memphis Custom Shop. It's in good, all original condition with minimal fretwear. There is a discolored section on the back - this is from a reaction between the nitrocellulose lacquer...
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~1931 Harmony Roy Smeck Vita Ukulele

In the late 1920's, Roy Smeck became one of the most popular musical performers in North America, playing and endorsing numerous instruments and publishing method books. Promoted as 'The Wizard of the Strings', Roy Smeck played Banjo, Guitar and Ukulele on stages, recordings and radio shows around the United States. It's hard to overstate his influence at the time. While Smeck preferred...
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2017 Godin Summit Classic

Built in Richmond, Quebec, the Godin Summit Classic is a straight ahead, serious rock machine based on a chambered mahogany body with maple cap, and sporting a new Desert Blue lightly metallic finsh. Pickups are Bare Knuckle Mule humbuckers, with a selector switch and single volume and tone control. This is a very nice guitar to play, delivering everything expected from this style of...
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2017 Godin Session

The Godin Session is a rendering of one of the most versatile electric guitar layouts, the SSH (Single Single Humbucker) with trem bridge. And, not only is it well designed and built, it's quite affordable. The body and neck of the Session are built at Godin plants in La Patrie and Richmond, Quebec using native Canadian woods where possible and assembled in Berlin, New Hampshire. Picking up...
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~1970 HOFNER Lute Guitar

Here's something unusual for North America - but not for Germany. This is a Lute Guitar, built by Hofner in the early 1970's. Lute Guitars clearly derive from both the Lute and various zithers, became very common in Germany around 1850 and with the Waldzither, was elevated to the status of 'National Instrument' in the early 20th century. These instruments provided musicial accompaniment for the...
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1992 Fender® Jazz Bass® Plus V

The Fender Jazz Bass Plus was built between 1990 and 1994, based on designs by George Blanda - the Fender Master Luthier, not the NFL Quarterback. The Jazz Bass Plus and Precision Bass Plus added the 22nd fret to the neck, which altered the shape of the body, and included new active electronics with Lace Sensor pickups. The body is alder, to keep the weight down and add resonance. Interestingly,...
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The Deering Golden Wreath is a recollection of the banjos of the 1930's, vibrantly capturing many of the tonal characteristics of those classics. Developed from close analysis of vintage tone rings, flanges and manufacturing methods, these banjos are very well worth looking at. The Golden Wreath is built with mahogany for the neck and resonator, and an unplated Deering -06- 20-Hole Bell Bronze...
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2015 Gibson L-00 1932 Vintage

For many players, guitars like the Gibson L-00 series were their first 'real' instrument, delivering full, rich tone at an affordable price. Gibson has taken a very close look at a classic 1932 vintage L-00 and done an excellent job of reproducing it. This guitar features the compact L-00 body with a solid Adirondack Red Spruce top with solid mahogany back, sides and neck, a rosewood...
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2010 Campellone Standard Series 17 Inch Cutaway

Mark Campellone has been building archtops guitars since 1988, and since the early 1990s has focused exclusively on building these instruments, now in Greenville, Rhode Island. His guitars are well known for their high quality and attention to detail. Having been a professional performing guitarist, Campellone understands what a player's needs truly are. Here we have a Campellone Standard...
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2002 Campellone Standard Series 17 Inch

Mark Campellone has been building archtops guitars since 1988, and since the early 1990s has focused exclusively on building these instruments. His guitars are well known for their high quality and attention to detail. Having been a professional performing guitarist, Campellone understands what a player's needs truly are. Here we have a Campellone Standard Series 17 inch cutaway archtop, built...
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