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From Printers’ Alley to Vintage Alley:

The image on the home page of Vintage Alley Music is of the renowned Printers’ Alley in Nashville, Tennessee. It was originally the center of Nashville’s Printing Industry as Nashville’s two largest Newspapers, The Tennessean and the Nashville Banner, were located there as well as several print shops and publishers. The street was also home to many restaurants which became speakeasies during Prohibition.

Post prohibition, the speakeasies of Printers’ Alley evolved into night clubs hosting top country music performers like Chet Atkins as well as rock and motown musicians like Jimi Hendrix and the Supremes. Other notable performers to grace the alley establishments included Etta James, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, and Bob Dylan.

One famous club, Jimmy Hyde’s Carousel Club, was known for hosting jazz musicians. Many of these musicians were background country singers during the day but would come here after to play what they loved, jazz.

The rich musical energy lives on today in Printers’ Alley and the heart of the Nashville’s Entertainment District. Historic establishments such as Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar, Skull’s Rainbow Room, Ms. Kellis Karoake Bar, and Fleet Street Pub feature live music and the alley boasts a large variety of restaurants serving all types of cuisine from American, Cajun, and British Pub Food.

We chose this image for our online vintage music store as it best reflects our desire to keep the history of music alive and showcase our collection of vintage guitars and specialty string instruments, amplifiers, radios, and musical accessories. We hope to share our appreciation for music with you.

Vintage Alley Music