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2016 Gretsch® G6112TCB-WF-LTD16

This 2016 Gretsch G6112TCB-WF-LTD16 Limited Edition Guitar is in excellent condition, and includes the original hard case and C of A. Classic Gretsch design with a feedback-fighting center block Maple top, back, and sides deliver big semi-hollowbody tones Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish U-shaped maple neck and ebony fingerboard offer smooth playability 2 TV Jones Classic humbuckers...
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Deusenberg 49er

This is a great deal on a great instrument! This Deusenberg is in excellent condition, plays and sounds like a dream! Includes the OHSC and a complimentary set up done to the buyers specs. The 49er guitar has been built to take center stage with some of the great guitars from the early fifties. Our goal was to build a guitar that would meet Duesenberg’s already high expectations and yet...
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1954 Fender® Precission

Truetone Music is proud and honored to be able to bring to you, this amazing vintage instrument with it's rich history. This 1954 Fender Precision bass is all original, and a monster of a bass. Nothing compares the sound, feel and look of one of these original naturally-reliced relics. This one is no exception. It is all original, and it has a neck to die for. It is big and very...
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2016 HENRIKSEN 310 Extension Cabinet

10″ Extension Cabinet with extended range tweeter. 16 pounds 14″x14″x8″ 8 ohms, 250 watts 10″ Eminence Beta speaker Eminence ASD1001 tweeter
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2016 HENRIKSEN 312 Extension Cabinet

12″ Extension Cabinet with extended range tweeter. 25 pounds 14″x15″x13″ 8 ohms, 250 watts 12″ Eminence Beta speaker Eminence ASD1001 tweeter
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2016 HENRIKSEN The Bud

Product Description Do you want to have an amplifier the size of a toaster that gives you the quality of tone for BOTH electric and acoustic instruments that you’d expect from a studio situation with enough volume to cover almost any gig? Of course you do. That’s why if you play guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, you need a Bud. The Bud has every feature you...
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2016 HENRIKSEN 312

About the JazzAmp 312 When we were first developing the JazzAmp for guitar, we also wanted a bass model that was every bit as good for jazz bassists. So we built a prototype and sent it for evaluation to the greatest experts we could think of on the topic of upright bass for jazz – the David Gage shop in NYC. After many conversations and a focus group with everyone there as well as our own...
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Collings 290

Collins make some of the best acoustic instruments around today, and this hand made Les Paul Special style guitar, known as the 290, is just as high in quality as their acoustics. The 2 Llolar P-90s sound big, fat and simply growl like no other. Plays like butter, and the sunburst finish shows off the mahogany wood grain beautifully. It has some signs of wear including scratches, dings, and...
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2007 Martin 5k

With the rise of Hawaiian music in the late 1910s, Martin began making ukuleles. The line expanded from mahogany to more elaborate Hawaiian koa models. A soprano-sized model, the 5K Uke is the ukulele equivalent of a Style 45 guitar – the top of the line. The 5K Uke is crafted with solid highly-flamed Hawaiian koa top, back and sides finished in a polished gloss, and trimmed with abalone pearl...
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1957 Gretsch® 6121

This is an excellent example of a 1957 Gretsch 6121 guitar. The guitars with the sound that helped launch rock & roll! These guitars were the choice of original Fifties hellcats like Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochran and Duane Eddy. Gretsch’s popularity went ballistic in the Sixties when the Beatles’ George Harrison wielded a Country Gent and Tennessean on the group’s records and live shows. Gretsch...
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1957 National Debonaire

Up for sale, a 1957 National Debonaire electric archtop in good condition and in good working order. This instrument excels both acoustically and when plugged in, with a 3 3/8" body depth and 15" lower bout delivering a pronounced and clear archtop tone. The midrange is present without being overbearing and lead lines come through with plenty of zing in the top end and tight bass. When plugged...
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2013 Gibson Custom Shop J-185EC

The legacy of Gibson’s line of celebrated Jumbos is not lost in the J-185 EC. This eye-catching model builds on the traditional foundation of Gibson’s J-185 body style, and moves into the present vanguard with a cutaway design for easier playability. Along with several elegant but modern appointments for increased aesthetic appeal, the sound is everything you expect from a Gibson Jumbo: warm,...
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1941 Stromberg Masterbuilt 400

One of the most amazing guitars ever, a true classic that does what it's supposed to do- the loudest rythm guitar you'll probably ever hear AND the most beautiful! Most Strombergs have not survived as well as others. Many were weathered and played to death. Only a small handful of these were ever made, an amazing sounding and playing instrument for the discriminating player / collector /...
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Klon Centaur

These pedals do not come up for sale often, and are becoming harder and harder to find every day. The original Klon Centaur is considered by some, one of (if not THE) best sounding overdrive ever made. This one is in very good condition, and sounds unbelievable. This shiny little monster offers an almost ghost-like sense of transparency to your signal, while boosting the "natural" overdrive of...
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1999 Gibson Double Neck

This 1999 Gibson Double Neck was a Special Order done in 1999, and was ordered with 2 six string necks, to accommodate d2 different tunings. The pickups on the lower neck has gold covers on them, and the upper neck pickups have chrome. Both necks play very well, and the frets have lots of life still left in them. This is a very unique instrument, and you do not see doublencks with dual six...
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1927 Martin 0-28

For your consideration, a very, very fine example of a pre war guitar manufactured by the C.F. Martin guitar company. An outstanding representation of a classic instrument. Martin has done an amazing job restoring this classic. The top had some cracks in it, as many guitars of his vintage do. All the cracks were narrow, and were sealed nice and tight, very smooth. The use of cleats was not...
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2001 Aircraft Atomic 20

If you're into the storage, unusual, and/or oddball thing, have we got an amp for you!! This ultra rare Aircraft 2x10 18 watt EL 84 powered combo is not only a rare bird, it's tone is outstanding!! The designs based on the legendary Watkins Dominator amp, and only 40 of these beauties were ever produced. 100% handbuilt American made, exclusive V-front technology delivers depth and astonishing...
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2012 Kuwabara Blackguard Telecaster®

Pickup winder extraordinaire Sayoko Kuwabara has been hand winding pickups for many, many years. She's worked for such companies as Fender, Suhr, Tyler, Ibanez (Japan) and others. Her pickups are among the best overall in tone, quality, & punch. They accurately reproduce the vintage sounds of the 50's & 60's. Her Blackguard Tele set is well balanced. The neck pickup has a warm and sweet tone,...
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2012 Menatone Howie

Thats right boys and girls, Howie has returned!!! Pedal guru and mastermind behind Mentatone pedals, has resurrected the ever popular Howie pedal, and Truetone is THE first dealer to get them in! These pedals give you that true Dumble sound, and are built Mena-tough!!! If you never had one before, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these fine pedals.
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2012 Fender® Custom Shop Relic® Bass VI

From a small batch made for us by the USA Fender® Custom Shop, here at Truetone Music, this Bass VI gives you the lower bass register in a comfortable guitar-like setup. The specs of the Bass VI are dead on, so we gave it a custom color and an aged finish to kick it up a notch. This bass has a great vibe and perfect playability right out of the case.
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2012 Gretsch® White Falcon Bass G6136

Welcome to the Presidential Suite! We've taken our classic Falcon design and created this next generation bass that will simply knock your socks off. Features include twin TV Jones® Thunder'Tron pickups, Sperzel® locking machine heads, Falcon appointments, and Space-Control™ bridge assembly.
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2011 Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Digital

IN STOCK!!!!!! Pedal Power Digital is a linear (analog) power supply for high-current DSP-based pedal effects and accessories. With 4 completely isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections, Pedal Power Digital keeps your pedals dead quiet and free from high-frequency noise that occurs with digital "switching" power supplies. Pedal Power Digital will properly power up to 4 digital...
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2011 Option 5 Destination Overdrive

Product Description Building off of the foundations of the original Destination Overdrive sensation, The Destination Overdrive II contains the same wonderful, harmonically pleasing tones as the original. The Destination Overdrive II has improved features based on customer suggestions: - Improved bass response. - Standard 9 volt operation. - True Bypass (Yes, it's true bypass now and there is...
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2011 Option 5 Destination Phase

Product Description The Option 5 Destination phase was created to be a sonic replica of a 'Small Stone meets Phase 90'. When I say sonic replica, I mean just that. The circuitry inside is nowhere near the same. True, panning, stereo phase shifting. No distortion on peaks. Wide range of Speed control. Non tone altering Depth control. Cool Regeneration control. Non-Tone-Sucking Bypass. To start,...
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2011 Option 5 Destination Rotation Single

Product Description Have you ever wanted the Vibratone® or Leslie® 16/120 sound out of something that weighs less than 2 pounds? Here it is! I am confident when I tell you that the new Destination Rotation Single comes the closest to sounding like a mic'd up, single rotating speaker cabinet than any other effect available. The masses agree, I have been swamped with orders and fully satisfied...
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2011 Option 5 Destination Bump

OPTION 5 DESTINATION BUMP CLEAN BOOST The destination Bump is a super simple, easy to use, reliable and necessary tool for any pedal arsenal. Use it to 'bump' up the volume for solo work. Use it to revive tone from long lengths of cable and too many pedals. It can also be used to 'bump' the front end of a tube amp or your favorite gain pedal for unbelievable overdrive and distortion tones....
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2011 Option 5 Destination Delay x2

The Option 5 Destination Delay x2 is a double delay that faithfully replicates, sonically, a vintage tape delay. You can either use Delay 1 or 2 separately or Cascade them both together for unbelievable depth and space that will take you to heights previously unimagined! If that is not enough, we've added a Wow & Flutter control and a Tone control! This is by far on the of the best hand crafted...
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2011 Fender® 68 Masterbuilt NOS Tele® Bass

This just came in off the Fed Ex truck and had to get it up on Gbase asap! This is a custom ordered Fender Masterbuilt NOS Tele Bass built by Dennis Galuszka. We ordered this one a little over a year ago, and it was well worth the wait. The neck shape, the feel of it, and the tone is superb!!! It weighs in at 9lbs and neck shape makes you feel like you've died and gone to neck heaven! Only one...
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2011 Veillette Terz

The Veillette Terz 12 is a powerful and intriguing hybrid of many different concepts. Tuned up to the player's choice of G or A, and strung with unison pairs, the Terz 12 blends the full, wide sound of a 12-string guitar with the clean shimmer of a mandolin or bouzouki. The name comes from the classical "Terz" (Italian for "Third"), an instrument designed to be tuned up a third from a standard...
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2011 Catalinbread Super Chilli Picaso

The Super Chili Picoso is Catalinbread’s infamous MOSFET boost. The SCP based off of the “MOSFET BOOST” circuit designed by the great Jack Orman ( MOSFETs characteristics are great for guitar boost due to their musical sparkle, HiFi response, and immediate feel. The SCP utilizes every advantage of the MOSFET. The SCP has three main functions: -Buffer...
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